Demi Lovato and Perez Hilton Get Into A Twitter Argument…. Over Lindsay Lohan!!!

Demi Lovato Feuds With Perez Hilton Over Lindsay Lohan

Pa-the-tic. Demi Lovato got into an argument with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton yesterday over Lindsay Lohan‘s arrest. The actress, who was arrested yesterday morning, has become the face of all tabloid magazines and blogs (in other words, everyone is talking about it). While most of the people were getting sick and tired of Lindsay getting […]

Michael Lohan Knew Lindsay Would Get Arrested Again: ‘I Hope God Deals With Her’

Michael Lohan Talks Lindsay Arrest

Media whore, Michael Lohan, has once again gone straight to the press after news broke his daughter Lindsay Lohan had been arrested after allegedly punching a woman in a nightclub. In case you’ve been living on Mars, the woman supposedly told Lohan how rubbish Liz and Dick was, before a very drunk Lindsay threw the […]

Lindsay Lohan Headed Back To Jail: She’s More Worried About Liz & Dick Reviews

Watching Lindsay Lohan‘s life unfold is more painful than watching her act in any movie made after 2005. It would be funny if it weren’t so disgusting and tragic! Yesterday we reported that Lifetime was waiting for the DA to file charges after Lindsay lied to police after a car accident in a rented Porsche […]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching A Woman At A New York City Club

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching A Woman At A New York City Club

Our favorite celebrity villain, Lindsay Lohan, was arrested a few hours ago in New York City. Allegedly, the redhead wannabe punched a girl at a nightclub. Damn, here we were hoping she was being arrested for being friends with the League of Shadows! According to latest reports, Lohan was partying it up at Club Avenue when a […]