Cameron Diaz Risking $90 Million Fortune for Love

Cameron Diaz Risking $90 Million Fortune for Love

Cameron Diaz has had many highly-publicized romances including long term relationships with Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon, and even Alex Rodriguez. Despite the way they all turned out, she somehow believes that Benji Madden will be her ever-after. Did she forget she lives in Hollywood?

Careless Cameron began dating the rocker and former Good Charlotte singer only months ago after being set up by good friend Nicole Richie, who is married to Benji’s twin Joel Madden. The two have not publically confirmed an engagement yet, but Diaz has been spotted all over Hollywood wearing a rock on her oh-so-important finger. Now, friends are blabbing that Cameron is going into this marriage blindly by shunning a prenuptial agreement to protect her $90 million fortune.

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Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo: The Reason Behind the Split

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo: The Reason Behind the Split

Anyone who noticed Jason Derulo’s popularity soar when his hit, “Talk Dirty to Me” made it big probably saw this coming. Jason Derulo and girlfriend of three years, Jordin Sparks, ended their relationship and have left many fans scratching their heads, wondering what happened. Well, fame, women, and jealousy are to blame for the couple’s demise and sadly, it all started after Jason hit it big on the airwaves.

Derulo already had made a name for himself, but his hit song really gained him a lot more recognition….and women throwing themselves at him. Hindsight will surely be biting Derulo in the back end very soon when he realizes he may soon be the next singer to name an album after an ex, a la Robin Thicke. Robin made the very same mistake of falling into the trap of lapping up all the attention he was getting from his hit “Blurred Lines,” mainly from many women who had no problem flirting with a married man. Thicke’s head was getting bigger and bigger until he began to chip away at the once rock-solid relationship he had with now-estranged wife Paula Patton. After coming to his senses Thicke made every attempt to win back the love of his life, to no avail…even naming an entire album after her. Patton was done.

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Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley Secretly Married ?!

'The Drop' New York Screening

Secret weddings are so en vogue. Thank Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s super-private affair, but give credit to Tom Hardy and his possible secret-wife, Charlotte Riley. According to a rumor, they did it two months ago and have managed to keep it a secret…until now.

The couple have been on-and-off for years, but their switch is usually in the “on” position. Tom has often referred to Charlotte as his wife during interviews in the last few years. The two met on set of a British TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 2009. A year later they were engaged and continued the on-and-off game.

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Harry Styles and Katy Perry Dating to Spite Taylor Swift ?!

Harry Styles Arriving At LAX

Katy Perry is allegedly running her fingers the windswept mane of Harry Styles. According to the rumors running amok, the singers nibbled at Nobu in Los Angeles together in some attempt to revenge-hump Taylor Swift’s ex.

Raise and eyebrow and bust out your monocle in suspicion. They story, per Hollywood Life, goes… “Yes, Katy Perry and Harry Styles had dinner together at Nobu in Malibu late Thursday night. Just the two of them. They seemed happy, smiling and enjoying their dinner and conversation. They arrived separately and left separately. They looked like good friends and did a lot of talking.

Perez also chimed in with photos of the two leaving the sushi joint – separately. None of the images feature the two together at any point, but both parties insist the two were bonding over their mutual distaste of Taylor Swift.

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George Clooney Busted for Cheating Scandal – Rumor

George Clooney Busted for Cheating Scandal - Rumor

The cover of the National Enquirer is always good for a fun break from reality. According to the story they have this week, George Clooney is cheating and thewedding bombshell will blow your mind.

One would think this story would refer to his current fiance, Amal Alamuddin.


Their article focuses on an ancient rumor that died a long time ago. While Clooney was still married to Talia Balsam in the early 1990s, the rag claimed he took on a lover. Former porn star Ginger Lynn Allen allegedly had a steamy fling with George, but the allegations never held due to lack of proof because it never happened.

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Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are Getting Divorced ?!

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are Getting Divorced ?!

The Canadian Lord and Lady of Hot Topic and are thisclose to calling it quits. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are getting a divorce in the near future according to the crystal ball at Us Weekly.

I should have left the “?!” off the title, because, really, if these two do end up getting divorced the proper punctuation would be #FeignedShock.

Those loose-lipped insiders revealed to the mag Chad says, “It’s over.” Apparently, Kroeger is using the news as a conversation opener. “He has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing,” the source added. The details are pretty lacking, but I am guessing Avril grew tired of Chad using up all the Clairol Nice’ n Easy with Color Blend Technology in ‘Natural Palest’.

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Eva Mendes Gave Birth to Ryan Gosling’s Baby

Eva Mendes Gave Birth to Ryan Gosling's Baby

Good ol’ People magazine has confirmed the news that Eva Mendes has given birth. ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ star and Ryan Gosling welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on Friday September 12th, 2014.

The pregnancy news was confirmed in July, but I clutched my copy of ‘The Notebook,’ while rocking myself in corner hoping it was just a mistaken case of burrito bloat. Maybe she just had too much delicious queso?!

Alas, a friend of the couple confirmed Eva is “absolutely in heaven being a mom.” The pal went on to state, “She’s never been happier.” Of course she is. Ryan Gosling could take his shirt off to fight crime like some superhero with panty-melting powers that could be a major step in world peace.

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All Three of Melanie Griffith’s Children Side With Antonio Banderas In Divorce Battle

All Three of Melanie Griffith's Children Side With Antonio Banderas In Divorce Battle

Melanie Griffith is really having a rough year. First she went through the private upset of realizing that her marriage to Antonio Bandreras was a done deal and then Melanie had to deal with the public reaction to it.  When their split was confirmed we also heard more rumors of Antonio’s cheating with a plethora of different woman. It sounded like Melanie was smart to walk away and she probably expected her kids to support her through this rough time.

Instead, according to the Sept. 8th print edition of The National Enquirer, not only does Stella, 17, support Antonio over her mother but also Alexander and Dakota, Melanie’s grown children from other relationships, are also siding with her soon-to-be-ex!  Apparently Antonio has made quite an impression on the entire family and they feel like whatever he did to their mom is less than the garbage that he put up with for 18 years. Read More Here »

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