LeAnn Rimes Claims She’s A Housewife – Won’t Admit Her And Eddie Cibrian’s Reality Show Is A Famewhore Move!

LeAnn Rimes Claims She's A Housewife - Won't Admit Her And Eddie Cibrian's Reality Show Is A Famewhore Move!

It’s hilarious how LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are justifying their new VH1 reality show, instead of just admitting that they’re doing it for the fame and money. It’s as though they think that the public has a good opinion of them, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

LeAnn further stretches credibility by claiming that she’s a housewife, explaining in a new interview, “I am actually a real housewife. I’m a housewife. When I’m home, I cook. I do housewife-y things. I love to go on RealSimple.com and pick up a recipe and hang out in the grocery store for hours. I go home and have a glass of wine and cook.”

I’m guessing that she was paid by that site to shill it in an interview, because I’ve never heard of it. Also, the only reason LeAnn hangs out at grocery stores ‘for hours’ is so the paparazzi can arrive and get good pictures of her. We’ve seen her papped at the grocery store dozens of times, and it’s precisely for this reason.

Plus, LeAnn and Eddie are incredibly naive if they think they can pull the wool over our eyes. LeAnn claims that she and Eddie only wanted to do the show so that they could spend time at home with their children, but there are a million other careers that don’t involve famewhoring or letting a freaking camera into their lives. Right now, they say that their children won’t be involved, but if the kids are such a big part of their lives, how are they going to avoid it?

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  1. says

    I can’t with either of these two. I don’t understand why she thought this would help her. LeAnn actually has talent, so why scrap the bottom of the barrel with this show?

  2. lindy loo says

    Part of me would like to feel sorry for her but she is such a lying, stalking bitch. She broke a family apart and to this day continues to do everything she can to make Brandi’s life hell. I can’t stand this ho.

  3. Jeni says

    I’ve heard her talk about cooking before. You’ve never heard of Real Simple?? Wow. Time to get out from under the rock in which your living!

  4. Wendee says

    I think we all know where Eddie’s at while LeAnn “hangs at grocery stores for hours”…because he’s certainly not working!! 😉

  5. Heidi says

    I actually watched & liked their show……. However, I don’t get invested in what is allegedly happening in their personal lives as I watch any show for ‘the show’ & not the casts’ pasts, present or future……. JMO

  6. chuckles says

    Frozen waffles is not cooking Lele! Why does she do household work, her lazy hubs is not employed. They both have lots of time, her casino gigs are just too funny, Real stars avoid the paps, they want their privacy, you put it all out there, it’s comes back badly on you.

  7. Carol says

    Leann and Eddie Rimes don’t have children. Where on earth did you get the idea that they did? I have NEVER heard of Leann and Eddie Rimes adopting a child or her giving birth. Now do you mean Brandi Glanville and Eddie Rimes children? Then say so! Leann Rimes has NO CHILDREN! But everything else, I agree with. She is a desperate famewhore, she wants to skin Brandi and wear her because Eddie didn’t want a divorce and Leann knows it. Eddie has nothing, no job, no money, no nothing. He’s stuck with the show that leann bought for them.

  8. Jennifer says

    I think their pre-show interviews hurt them even more than the show. Eddie Cibrian has been pretty quiet these past 5 years, but boy did he tank himself in one day of interviews. I can’t decided who’s worse. When he basically said he never loved his wife and didn’t respect her, on national TV no less, every single mom out here threw whatever was handy at the TV. What a loser. And Leann never starting anything-all “one-sided?” You’re more of an idiot than your twitter shows you to be.

    Brandi is no saint, but at least she’s honest and owns what she says. She has even stated in interviews that eddie is a good father and that her kids love leann. Nice way for these two to return the compliment.

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