Michael Jace Officially Charged With Shooting And Murdering Wife – Neighbors Claim Michael Was In ‘Daze’

Michael Jace, best known for starring on The Shield, has been officially charged for shooting and murdering his wife, April Jace, on Monday night. Although Michael himself called 911 and admitted to the murder, reportedly in front of his own children, his neighbors also heard the shots fired and revealed their thoughts on the whole […]

Scooter Braun Will Discuss Justin Bieber’s Possible Steroid Use In Photographer Lawsuit

Uh-oh, Scooter Braun‘s caught between a rock and a hard place, isn’t he? As we all know, the lawsuit against Justin Bieber for attacking the Florida-based photographed is currently underway, and Scooter [as Justin’s manager] will reportedly get deposed and questioned about possible steroid use on Justin’s part. A source tells In Touch that Scooter […]

Meet the Parents Star Teri Polo Filed For Bankruptcy

Well, another celebrity bites the IRS dust! Adding her name to the long list of celebrities who fail to pay their taxes, Teri Polo, Star of Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, can now add this little doozy to her resume. While Teri raked in millions for her movies, it seems she was spending […]

Should ABC Fire Scandal Star Harrison Wright After Alleged Assault On His Wife?

Scandal star Columbus Short has found himself in a scandal so messy that Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators couldn’t even fix.  Last month Scandal fans were shocked when Short made headlines for assaulting a man at an engagement party.  It was revealed that Short actually has quite a sordid history of violence.  Earlier […]

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers Arrested For Yelling “Bomb” At LAX

Aldon Smith, 24, must have had a game plan for getting arrested today because the San Francisco 49ers linebacker yelled “bomb” after being randomly asked to allow security at the gate at LAX to do a secondary screening. Many are speculating that Smith may have imbibed a bit too much before his flight. The troubled […]

Ray Rice Married Janay Palmer A Day After He Was indicted For Assaulting Her

You may remember reports of Baltimore Ravens’ RB, Ray Rice’s alleged assault on fiancé Janay Palmer on February 15, where he was seen dragging her limp body out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino. Unfortunately, his fiancé must not remember the dramatic night because no one in their right mind would marry someone […]

Justin Bieber Will Be Deposed Again: Mark DiCowden Will Question Justin About Selena Gomez Again

We are all still in shock after witnessing Justin Bieber’s deposition last week, in which he walked out multiple times, swore at the opposing lawyer and court stenographer, and proceeded to ignore the opposing lawyer’s questions while he smirked and laughed into the video-camera.  It’s safe to say any person who was clinging to the […]

Chris Pine Charged With DUI

Hollywood Hottie Chris Pine made some memories while in New Zealand on March 1, and ended up with a souvenir that may land him in hot water.  Pine may have overindulged in alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and ended up being charged with drunken driving after failing a blood test. Pine, 33, is said […]