Rob Kardashian Secret Son Confirmed In July Fourth Twitter Post

Rob Kardashian Secret Son Confirmed In July Fourth Twitter Post

For months Rob Kardashian Jr. has been teasing fans with cryptic posts which provide vague hints leading his followers to believe he’s fathered a child. Rumors first swirled when Rob shared that he’d had enough with the family reality TV show, and said he’d be moving to Miami to be with his son and baby mama. Just to create even more curiosity, after posting on Instagram about a son in May 2013, Rob added an “lol” at the end, posting “Shout out to God, shout out to my hair. Shout out Mom, shout out to my Son’s mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n Shout out to my Son Robert the Third [sic].”

After his first mention of son on Twitter, Rob then went on to engage in a public conversation with Nicole Ritchie, “@nicolerichie My Son unfortunately doesn’t stay in LA. You know that. Don’t remind me. :( [sic],” he wrote, and deleted shortly after. In June 2014, Rob posted a message to the mother of his child, who he has yet to identify in a tweet shared by ONTD.

Rob Kardashian Secret Son Confirmed In July Fourth Twitter Post

The most telling of all was his tweet of July 3, where the only son of Kris Jenner shared his plans for the 4th of July.

Perhaps some of the recent family tension and Rob’s inner demons and descent into drug use have been exasperated by the fact that Rob has been forced to keep quiet about his young son, no doubt by momager and master-controller Kris.

Seems Rob is showing that he has had enough of his controlling mom and wants to share the news about his secret son. Though Rob didn’t share where he’d be spending the holiday with his son, he sure seemed excited about their special date.

What do you think? Will Rob post pics of the meeting between father and son, or will Rob be forced by mom Kris to continue to keep his secret locked away? Let us know your thoughts below.



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