Katy Perry and John Mayer To Marry & Have A Baby: Details Here!

The current issue of Life & Style magazine features the cover story, “John & Katy Wedding & Baby.”  The magazine claims that Katy Perry and John Mayer are headed to the alter.  But wait, that is not all, they also claim that the couple are planning to start a family. John Mayer is famous for […]

Katy Perry Is Mean! Looks Bored At Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Concert

I never really cared for Katy Perry much and she finally confirmed what I knew for a long time, she is a mean b*tch.  Britney Spears had her Las Vegas debut last night and people raved about her performance. Katy attended Britney’s concert last night and although everyone was having a great time Katy basically […]

Katy Perry Disses Bound 2 Music Video, Jokingly Insults Kim Kardashian

Katy Perry‘s never been one to hold back on her feelings for other people, and her disdain for Kim Kardashian clearly shines through in her latest comments. While being interviewed alongside boyfriend John Mayer on Ellen Degeneres‘ show, Katy was asked about her ‘Who You Love’ duet with John. Ellen jokingly compares their music video […]

Katy Perry Disses Russell Brand, Praises Current Boyfriend John Mayer

Katy Perry‘s love life continues to make headlines, although this time it’s of her own doing. Katy recently covered the latest issue of Marie Claire Magazine and opened up about her relationships with both ex-husband Russell Brand and current boyfriend John Mayer. Katy first praises John Mayer, calling him practically perfect. She tells Marie Claire, […]

Katy Perry Accused Of Racism After AMA Geisha Performance (VIDEO)

Katy Perry is being accused of racism after her AMA performance this weekend. While singing her single ‘Unconditionally’, Katy dressed up as a geisha and wore powder on her face. The powder and the traditional garb seemed to annoy a lot of people, but more so because it was associated with a song about ‘doormats’. […]

Katy Perry Denies Robert Pattinson Romance After Drunk Karaoke Video Surfaces

Are Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson dating? I think the answer to that has always been no. But are they having sex? Most people who know them seem to say yes. But according to Katy, she and Rob are ‘just’ friends, with nothing else going on. Do we believe her? A drunk karaoke video featuring […]

Someone Forgot To Tell Russell Brand “A Gentlemem Never Tells”

Someone forgot to tell Russell Brand that “A Gentlemem Never Tells.”  Russell has been blabbing his mouth off about his ex-wife Katy Perry and lets say he is not keeping it classy.  To find out what Russell said this time about Katy head over to Tattle Tailzz who has the scoop on the story.  [CLICK […]

Katy Perry Confirms That She And Robert Pattinson Never Hooked Up, Kristen Stewart Relieved?

So is this a case of the tabloids spreading rumors again, or a case of celebrities lying to protect their image? When Robert Pattinson first broke up with Kristen Stewart, all the rumors stated that he was moving on with Katy Perry, who is supposedly one of Kristen’s best friends. Obviously, the tabloids were like […]