Rita Ora On Her Relationship With Beyonce: ‘She’s Like My Big Sister To Me’

Rita Ora has said that she sees Beyonce as her big sister, mainly because she supports her very much and gives her strong advice on how to deal with the pressure of being in the music industry, staying away from the media and what it takes to be a successful musician.Well, it seems that Rita has already achieved the ‘successful’ task as she just received her no.1 in the UK with ‘How We Do’, selling 100,000 copies in its first week of sales.

Ora who is signed to Jay-Z’s label RocNation explained her relationship with the superstar: “Jay-Z made me feel really relaxed but at the same time, he made me realize I had loads of work to do,” Ora told Grazia. “He’s been doing this for years and I’ve just started. I just hope my career can be as successful as his. He’s my musical idol. Beyoncé told me, ‘Be yourself because we like being around you’. I guess I’m like the little sister.”

Beyonce likes being around Rita? Aww, how cute! Note, Ora is dropping her debut album in the UK on Sunday and it is expected to sell up to 180,000 copies in its first week, making it one of the biggest sales in the albums chart for a female newcomer. It’s fair to say that Jay knows talent as soon as he sees them.

Rita Ora On Meeting Beyonce: ‘She Told Me Just To Be Myself’

Rita Ora is becoming a household name, not only in Europe, but also in America. She’s signed to Jay-Z‘s label, RocNation – the home for many artists such as Willow Smith, Alexis Jordan, J. Cole and Rihanna – so there’s no doubt that she’s in good hands. Now, the benefit of being signed to Jay is that you get to meet cool people, such as his wife Beyonce Knowles, who attended Rita’s gig a couple of months back.

The Grammy winner came out to support Rita and like what she was hearing, and when the two met backstage after the show, Beyonce gave Ora some good advice that she should always keep, no matter what anyone else says. Marie Claire recently sat down with the ‘RIP’ singer, when the question was brought up what she makes of it when people say she’s the “new” Rihanna.

“It’s a compliment to be compared to Rihanna. But you do have to hold your own. If you know yourself then everything else will follow – that’s what Beyoncé told me. She was always one of my idols, so to have her in my face was amazing.”

Rita will debut her debut album ‘ORA’ later this year.

Beyonce Is Coming To Terms That Kim Kardashian Isn’t Going Anywhere, She Sees The Love She Has For Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Are New BFFs

Beyonce is starting to accept Kim Kardashian‘s relationship to her friend, Kanye West. The singer, who has known West for almost a decade – when Jay-Z first signed him to his label – have been good friends ever since, but never was she introduced to any of his girlfriends… not even Amber Rose. However, since getting together with the reality star, Kanye knows that this relationship is a keeper – he’s never loved so hard for anyone before.

The Grammy winner and Jay-Z were puzzled at the idea of ever having to sit down with Kim when Ye first asked them to, but according to sources, Beyonce has never seen West so happy and didn’t want there to be any bad blood between her and Kardashian.

“Beyoncé and Kim are both regular churchgoers with strong Christian backgrounds, so no doubt Kanye will have encouraged them to bond over that. They’ll also be able to swap some exercise tips,” a source told Grazia. “When Kanye invited both women out to dinner, Beyoncé decided to give Kim a chance. Kanye’s never been in such a serious relationship and she saw how much it meant to him that they get along.

But, the questions still remains: Will Beyonce and Kim become the new best friends? According to the source, not so much,- at least not yet. “It’s unlikely that they’ll be texting each other every day, but Beyoncé doesn’t want a feud.” However, just a month ago, the thought of even being in the same room with Kardashian was never going to happen, The Sun reports: “Beyoncé’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim. She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s.”

Matthew Knowles Confirms Destiny’s Child Will Release New Music Material In November

Matthew Knowles has revealed to Huffington Post that Destiny’s Child are gearing up to release some new music material. The three girls – Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Beyonce Knowles – split in 2006, after releasing their final album,  Destiny Fulfilled, which has since been certified triple-platinum since its release in 2004.

“We still have our joint venture with Sony and in November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material. So we’re going to start doing strategic things like that,” he said.

But, Knowles clarifies that the songs which are to be released later this year are not newly recorded songs, they are songs that were never released – or never made the cut for any of the studio albums that the group released. And, to make things worse, there is no planned tour for the three girls either, he adds that all girls would have to be up for a reunion before considering to go on the road again.

“It’s all released material, with some previously unreleased material. Not on the first release,” Knowles said. “It takes a year of planning to do these tours, but first it starts with the artist wanting to do it. I think the ladies are still working happily in their solo careers,” he added. “I hope in the next five years that there is a reunion tour. I think it would be incredible.

Beyonce’s father, who was her manager until husband, Jay-Z took over last year, added: “The hardest thing would be choosing which songs they’re going to do, because we would want to mix it up with solo hits and Destiny’s Child hits. We would have to throw away some number ones from off the set list,” he joked.

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Are New BFFs

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Are New BFFs

Kanye West decided to play peacekeeper for his girlfriend Reality TV Skank Kim Karadashian and Beyonce.  Beyonce, 30,  and Kim decided to meet up while Jay-Z – who is married to Beyonce – and Kanye, who is currently dating Kim, are on the European leg of their Watch The Throne tour.  Rumor has it although Beyonce has avoided Kim like poison in the past but the two managed to get on well despite Beyone’s snubs of her.

The two are now BFFs, I wonder how long that is going to last?  Let me guess, until Kim decides, Beyone and Blue Ivy will be a great addition to her reality show.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “The girls have never really seen eye-to-eye. It’s a shame because Jay-Z and Kanye are so close. Beyoncehas always viewed Kim as a reality TV star who’s not earned her fortune with a specific talent. Kanye arranged a dinner in the hotel suite for the girls to clear the air. He’s hoping that now they’re pals it will lead to further get-togethers away from the tour. Beyonce has now welcomed Kim into the clan.”

Kim – who famously split from sports star Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage last year – recently gushed about her new boyfriend Kanye saying he knows “everything” about her.

She claimed: “It’s very comforting to have someone that knows everything about you, that respects you, understands, has gone through the similar things. “I can really relate to his mother passing. He can really relate to my father passing. I mean, there’s so many similarities in our life that … I feel like I’m at a really happy, good space.”

Beyonce Has Huge Fight With Jay-Z Over Kim Kardashian

Beyonce Has Huge Fight With Jay-Z Over Kim Kardashian

Sources from MediaTakeOut.com have learned that Jay-Z and Beyonce are currently having the biggest fight they’ve ever had in their marriage. The problem began before the 40th birthday party for Jay’s best friends Ty Ty, this party was planned for several months.

But then Kim Kardashian came along and asked her boyfriend Kanye if she could go with him to the party and he said yes, and that did not sit well with Beyonce whatsoever. When Beyonce heard that Kim was going to be attending she actually went so far as asking Jay to revoke the invitation, but of course Jay couldn’t do that to Kanye.

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Jay-Z And Beyonce Moving To London, Couple Rented A Townhouse Near Gwyneth Paltrow

Jay-Z Beyonce courtside

Beyonce has her reasons to move to London; she wants a more private life, she’s heading back in the studio and will have great connections to the best producers in the world. Meanwhile, Jay-Z will be able to…. help Beyonce out with Blue Ivy? Hah. The couple are said to have rented a townhouse in London close to good friends, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and Simon Cowell after being recommended to make the move by family friends.

While Jay has managed to stay away from the tabloid magazines, his wife has been the target of nearly every cover, claiming that the singer was not carrying a baby, a surrogate had been contacted and arranged to deliver the baby in the New York City hospital where she allegedly gave birth to five-month old Blue Ivy.

“Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé are going to be spending a lot of time in London over the next few months. Jay is over here for his ‘Watch The Throne’ Tour and Radio 1′s Big Weekend Read More Here »

Beyonce Says She Cuts And Styles Her Hair: ‘I Like To Experiment’

Really? Like – really? Beyonce has told People that she cuts and styles her hair by herself because she likes to try out new looks and see if they work. Rather than always having a stylist doing it for her, she’d rather do it and experiment with highlights and bleaching — yet she adds that she wants to teach her daughter, Blue Ivy, that you shouldn’t always come across as someone who’s constantly worried about their looks.

“I like to experiment [with my hair].I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair. My biggest thing is to teach [Blue] not to focus on the aesthetic. It’s really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful.”

The singer told the magazine last month that she found the stories on her ‘fake pregnancy’ ridiculous, asking herself on who comes up with those kind of things. It’s no surprise that a mother would be offended by these news, but she told the issue: Read More Here »

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