Queen Elizabeth Warns Prince Harry Not To Marry A Commoner Like Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth Warns Prince Harry Not To Marry A Commoner Like Kate Middleton

Poor Prince Harry, it seems like everyone has a say in his love life. When he was dating Cressida Bonas his sister-in-law Kate Middleton was none too happy because she shared a family tree with Prince William‘s ex-girlfriend. William himself had encouraged Harry to settle down because he is getting older and it’s simply time to build a life. Well that romance crashed and burned a few months back but people are still weighing in on Harry’s next move, especially Queen Elizabeth.

According to the Aug 25th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Elizabeth has already warned Harry against marrying a commoner. Prince William opted to do so and life with Kate Middleton has been more than a little bit of a challenge for Elizabeth. Kate has a serious rebellious streak and it has caused her to do things like not curtsey at appropriate times. Then there is that whole issue with forgetting to put on her underpants, often.Elizabeth reportedly thinks that one wild card in the family is more than enough and she regularly reminds Prince Harry that she is expecting better of him. She has discussed the importance of finding a rich girl with built in pedigreed. The question is whether or not Harry will listen to Elizabeth. We already know that Harry isn’t exactly the kind to do as he has been told to do. Will he break from his own tradition and marry a woman of stature that is worthy of a royal husband? Or is he going to gravitate towards his own version of the perfect woman instead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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