Simon Cowell ‘X Factor’ Super Bowl Commercial

Simon Cowell Does Super Bowl Commercial for X Factor

Simon Cowell, oh how I’ve missed you.  American Idol isn’t the same without you.  But I actually like it.  Perhaps I was only able to cope, knowing that X Factor is on it’s way. Now finally, tomorrow during the Super Bowl, we will get our first, real look at Cowell’s new X Factor.  A thirty […]

BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Being Charged With Felony For Stolen Necklace

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft when the L.A. County District Attorney files the case on Monday, according to reports from TMZ. This is really, really bad news for Lilo.  That $2,500 nechlace that she is claiming she “borrowed” is going to land her back in jail.  She’s still on probation for the […]

Mark and Aaron Gutierrez The American Idol Brothers CAN SING – Video

Mark and Aaron Gutierrez American Idol 2011

Mark and Aaron Gutierrez are the singing brothers this season on American Idol. They impressed the judges big time last night. I loved them too. After the dismal outlook in Los Angeles, these boys brought us some hope. Enjoy:

American Idol: Heidi Khzam Belly Dances Her Way To Hollywood – VIDEO

Heid Khzam - American Idol 10

Heidi Khzam made it to Hollywood last night on American Idol but I don’t think it was any thanks to her pipes. It was all because of the belly dance she did for the boys BEFORE she sang. They couldn’t have heard a thing after that.

Natalie Portman Topless Dior Outtakes – PHOTOS

HH - Avatar

Happy Friday!  Two days till Super Bowl XLV!  Woo hoooooo!  It’s going to be a great weekend!  Get a quick look at the gossip around the web before you kick things off! Devon Aoki Baby Bump Debut  —  Accidental Sexiness * Natalie Portman Topless Dior Outtakes (Photos)  —  Amy Grindhouse * 31 Days of Oscars […]