Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue is a HUGE Sales HIT

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue was leaked online before it’s release, the sales of the actual add are through the roof.  Suppliers are having to re-order shipments of the mag because they can’t keep their stands stocked.  Plus online subscriptions to the Playboy site are skyrocketing as well.

It looks like everyone wants a piece of naked Lilo.  Are we surprised?  I’m not.  Why else would they pay Lindsay $1 million?  They knew she was going to be a HUGE payday for them.  It all worked out nicely for everyone, right?

Why did you think of the spread?

It’s HERE! Lindsay Lohan COMPLETE Playboy Spread – NSFW PHOTOS

Lindsay Lohan is planning to unveil her Playboy issue on Ellen in a few days (Thursday) but as usual, there was an online leak and we’ve seen the complete spread already.  Let’s just say, I am very surprised.  This shoot was really well done.  I mean, it’s Playboy.  It’s nakedness all around.  But, yeah, tastefully done.

To see the full spread, very NSFW (obviously) click HERE.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue LEAKS Online

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue, we’ve got the cover!  Yeah… woo hooo!  It was leaked online and soon it’s going to the entire issue…. all over the internet!  I think they should release the issue now, before everyone sees it for free first!

We will update with the spread shortly!  Check back!

Click to enlarge:

Lindsay Lohan Lands Celebrity Big Brother Gig, Filming Has BEGUN, What is the JUDGE Going to Say?!

Lindsay Lohan is getting ready for the next big thing in her floundering career.  Well, first she’s going to appear in the next issue of Playboy in her nude spread, then she’s attempting to leave the country to shoot Celebrity Big Brother (UK).  Can it happen?  Well, the Daily Mail reports that the producers are already shooting her background footage for the show and have had all the meetings with her.  The only hold up will be the law.  Yeah, Lilo’s little probation issue could make this all for nothing.

The producers of the show say,

“Lindsay would be an absolutely amazing signing for us.  She’s a fiery character too, so there are sure to be a some major clashes with other celebrities if we get her in the house.”

I agree!  She would be great there!  But… yeah, the whole Judge Sautner issue….

“We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren’t many more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house.”

It’s true.  The judge would have more access to every move Lindsay makes if she was allowed to shoot the show.  What kind of trouble could she get into?  It’s almost like she’d be in jail!  Under surveillance 24/7!  Hmmmm, do you think she will get to go?

If her probation officer gives her the permission to go, Lindsay could be out of the country starting in January….


Lindsay Lohan Loves the “Overcrowding Law” While She Gets Naked

Lindsay Lohan’s naked, Marilyn Monroe channeling Playboy spread will arrive on news stands next month.  Perfect stocking stuffer?  Yep, I just said that!  Oops!

Lindsay Lohan Shows Off ALL of Her ‘Goods’ For Playboy

Lindsay was stoked that she got away with serving a whopping 4 hour sentence thanks to the overcrowding at the jail.  That gave her plenty of time to get naked… and then party.  Boy this girl’s got it rough!

Will you be picking up a copy of her Playboy issue?

Lindsay Lohan Was “Scared” During Her Hours Behind Bars, Home Free Now

Lindsay Lohan checked into a Los Angeles County jail on at 8:50 p.m. last night and was released at 1:40 a.m. according to the AP.  This wasn’t a surprise, we knew that Lilo was going to be basically booked and released.  The only reason that spent about five hours there was because she had to wait in “line” behind other inmates being released around the same time. No star treatment here!  Ha!

Lindsay Lohan Jailhouse UPDATE! = NO JAIL TIME AT ALL

Anyhow, while she waited, she was confined to a private cell and never spent any time in the general population.  But, that was more than enough for her.  She’s telling her pals now that it was cold and scary in there.  Yet another little wake up call for the troubled actress?

Up next?  A lot more time in the morgue and of course, Lindsay will be plugging her nude spread for Playboy where she brought in a cool $1 million paycheck.  Not too shabby.

So what do you guys think at this point?  Will Lindsay Lohan have a resurrection of her career or is she going to have a bunch of random, desperate gigs?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below:

Lindsay Lohan Jailhouse UPDATE! = NO JAIL TIME AT ALL

Oh my.  The haters are going to flip their lids on this one.  This morning Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for which she was only going to have to serve an actual 6 days, which is 20% of the sentence thanks to the overcrowding.  Well, as it turns out, Lindsay is not going to be serving any time at all.  She will simply be booked an released.  So yeah, another mug shot, but that’s about it.  Why is this?  Well, according to the L.A. County Sheriff Department, the law is on Lilo’s side.  If the sentence is under 90 days and it’s a misdemeanor, inmates must be immediately released after they are booked because of that pesky overcrowding issue.

Photos: Lindsay Lohan Brings Her Sexy To The Playboy Mansion For Halloween

So yeah, Lindsay Lohan is going to be living life as usual, no jail time to interrupt that.  Well, she does still have a lot of time to put in at the morgue, but she seems to be handling that really well.

Oh and don’t forget the whole Playboy shoot that she’s finishing up this week.  That’s bringing her a nice $1 million payday.

Lindsay Lohan Going To Jail … For 6 Days

This morning Lindsay Lohan appeared in court once again to face the music for violating her probation.  The judge really wasn’t harsh.  She made it clear that Lindsay has to finish her probation and community service requirements exactly as she’s instructed her by March 29, 2012, or else it’s seriosu jail time.  And we know that she means it.

So for now, Lindsay is going to jail for just 6 days.  She can handle that.  And no, there will be no house arrest.  We know the judge wasn’t going to let that happen again.

I think this is fair.  Lilo has been seemingly on track lately.  She’s going to have to do all of her time at the morgue after she gets out of jail.  I think that place is teaching her a big life lesson, and that’s what it’s meant to do.  So hey, it’s success of some kind, right?

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