Pretty Little Liars Review Season 5, Episode 24 – ‘I’m a Good Girl, I Am’

‘I’m a Good Girl, I am,’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here… A news broadcast is showing. The reporter lets us know the trial,has been ongoing for two months. Sara Shepard […]

The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 Review: ‘Save My Soul’

Here is The Originals  Season 2 Episode 16 ‘Save My Soul‘ review. Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals… Kingdom of Norway 977 A.D. – Dahlia is humming a song while getting some food for Freya. She fills a bowl and tells her to eat. Freya doesn’t want to. Dahlia tells her rom eat […]

Johnny Depp And Wife Amber Heard Living Off Champagne: Vanessa Paradis Furious

Johnny Depp and his new wife of half his age, Amber Heard, have gotten married and rumor has it the number one item on the wedding gift registry was…champagne.  Apparently, Johnny and Amber have a serious champagne guzzling problem, much to the disapproval of his ex-wife and baby-mama Vanessa Paradis.  New reports reveal that Johnny […]

Queen Elizabeth Not Impressed With Kate Middleton – Thinks Kate Is Supremely Lazy

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not ‘impressed’ with Kate Middleton. So what else is new? The media has been reporting on this rift for a long time now, but we’ve been getting more and more evidence that the royals, in general, don’t think very highly of Kate Middleton. A recent report from Life & Style suggested […]

Kristen Stewart Taking Break From Acting, Focusing On Art – Report

Kristen Stewart is reportedly taking a break from acting to focus on her ‘art’. Kristen has clearly gotten the idea that she’s a multi-talented ‘artist’, and that acting is not her only calling. In an interview with USA Today, Kristen admitted, “I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m going to […]

Victoria Beckham And David Beckham Trying To Save Their Marriage – Report

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham don’t have the perfect marriage, but they do work hard at their marriage – or so we hear. In fact, the two seemed like they were doing really well lately, and it’s been ages since cheating rumors abounded. However, a new report from OK! Magazine claims that Victoria and David […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To Five Years In Prison – Report

After an entire year of drawn out legal battles, Oscar Pistorius has finally been sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Last month, Oscar was found not guilty of premeditated murder, even though the evidence all pointed to that being the case. For whatever reason – supposedly because it was […]

Jennifer Lawrence Covers Vanity Fair Magazine, Calls Nude Photo Leak ‘Sex Crime’

For the first time since it happened, Jennifer Lawrence is speaking out about her nude photo leak. She covers Vanity Fair Magazine [undoubtedly in promotion for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay], and she opens up about how the leak was a ‘sex crime’, among her other feelings on the matter. She explains, “It’s my body, and […]