Jennifer Lopez Refuses to Make Eye Contact With the Help

Jennifer Lopez Leaving The W Hotel

I love when we hear about a celeb’s total diva behavior or ridiculous demands, don’t you? One person known to be super demanding is Jennifer Lopez  and according to different sources, she fully expects to have things her way. I’m not just talking about white flowers and couches in her dressing room either. Jenny from […]

Is Jennifer Lopez Cheating on Casper Smart with Pitbull?

Jennifer Lopez Dials Down The Risque

Things just got really messy over at Jenny from the Block’s house!  Jennifer Lopez has collaborated with mega hit maker, Pitbull on several occasions over the past four years and her boy toy, Casper Smart is finally wondering what’s really going on between the two. After seeing the two performing a routine for their new […]

Jennifer Lopez Talks Marc Anthony Marriage & Family

Jennifer Lopez Talks Marc Anthony Marriage & Family

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been with Marc Anthony in a long time, but she’s using their non-traditional family as a means of promoting her new show called The Fosters. She said in a new interview, “I am a non-traditional family. Me being a single mom, their dad doesn’t live at home with them. They have three […]

Jennifer Lopez has More Plastic Surgery – Trying a Little Too Hard to Look Young (Photos)

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Returning To Their London Hotel

Have you caught a good look at Jennifer Lopez recently?  She’s up to something, I’d say. Photos that popped up right after her recent America’s Got Talent performance  have her face not exactly looking like her face. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that she was caught at a weird moment because from […]

American Idol Dumping The Only Thing Good About Idol This Season, Mariah Carey?


American Idol is trying to dump the only good thing about Idol this season, Mariah Carey! What is American Idol thinking?  Repordidly Idol is trying to replace our girl, the magnificent Mariah Carey with the insipid Jennifer Lopez, say it ain’t so….  Jennifer Lopez, are they out of their minds?  Can you imagine having to […]