Oscar Pistorius Murder of Reeva Steenkamp: Evidence Points To Pre-Meditated Savage Crime


The Oscar Pistorius shooting scandal has left the entire world in shock and disbelief. How could an athlete of Pistorius’ caliber be embroiled in such a tragedy? How could an international hero be cast in such a damp and musty light? Here in South Africa, most interested citizens have jumped to wild conclusions – several […]

George Clooney Had His Testicles Ironed For More Confidence

George Clooney

George Clooney likes playing pranks on people. He is actually (in)famous for his ongoing pranks with other famous people such as his best friend, Brad Pitt. Only recently, Clooney once again made a fool out of us all with his dark, acerbic humor. According to The Sun – a UK based news outlet – Clooney […]

American Idol’s 12th Season Hits Lowest Premiere Viewership Rating Ever

American Idol's 12th Season Hits Lowest Premiere Viewership Rating Ever

After American Idol premiered last night, disgruntled fans of the show took the internet to voice their concerns about the revamped format, quirky judging panel, and alleged judging feuds. We were all hoping that this was going to be the season to remember, the season to bring tears to our eyes, the season to trump […]