Anne Hathaway Didn’t Want To Shake Journalist’s Hand Because She Was Afraid Of Catching Ebola – Report

Anne Hathaway has had her fair share of detractors on the Internet, and that list is only going to grow after people hear this latest report. According to an Argentinian journalist by the name of Alexis Puig [who met Anne during the Interstellar press junket], Anne Hathaway didn’t want to shake his hands because she […]

Chris Evans And Minka Kelly Dating Again – Report

Chris Evans and Minka Kelly have been breaking up and getting back together and breaking up and getting back together for the past three years. Although the two initially began dating way before Chris’ Captain America fame, their on-again/off-again romance carried them through until last year. At that point, it seemed like Chris and Minka […]

Angelina Jolie’s Busy Career Causing Breakdown – Report

Angelina Jolie is an extremely busy person, and can often be seen working herself to the bone. She doesn’t hold back in anything that she does, including her career, her humanitarian efforts, and taking care of her family. However, that also means that the tabloids are often reporting on Angelina’s health, including her supposed exhaustion. […]

Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Going House Hunting In Paris

Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting divorced just one month ago, but now they’re going house hunting in Paris. Does this strike anyone else as a bit odd? The whole situation seems like it was contrived to net them the maximum amount of publicity, especially in the wake of their ‘On The Run’ tour. Now, new […]

Teresa Giudice And Joe Giudice Continue To Be In Denial Over Their Prison Sentence

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice just got served, but they’re still in denial over their sentence. Despite the fact that the two committed fraud and tax evasion for years, Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice were stupid enough to think that they would get away with it – and the stupidity didn’t end there. They decided […]

Courteney Cox Jealous That Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Got More Attention On Friends

It’s been twenty years since Friends first aired on television and become a cultural phenomenon, and Courteney Cox did a segment interview with E! about her part in the show. As most of us know, Courteney played Monica Geller on Friends. Although Monica was a fan favorite for many reasons, she never really gained a […]

Beyonce And Jay-Z Planning To Buy $85 Million Home

What is going on with Beyonce and Jay-Z? One minute they’re divorcing, the next minute they’re not. Then she’s pregnant, then she’s not. Then they’re divorcing again. Then they’re buying a house together. Seriously, it’s enough give any bystander whiplash. Clearly, Beyonce and Jay-Z are engaged in a major PR coverup, and they’re trying their […]

Kim Kardashian Admits She And Kanye West Trying For Second Baby

There are pregnancy rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian, which we took as her desperate attempt to steal the limelight back from Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy announcement. But as a desperate D-list famewhore, Kim decided to take to Australia’s The Today Show [since nobody in the US cared] and discuss the rumors, admitting that she and Kanye West […]