Justin Bieber Has Two Children: Pays Off Mothers To Shut Up About Paternity – Report

Justin Bieber Has Two Children: Pays Off Mothers To Shut Up About Paternity - Report

Part of the reason that Justin Bieber gets away with everything is the amazing team behind him. No matter what this kid does it’s their job to either bury it or make it go away. A lot of cash has reportedly been paid out to buy silence regarding the things that Biebs does and that’s fine with him. According to the June 30th print edition of In Touch Magazine Justin’s carelessness certainly includes his sex life and he is rumored to have fathered at least two children in the last few years.

Sources say that once paternity has been established then the woman are paid a significant amount to ensure silence so that Justin’s reputation is left intact. He wants us to think he’s a gangsta with a drug problem, that’s all cool but the baby mama’s apparently need to stay hidden. If you think about the kind of guy that he actually is, these women are probably better off with a payout and him not being involved in the kid’s lives!

Justin is also forever trying to salvage his relationship with Selena Gomez that was demolished in the first place by his cheating. A random woman turning up with his baby certainly isn’t going to help that situation. My guess is that even Selena doesn’t know about the women that have been paid to stay away  and if she did then any hope of a reconciliation would be totally gone. Does the idea of Bieber having a few kids out there surprise you at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



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