Blake Lively Covers Vogue, Dishes On Her new Lifestyle Company ‘Preserve’ – But Also Totally Confuses Us In The Process!

Blake Lively Covers Vogue, Dishes On Her new Lifestyle Company 'Preserve' - But Also Totally Confuses Us In The Process!

Blake Lively, best known as the blonde girl from Gossip Girl and Ryan Reynolds‘ wife, is now launching her own lifestyle company/website/business venture. It’s called ‘Preserve’, and I guess it’s supposed to be about living a normal life or something?

It’s hard to discern how exactly Blake is trying to pitch the company, mostly because she uses vague terms to describe it. She’s clear about Preserve not being a high-end lifestyle website, explaining in an interview with Vogue Magazine, “[I’m] not trying to show you the perfect life or the aspirational life. It’s real life.”

Ok, so far it makes sense, although she’s clearly dissing Gwyneth Paltrow and her GOOP company. But then she goes into nonsensical explanations, saying, “It’s the thing that blindsides you on an idle Tuesday that’s tragic but that also makes you who you are. It’s not about me. And it’s not about watching my journey of learning how-to, it’s about me sharing that with you so we all sort of learn together.”

So the website is supposed to tell all the normal plebeians how ‘tragic’ their life is? And what’s this about not ‘watching her journey’. What journey? I thought this was a lifestyle website, even if Blake refuses to admit it. I didn’t realize we were signing up to watch Blake on some journey, even one involving clothes and hairstyle.

In the end, Blake does admit that it will be her ‘sharing’ her experiences with the audience, so I’m guessing that even though she refuses the comparison, the website will be a lot like GOOP. Only, not so high-end.



  1. Paula Parker says

    I didn’t know much about Blake Lively. I don’t think I will be following her either. I did love your blog. You analyze really well!

  2. says

    I kind of stopped following Blake after the Sisterhood series. I’m not sure about this, what’s she offering? Its not a bunch of stuff, but what is it?

  3. Nate says

    I’ve been hearing a lot of things about Blake Lively lately. Good exposure for Blake in this magazine.

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