Paris Hilton Celebrates Easter With Hugh Hefner At The Playboy Mansion (Photo)

While many people would usually spend their Easter Day searching for eggs around their house or at their local park, Paris Hilton had a different approach to the special occasion. The 32-year old decided to spend her day with the real bunnies on Sunday evening at Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. In her […]

Hugh Hefner Has a New Bunny Bride – Crystal Harris Hefner!

I’ve heard of May-December romances, but Hugh Hefner‘s relationship with Crystal Harris is more January 1st-December 31st. Last night was take two on their nuptials and this time the bride stuck around for the I Do’s. 86 year old Hef and 26 year old Crystal had a lavish wedding ceremony planned for June 2011 when […]

Crystal Harris On Engagement: “It was all for publicity.”

  Crystal Harris is furthering her gold digger image by pawning the $90,000 engagement ring that Hugh Hefner gave her, and let her keep after she bailed on him at the last second.  This girl clearly has no shame whatsoever. PHOTO: Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw Are Totally Bonding TMZ caught Harris in Prospect Jewelers […]

The TRUTH: Here’s Why Crystal Harris DUMPED Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding that was supposed to happen in five days.  They have both confirmed it on the web.  But, we all were a little curious as to what really made Crystal dump Hef at the last minute.  ANd the truth isn’t that surprising. Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris […]

Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner!

Whoa!  They were headed down the aisle in five days… this Saturday and now the wedding is OFF!  Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner got in a big ‘ole fight and then Crystal called off the wedding and moved out of the Playboy Mansion! I knew that this wasn’t going to last no matter what.  And […]