Jennifer Lopez Fears Casper Smart Will Spill Her Secrets In Tell-All Book

Jennifer Lopez Fears Casper Smart Will Spill Her Secrets In Tell-All Book

Spending nearly three years with Jennifer Lopez before being kicked to the curb means that Casper Smart knows an awful lot about the starlet. So many rumors have made the rounds about Jen and Casper is in a position to be able to spill all of the dirty details on her life if he wanted to. According to the June 30th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Casper knows everything about Jen and he is desperate to continue living the same lifestyle that she provided for him. A tell-all book could easily fetch the back up dancer an easy $10 million and that amount of cash is awfully tough to turn down.

Sources say that one of Jen’s biggest ongoing fears is the notion that an ex will spill secrets on her to the anxious press. She has already blocked one book from making it into print and Jen is worried that Casper might be inclined to sell her out.  She has sworn to never have had any sort of plastic surgery and insists that she didn’t use IVF to get pregnant with her twins, but Casper knows the truth  on both issues. He also has made it known over the years that he thought Jen’s diva behavior was ridiculous. Imagine the things that Casper has seen and the stories that he could tell.

Do you think that Casper will ultimately be inclined to sell Jen out in order to make a pile of cash? Would he go that far in order to line his bank account and ensure that he can continue living an extravagant lifestyle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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    • alumette says

      Why would he take her money as he can make ten times that much and spell the beans ? a little pay-back is likely in the wings. Of course she has to be full of Botox and fillers and likely some sort of plastic surgery. Twins ? likely IVF…it is popular with people who have more money than brains. Nothing surprising would come out of that book. Pretty much what everyone expects from a self absorbed, insecure and uneducated woman who made it big by luck.

  1. jerris68 says

    Why should anyone believe anything he says? Would one expects him to write a book with details about her that are boring? He’ll have to spice things up and make thing real interesting or else who’d read it? Believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear or read (except the BIBLE). Nice words to live by.

  2. doggymama says

    Why not? We all know underneath that pretty facade she is what she is…no one is perfect and we also know that yes she has had plastic surgery and it is highly possible and probable that she and several others have had IVF – to get the perfect set of boy/girl twins with only 1 pregnancy so they can get those bodies back in shape and carrying twins is hard on the body so if anyone doesn’t believe she – as well as the others who have given birth haven’t had a little nip/tuck done – naive. I think what bothers me about celebs is they want the whole world to think they are so special and unique they don’t suffer from all the physical issues like the rest of us do…stretch marks, gravity, lines/wrinkles. Come on now…

  3. Michelle says

    How many men has Jennifer Lopez slept with. I can’t imagine how many there are that we don’t know about. She uses her physical beauty to lure men in. Obviously she can’t keep them, they come and go like flies. She is in her forties with children and on the TV half naked. She is such a horrible role model. At least Mariah Carey isn’t sleeping around with every man in town. She has her issues but at least she tends to keep her legs closed.

  4. sally says

    I think Jennifer is a hoe who deserves it. Maybe if she stayed with Marc instead of always looking for a new dick to jump on. What could Casper tell about her bad ass goodness that the public doesn’t already know about the ho. Feel sorry for her kids never going to have a stable home !!.

  5. jaybird369 says

    As far as I’m concerned, Jennifer Lopez made 3 mistakes. Mistake #1: She got involved with that Casper Smart dude to begin with. Mistake #2: She kept Casper around for WAY TOO LONG a la 3 years. Mistake #3: She VERY ARROGANTLY KICKED Casper to the curb. And…now…Casper wants to even the score a la new tell-all book. And…actually, I don’t blame him for wanting revenge. I mean…when Jennifer dumped Casper, did she honestly THINK that Casper would VERY QUIETLY go away?!?!? Well if she did, then she’s EVEN DUMBER than I thought!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Jennifer Lopez is nothing but an OVERRATED, OVERPAID AND HIGH-MAINTENANCE D-I-V-A who deserves to be brought down a peg or two. And I think that that Casper dude is T-H-E O-N-E to do it!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

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