Kate Middleton Sick Of Prince William’s Baldness

Kate Middleton is sick and tired of Prince William’s bald head, y’all! She’s made jokes about it before, but this is the first time a report is openly coming out and calling her out on it. According to the National Enquirer [I know, I know], Kate thinks that Prince William’s baldness is aging him. The […]

Queen Elizabeth Not Impressed With Kate Middleton – Thinks Kate Is Supremely Lazy

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not ‘impressed’ with Kate Middleton. So what else is new? The media has been reporting on this rift for a long time now, but we’ve been getting more and more evidence that the royals, in general, don’t think very highly of Kate Middleton. A recent report from Life & Style suggested […]

Prince Harry Reacts To Kate Middleton’s Second Pregnancy – Report

Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, and her entire family is delighted with the news – including her brother-in-law, Prince Harry. Harry’s already spoken about how much he loves having Prince George around, and now he’s about to welcome another niece or nephew. Harry was present at the Invictus Games in London on […]

Kate Middleton Pregnant With Second Child – News Confirmed By Clarence House

Clarence House has just confirmed via Twitter that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second baby. That didn’t take long, did it? The speculation concerning Kate’s second pregnancy has been mounting for the past few months, ever since royal sources started leaking news about Kate getting pregnant over the summer. For one thing, we knew […]

Kate Middleton Packs Family Up and Plots Move To Anmer Hall Away From Royals

Kate Middleton has proven to be quite the force to reckon with when angry and after a year of having her buttons pushed by the royal family as a whole, she has made some shocking decisions regarding her family. Originally Kate and Prince William had decided to move to Kensington Palace last fall so that […]

Prince William Warns Kate Middleton to Avoid Angelina Jolie

Kate Middleton might be royalty but in many ways she’s just like you and I- there are still celebrities that she would love an opportunity to meet. In her case Angelina Jolie seems to be near the top of her list and as luck would have it, she and Angie will both be visiting Malta […]

Pregnant Kate Middleton Rumored to Be Expecting A Girl – Prince William Plans To Name Second Child Diana

Those rumors about Kate Middleton being pregnant just aren’t going away now are they?  If the most recent ones are to be believed then there should be an official announcement coming any day now. What is interesting was her oldest friend, Jessica Hay telling the Australian press that Kate is indeed expecting a baby, that […]

Kate Middleton Sick Of The Queen’s Bullying – Ready To Escape With Prince William And Prince George To The Countryside (PHOTO)

When Kate Middleton was expecting Prince George she agreed to move into Kensington Palace with Prince William. It seemed like a smart move to be in London and it put them close to the royal family — just in case they needed help with the baby. Instead, Kate quickly realized that being in such close […]