Crystal Harris Struggled To Find A Birthday Gift For Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris Struggled To Find A Birthday Gift For Hugh Hefner

Of course Crystal Harris struggled to find a gift suitable for her husband Hugh Hefner, they are 61 years apart in age! Besides the age difference, what can you really buy for a guy who basically has everything?

The Playboy mogul turned 87-years-old on April 9th, but Crystal admitted that she had a hard time locating the perfect gift for him. The duo had a “Casablanca Night” at the Mansion along with 50 guests.

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Paris Hilton Celebrates Easter With Hugh Hefner At The Playboy Mansion (Photo)

Paris Hilton Celebrates Easter With Hugh Hefner At The Playboy Mansion (Photo)

While many people would usually spend their Easter Day searching for eggs around their house or at their local park, Paris Hilton had a different approach to the special occasion. The 32-year old decided to spend her day with the real bunnies on Sunday evening at Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. In her pink sequined outfit with matching bunny ears and a pair of fishnet tights, the businesswoman was far from bored at the event.

Posing with Hef himself before being joined by rapper, Snoop Dogg, it seemed like a fun night for all attendees who were lucky enough to receive an invite. Paris wasn’t going to miss the party, even though she had just jetted back to Los Angeles earlier in the day — let’s face it… no one can turn down an A-list party on Easter, right? Ha. In a great mood, Hilton had stopped at the airport to sign a dozen of autographs to her screaming fans before heading home to get ready for the Playboy event.
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Hugh Hefner Has a New Bunny Bride – Crystal Harris Hefner!

Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris

I’ve heard of May-December romances, but Hugh Hefner‘s relationship with Crystal Harris is more January 1st-December 31st. Last night was take two on their nuptials and this time the bride stuck around for the I Do’s. 86 year old Hef and 26 year old Crystal had a lavish wedding ceremony planned for June 2011 when the bride decided to pull a runaway and ditched her octogenerian lover just five days before they were to get hitched. Read More Here »

Crystal Harris Moves Back In The Playboy Mansion One Year After Ending The Engagement

Crystal Harris has moved back in to the Playboy mansion and “worked things out” with Hugh Hefner one year after she was suppose to walk down the aisle – later canceling it at last minute.

The reality star had publicly bashed Hefner to several radio stations such as Howard Stern after she was asked to leave the mansion last year, where she said: “Then I was just over it. I was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I was over it. I just like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.”

The interview went on to talk about Crystal’s sex life with Hugh which she described as “only lasted two seconds.” He later hit back at all the comments she was making about him saying: “Crystal did a crazy interview with Howard Stern today that didn’t have much to with reality. Is she trying to impress a new boyfriend?”

But now, the couple are back together and are a pair again. Crystal confirmed the news herself after a lot of people have been speculating what she could possibly be doing in the Playboy mansion, where she was spotted a week ago. On her Twitter page, the busty blonde explained: “Yes, Hugh Hefner and I are back together. Yes I am his #1 girl again. Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! XO.”

The 86-year old later confirmed the news himself too by adding: “It’s Mary O’Conner that brought Crystal Harris back. Crystal was miserable and said so. Mary told Crystal to write and tell me, which she did.”

Are you shocked or happy for them? We don’t know about this but we have a feeling she’ll go through with the wedding this time around and take all of that money! The economy is tough so whatever Crystal has to do to eat good food, she must do it, right?! Ha. Oh – and by “good food” we mean expensive $1,000 meals.

Is Rihanna The Next Celeb To Pose Nude For Playboy?

Is Rihanna The Next Celeb To Pose Nude For Playboy?

Rihanna known for her sexy racy costumes on stage is said to be considering the possibility of posing nude for Playboy.  Hugh Hefner would love her to pose and thinks she would be perfect for the cover of his magazine.

A source revealed to the Daily Star, “‘She is at the top of her game – beautiful, sexy and with huge international appeal.  Playboy is not a sleazy magazine either, and allows the stars to get nude in a classy and sophisticated way.’

Hugh has offered Rihanna a whopping $1 million to bare all.

What do you think, should Rihanna consider the offer?  Would you like to see her bare it all?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Crystal Harris On Engagement: “It was all for publicity.”


Crystal Harris is furthering her gold digger image by pawning the $90,000 engagement ring that Hugh Hefner gave her, and let her keep after she bailed on him at the last second.  This girl clearly has no shame whatsoever.

PHOTO: Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw Are Totally Bonding

TMZ caught Harris in Prospect Jewelers in La Jolla, CA, trying to get an appraisal on the ring.  The owner needed some info. on the quality of the ring, so she called the Playboy Mansion to find out… OMG!  She is ridiculous.  They couldn’t get her the info. immediately, so she left.

But here is the kicker…. the owner told Crystal he was sorry to hear about Hef, to which Crystal replied, “Are you kidding? It was all for publicity.”

Yeah, she’s evil.

The TRUTH: Here’s Why Crystal Harris DUMPED Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding that was supposed to happen in five days.  They have both confirmed it on the web.  But, we all were a little curious as to what really made Crystal dump Hef at the last minute.  ANd the truth isn’t that surprising.

Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner!

Crystal Harris Caught CHEATING On Hugh Hefner

It was over money and music.  She only gets about $200 a week as her playboy allowance.  She wanted more, a lot more.  And she wanted Hugh to GIVE her a music career.  She’s obsessed with it, she was only focusing on the music and not the wedding… yeah, that’s NOT normal for any bride.

And what?  Hef can’t make people like your pathetic music.   This girl is a piece of work!  And a few other things……

Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner!

Whoa!  They were headed down the aisle in five days… this Saturday and now the wedding is OFF!  Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner got in a big ‘ole fight and then Crystal called off the wedding and moved out of the Playboy Mansion!

I knew that this wasn’t going to last no matter what.  And I have to say that it’s a good thing it happened before the wedding.  Why go through all that just to have another divorce.  Hef, stay single, have your cake and eat it too.  DOn’t try to settle down now.

Congrats to Hugh!

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