Did Lindsay Lohan Bomb On Saturday Night Live?

Did Lindsay Lohan Bomb On Saturday Night Live?

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured  Lindsay Lohan. She walked out on stage wearing a blue crayon colored dress, and a pair of blue shoes to match. Her monologue was quite funny and, despite what people, she does have some acting talent — she’s just struggling to locate it. She was a great sport and welcomed jokes, including a pat down by Kristen Wiig, that commented on her bad-girl past. Read More Here »

VIDEOS: Check Out Lindsay Lohan Rocking Her SNL Hosting Debut

This weekend, it’s Lindsay Lohan’s turn to bring on the laughs as she hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. LiLo will be hosting the night with musical guest Jack White on March 3rd.

Check out the funny promos: Read More Here »

Lindsay Lohan Confirmed For SNL As Host, Next Month

Lindsay Lohan called up her father figure friend, Lorne Michaels over at SNL and get herself a hosting gig for the March 3rd episode.  She has been on the show three other times, just never as host.  This is a pretty big deal for Lohan as she tries to resurrect her career while getting ready to put her criminal past completely behind her.

I am personally looking forward to the show.  I think she will make us laugh… and um, last time I checked, that’s the point of Saturday Night Live.

Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below!

Michael Lohan Gets Job at Burger King???

Um, what?!  Yeah.  Weirdness.  Lindsay Lohan’s troubled father, Michael Lohan just filled out an application at a Burger King in Palm Beach and he might just be flipping burgers there in the next few days.  So yeah, you’re wondering why on earth he would work in the fast food industry?  Well, he just moved into a halfway house and his counselors told him to pass his time by working at a real job.  He will be released on March 16th, so that isn’t much time to pass.  I’d much rather lay on the beach, wouldn’t you?

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan is HOT For Maxim Australia – Jan 2012

Lindsay Lohan is kicking of her New Year with a sexy spread for Maxim AustraliaShe’s looking to revive her reputation and possibly her career.  With this classy and still smokin’ hot spread… I’d say she’s off to a great start.

Here’s to a great 2012 for you Lilo!

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue is a HUGE Sales HIT

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue was leaked online before it’s release, the sales of the actual add are through the roof.  Suppliers are having to re-order shipments of the mag because they can’t keep their stands stocked.  Plus online subscriptions to the Playboy site are skyrocketing as well.

It looks like everyone wants a piece of naked Lilo.  Are we surprised?  I’m not.  Why else would they pay Lindsay $1 million?  They knew she was going to be a HUGE payday for them.  It all worked out nicely for everyone, right?

Why did you think of the spread?

It’s HERE! Lindsay Lohan COMPLETE Playboy Spread – NSFW PHOTOS

Lindsay Lohan is planning to unveil her Playboy issue on Ellen in a few days (Thursday) but as usual, there was an online leak and we’ve seen the complete spread already.  Let’s just say, I am very surprised.  This shoot was really well done.  I mean, it’s Playboy.  It’s nakedness all around.  But, yeah, tastefully done.

To see the full spread, very NSFW (obviously) click HERE.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue LEAKS Online

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue, we’ve got the cover!  Yeah… woo hooo!  It was leaked online and soon it’s going to the entire issue…. all over the internet!  I think they should release the issue now, before everyone sees it for free first!

We will update with the spread shortly!  Check back!

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