Tori Spelling Hunts Down Dean McDermott’s Mistresses – Plans “True Tori” Confrontation

Tori Spelling Hunts Down Dean McDermott's Mistresses - Plans "True Tori" Confrontation

Ah Tori Spelling, what a hot mess of patheticness she is. If you tuned in to True Tori then you watched as Tori and her cheating husband Dean McDermott totally unraveled their marriage on camera, one therapy session at a time. In the name of being honest they worked through Dean’s cheating with Emily Goodhand, a woman who by all accounts appears to not really exist. The backlash to the show was pretty huge and it left Tori upset because she wanted viewers to think that she is heroic for staying with a lying douche.

According to the June 30th print edition of In Touch magazine Tori is ready to give it another try with Tori’s Journey. She is hoping that Dean will write down a list of all of the women that he has cheated with so that she can bring her camera crew along as she confronts them. Because that will make us think that she is strong and heroic- she hopes. I have to admit I almost hope that this show happens because it’ll feature Tori circling the drain at a whole new level of ridiculousness. I also wonder who she will cast as Emily Goodhand!

What do you guys think? Does Tori just need to disappear and focus on raising those 4 little kids that are unfortunately tangled in her dysfunction? Or should she do yet another show because it equals another paycheck- she has to feed those kids somehow and we might as well be entertained at the same time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. Hasn’t it been established that the mistress was made up?

  2. MrsGrapevine says:

    She’s skin and bones, and needs to leave that man alone. I don’t know what’s real or not, but their mental state is definitely off.

  3. OK I don’t get it. Is she for real. How about hunting down a good divorce lawyer instead?

  4. I honestly don’t care all that much. Who knows how much information we really have about the whole thing. Magazines and tabloids have always been very good at making a mountain out of a mole hill ;) !

  5. Kathy C says:

    There is no Emily Goodhand, although I don’t doubt Dean has been cheating since Day One. Tori was stupid enough to have four kids by him; let her get a REAL job and take care of them — without nannies, assistants, etc., like everyday women do. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. She’s reaping what she sowed.

  6. the things reality tv will do..

  7. the things reality tv will do..

  8. I never actually watched their original tv show but after the “news” broke of his affair I was intrigued and watched the entire season of True Tori, which left me wondering just how true the entire scenario was. To be honest I hope the entire thing was just made up for tv, if it’s not, then there is a lot of dysfunction in that family and what she thinks is ok now, will impact her children so profoundly in the future as their dad is completely villianized on national tv and their dirty little secrets play out for EVERYONE to see. In the future their kids will lose all respect for their father as he was portrayed so horribly. Leave the grown up problems to grown ups, not for kids to see.

  9. Melodi Steinberg says:

    woah…Tori needs a cheeseburger! And a shake!

  10. Sarah says:

    I wish she would get her life off cameras and straightened out!

  11. Laura funk says:

    holy moly Tori is so skinny, She just needs to leave this man. He left his first wife for her and then cheated on her. he is a sneaky man

  12. JWats says:

    I think HE should o whatever he can do to keep her. She was a real find for him and he’s lucky to have her! Period.

  13. Really. Tori get a real life . Eat, drink and be merry.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    What goes around comes around or whatever that saying is. I hope Tori’s first husband is in a better relationship now. She’s so offended that Mr. McDermott cheated on her. I guess she chooses not to remember she cheated on husband Charles and left him after only 14 months . She deserves what she’s getting.

  15. Lori S. says:

    Tori isn’t stupid, although from what she said while sitting on the therapy couch, that she was still attracted to Dean, I can see that she is definitely letting her heart and attraction to Dean make the decisions.
    I suppose IF I had 4 little kids with a guy who cheated on me who I’m still attracted to and in love with I would also give him another chance.
    If there is any truth to Tori thinking that we would be convinced of her being a good, strong, woman with her next series of confronting Dean’s mistresses, I find it all disturbing. I would much more think of her as being strong and independent IF she finally kicked him to the curb and went on with her life to prosper and teach her kids not to keep taking abuse from anyone, especially someone you love and who says that they love you!
    I don’t feel sorry for her for her husband running around on her or for her trying to work it out. Obviously from watching him, I can tell that he is not as sorry as he should be and repentant as he would have to be not to repeat his adulterous behavior. If I was Tori, I would be very leery of trusting him.
    I love when Dean complains that HE doesn’t want to work at getting back together because it is too intense or too hard.
    Poor Tori should be the title of her next reality show.
    Wouldn’t it be great payback IF she kicked him to the curb right on one of the episodes without him knowing ahead of time? He deserves it and WOW what GREAT reality TV that would really be.

  16. GIVE THE GIRL AN EMMY!!! If indeed Emily is fake, then Tori did some amazing acting on Tori & Dean. I actually felt sorry for her until I stopped and thought about what this “reality” show is going to do to her kids. They do have nannies, maids, etc. but did this all for MONEY; to hell with what her kids will have to deal with because of them doing this show. BAD PARENTING!!!

  17. Betty B says:

    This skinny fame whore bitch!!!! Tori should have sucked Dean’s balls and stuck a finger up his ass so he wouldn’t have cheated with men!!!

  18. Carol says:

    I feel so bad for tori!! I love to watch their show and I cry. Dean was such a meanie to go behind her back . I hope she finds peace and healing. Love you tori!!

  19. Monesha Jackson says:

    Maybe if that cracka ass blonde woulda let him stick it in her doo thang he’d might have been faithful

  20. Nancy Mills says:

    Monesha Jackson’s crude/ rude statement is uncalled for. I regret that she was allowed to post it.

  21. Joyce says:

    I wish that she would change the color of her lipstick. I hate the color she wears with her fair skin color. She looks as if someone has hit her in the mouth. I believe a softer color lipstick would totally change her looks. Though, all I know is what I see in print. I could never sit and watch her for 30 minutes.

  22. as I see it says:

    It’s no one’s business. Why does she care if we think she’s
    strong? She needs to protect her children and decide IF
    she is going to be with Dean or not. I agree- get a movie
    or do something OTHER than publicize your family!

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