Liza Minnelli Promises Not To Drop Blue Ivy Carter When She Babysits

Liza Minnelli Promises Not To Drop Blue Ivy Carter When She Babysits

Liza Minnelli has probably terrified Beyonce and Jay-Z with her unsolicited offer to babysit The Notrious B.I.C. while mama Knowles is busy appearing in the remake of ‘A Star Is Born.’ The 65-year-old Minnelli is reported to have formed a strong friendship with Beyonce since it was announced she would appear in the remake of ‘A Star Is Born,’ which originally stared Liza’s mother Judy Garland.

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PICS: Beyonce and Jay-Z Finally Show Off Baby Girl Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce and Jay-Z are showing off their baby girl, Blue Ivy to their gazillion fans via a new tumblr account just for the little lady.  They wrote a personal note and posted the photos below: Read More Here »

Beyonce Joining X Factor For $100 Million Salary?!

Oh. My. Word.  That is a lot of money.  This isn’t a confirmed report.  Just a new bit going through the rumor mill.  But wow.  I really wouldn’t be surprised.  Simon Cowell has allegedly offered Beyonce $100 million a year to be a judge/mentor on The X Factor.  That would make total sense.  He needs someone bigger than Jennifer Lopez over on American Idol.  And um, Beyonce would definitely fill that criteria. Read More Here »

The Stars Give Beyonce and Jay-Z Shout Outs For Daughter’s Arrival

Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting all kinds of Twitter love for their celebrity pals after welcoming their first child, Blue Ivy.  Here are some of the messages: Read More Here »

Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Blue Ivy Carter (No Joke!)

It’s breaking news ….. the world has been waiting and speculating like crazy about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby to be.  Well, it’s confirmed.  She gave birth to a baby girl and they named her Blue Ivy Carter.  Why on earth they went that route with the naming is beyond me. Were they watching The Smurfs when they thought up this name? Read More Here »

Jay-Z and Beyonce Start Nesting

We all know that celebrities do things differently. For example, when I get off work and want to relax, I’ll drive home to my 1-bedroom apartment in my Ford Escort and crack open a six-pack of Pabst while I do some cybershopping on When a celebrity finishes up at the movie set, their personal driver delivers them to the door of their estate while the butler has a Cristal chilled and waiting for them and their personal shoppers bring in racks of this week’s free clothes.

So when I heard that Jay-Z and Beyonce were getting ready for their baby (nesting, if you will) I figured that they’re probably doing it a little bit differently than you or I would. If one of us was expecting a kid, we’d try to get the nursery ready, maybe slap some paint on the walls and buy one of those twirly things to go over the crib. And maybe make sure that we had a crib, too. That would be important.

But Jay and B go all out. Because they’re expecting a kid, instead of getting a nursery ready, they instead decide to just go out and purchase a whole new house for the kid, with a nursery INSIDE it.

Recently spotted house hunting in Miami, the soon-to-be parents are looking at beachfront mansions that would make any newborn baby giggle, if they knew what a house was. Paying particular attention to an estate in the $12 million range, these two crazy kids want to make sure that their newborn baby will have nothing but the best, like mahogany doors and ceiling treatments and travertine marble. You know, all the important stuff that babies care about.

I don’t know about your babies, but Baby Knowles-Z needs a beachfront manor with expansive and breathtaking open bay views from every room. A place that features seven bedrooms, adjoining courtyard-view guest quarters, eight full baths, two half baths, a fully wired media room and an elevator.

I don’t know about you guys, but I want to hang out with this kid. She is just a fetus but already its young life is a bit better than mine. From living and growing in Beyonce to the exclusive neighborhood that she will soon be living in, things are already looking pretty good for this kid.

The only downside is this baby loses all street cred with this purchase. The other babies from the streets will never let this kid live it down.

This guest post is by Edwin, an author for Celebutaunt. You can follow him on Twitter: @TheCelebutaunt.

Beyonce ‘Dance For You’ Official Music Video Is HOT!

Beyonce has unveiled her latest music video and this one is very ….. sultry. We love it! Dance For You is a hot little number and it’s even sexier because of the black and white aspect.

Check it out:


What do you guys think?

Kelly Rowland , You’re Fired!

Ha!  That’s what I would say to my friend if she pulled what Kelly Rowland just did!  Beyonce and Jay Z have been keeping the sex of their baby under wraps.  Well, Kelly isn’t very good at keeping secrets.  While attending the Cosmopolitan Awards in London Thursday night, she spilled the beans that the couple are expecting a little diva.

She was asked what she’s be getting for a baby shower gift (nice journalism trick!) and she replied,

“I don’t know.  I think her dad [Jay-Z] is gonna give her everything anyways, all I can give her is love.  I think she’ll be very well behaved.  Her parents will make sure of that.”

Hopefully Beyonce didn’t go off the pregnancy deep end and flip out on Kelly.  But yeah, that was pretty messed up.  Announcing the sex of the baby is a right for the parents and um, it was a private thing.  Oh well.  Cats outta the bag.  The shopping will go into full swing now!  I mean, they’ve gotta fill up that 2,200 square foot nursery! 




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