Tea Leoni’s Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

Tea Leoni's Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

David Duchovny‘s sex addiction and rampant cheating on Tea Leoni has been really well documented. The media went crazy back in 2008 when the rumors about him seemed to be confirmed by a stint in a sex addiction rehab facility. Back then everyone felt bad for Tea who was left alone with the couples’ two kids while David sought out some help. What wasn’t quite as public was the fact that she was hardly an angel herself! Read More Here »

Soap Veteran Eileen Davidson’s Home Wrecking Past Made Her More Appealing To Bravo For RHOBH

Soap Veteran Eileen Davidson's Home Wrecking Past Made Her More Appealing To Bravo For RHOBH

Drama sells when it comes to reality television and it sounds like the powers that be over at Bravo knew exactly what they were doing when they signed Eileen Davidson to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Aside from doing double duty on Days Of Our Lives and The Young & the Restless Eileen will also been seen on the upcoming season of RHOBH and she is sure to pack a real punch.

Aside from the fact that Eileen is still grieving the recent losses of her sister and her niece she also has a scandalous history that is unlikely to sit well with the rest of the ladies in the cast. According to the Aug. 18th print edition of Star Magazine, back in 2001 while still married to Jon Lindstrom, Eileen set her sights on the also-married Vince Van Patten. The two eventually left their spouses and ended up marrying in 2003. They are still together and have a son named Jesse. Read More Here »

Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgey Takes Over Her Face

Kim Kardashian's Plastic Surgey Takes Over Her Face

Have you taken a good look at Kim Kardashian lately? I mean a really good look? Have you noticed how when she smiles it’s a blank, expressionless gesture because absolutely nothing on her face moves or emotes anymore?  The fact that Kim has gone overboard is easy to see but even doctors have weighed in on how she has taken procedures intended to fix or enhance features and used them to excess.

According to the Aug. 11th print edition of The National Enquirer even pregnancy didn’t stop Kim from indulging in dangerous practices. Kim didn’t think anything of using injections and fillers even though doctors such as New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir strongly urges against it. “Botox is a no-no because you don’t want any potential transfer to the baby.” Yet Kim still went ahead and destroyed her features while putting Nori at risk. Read More Here »

Apollo Nida Admits That He Did Kiss RHOA Star Kenya Moore

Apollo Nida Admits That He Did Kiss RHOA Star Kenya Moore

Either Apollo Nida is trying to absolve his guilty conscience or else he is bound and determined to cause trouble before hustling off to serve his 8 year prison sentence for identity theft.  Either way, the fur is really going to fly on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, especially after Apollo spent the last year insisting to his wife, Phaedra Parks that he had no interest in Kenya. Read More Here »

Homeland Prepares to Go In A Different Direction After Death of Nicholas Brody

Homeland Prepares to Go In A Different Direction After Death of Nicholas Brody

After focusing on the character of Nicholas Brody for two full seasons and then him being a major focus of the third season which ended with Nicholas’ death, change was inevitable. The show runners for Showtime’s mega-hit show Homeland knew that season 4 was going to have to completely change gears and this time out the main focus will now be on Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes).

Carrie has relocated to Pakistan where she will be dealing with the emotional fallout of losing Brody.  She also was revealed to be pregnant when viewers’ last saw her and Carries has demons in the form of mental issues that come back to plague her on  occasion. In other words, Brody may be gone but Carrie sure has a lot of storyline left in her and the possibilities are endless enough to give writers’ an awful lot to work with while taking Homeland in a different direction.

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Ramona Singer Guzzling Pinot Grigio and Fighting With Mario in St. Barth’s

Ramona Singer Guzzling Pinot Grigio and Fighting With Mario in St. Barth's

Ramona Singer may be the most delusional housewife on Bravo and that really does say a lot about her recent antics because it’s not an easy group of women to top! The Real Housewives of New York star is attempting to reconcile with her husband, Mario Singer. He spent months carrying on a love affair with the much younger Kasey Dexter and rather than actually deal head on with the problems in her marriage Ramona is instead in a solid state of denial. Sure, she withdrew the divorce papers and took Mario back but she has been ignoring Kasey’s claims that she is still involved with Mario!

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Sandra Bullock And Chelsea Handler Both Vying For Chris Evans’ Heart: Who Will He Choose?


Can you imagine a world where a guy would choose Chelsea Handler over Sandra Bullock? Forget the age difference, especially since Sandra looks much younger than her 50-odd years and Chelsea looks MUCH older than her 40 years. On a pure personality comparison, Sandra is funny, charming, NICE, kind, generous, and talented – whereas Chelsea is…. not. Look, she’s a comedian and she’s a talented comedian, but that’s about it. She’s not particularly warm nor is she a great actress, and her jokes are often rude and crass. Plus, on pure Hollywood terms, Sandra is A+ list and one of the few movie stars left in the world, so that immediately elevates her to a whole different level.

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Beyonce Crushed By The Truth of Jay-Z’s Cheating


In order to be that strong woman that Beyonce plays on stage she was going to eventually have to come to terms with her own life situation, right? So after that infamous elevator video leaked out a few weeks back it was kind of inevitable that Queen Bey was going to have to face her own worst fears and take a good, hard look at her home life. According to the June 16th print edition of Life & Style magazine it didn’t take much digging for Beyonce to realize that a lot of those rumors about Jay hooking up with his protege’ were true.  The truth has hit the star hard and those close to her are wondering how she is going to survive a summer on tour with a man that she can’t stand the sight of. Especially since part of their appeal is portraying a smoking hot couple onstage!

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