Kristen Stewart Mentions Personal Acting Habits In New Interview About ‘Still Alice’

The 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals

Kristen Stewart’s unofficial Oscar campaign for Still Alice is well underway, and that means she’ll be giving interview after interview regarding her performance in the movie throughout awards season. Golden Globe nominations are just days away, and so we are treated to a quite in-depth look into Kristen Stewart’s acting process in an interview with Indie Wire.

Kristen does touch upon her personal acting habits, including the much derided tic of running her hands through her hair. However, the way she explains it, “I don’t think I can ever step outside myself fully. It’s not the type of acting I want to do. I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to do this. Everyone can tell me that I run my hand through my hair too much, and that’s fine because I’m truly there and very present in these moments.”

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Nicole Kidman Admits That She Wishes She Was Pregnant

Agon Channel Launch Party

Nicole Kidman isn’t even attempting to hide the fact that she wishes she was pregnant, even though the rumor mill has been going into overdrive about Nicole’s latest attempts to get knocked up. Even though Nicole is 47 years old, she admits in a new interview with Elle Magazine [as part of her cover issue] that she wants to get pregnant again.

In fact, her exact words were, “I had my last one at 43. My grandmother had her last at 49. Every month, I’m like, ‘I hope I’m pregnant!’”

Clearly, Nicole Kidman’s publicist saw the potential issues in that quote getting published, but Nicole didn’t care. She added, ‘Off the record’? I don’t mind! Why not, right? I wish I was!”

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Christian Bale Defends Racist ‘Exodus’ Casting – Says Whitewashing Should Start In Indies First

'Exodus' Madrid Photocall

Oh Christian Bale. You were once Batman, and now all you do is disappoint us – both with your movies and your interviews. Christian Bale is currently in the midst of promoting Exodus, the Moses and Ramses epic from Ridley Scott that has come under fire for its whitewashed casting. Ancient Middle-Eastern actors played by run of the mill white Hollywood stars? Yeah, that’s whitewashing of the grandest scale.

What are Christian Bale’s thoughts on that? Well, they’re not pretty. He tells the Hollywood Reporter, “Ridley [Scott] is absolutely honest and blunt to a fault, and I think that people, rather than pointing fingers, should ask themselves, are they being supportive of North African and Middle Eastern filmmakers and actors? … The change will come from independent filmmaking, but audiences have to be there….”

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Amal Alamuddin Pregnant Or Not Pregnant With George Clooney’s Child? Rumors Abound About First Pregnancy

Amal Alamuddin Clooney Visits Athens to Advise on Return of Parthenon Marbles

Five years ago, we never would have predicted that George Clooney would be married to an esteemed UN lawyer, and we NEVER would have predicted that he would be in the midst of a baby bump scandal. But alas, TMZ [and several other outlets] has several pictures of Amal Alamuddin sporting a suspicious looking baby bump, which could mean George Clooney is about to have his first child.

Salutations, celebrations, or sadness? George Clooney famously said in the past that he never wanted children, but then again, he also said that he would never get married. It’s hard to figure out exactly what he wants, especially since he seems to be changing his mind quite a lot these days.

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Reese Witherspoon Claims She’s Not ‘Sweet’

Reese Witherspoon Shops In New York City

If you asked most people on the street, they would agree that Reese Witherspoon is the quintessential girl next door. At one point, she was considered America’s Sweetheart, even though that title is now bestowed upon Jennifer Lawrence. The ‘Legally Blonde’ movies and the Oscar for ‘Walk The Line’ cemented her place at the top of the A-list, where she’s been comfortably perched for the past decade or so.

However, Reese has had her fair share of controversies, most notably the arrest for disorderly conduct last year. Her ‘sweet’ image certainly took a hit after that, but she rebounded without any permanent damage to her reputation.

And now, it seems like Reese wants to get rid of the ‘sweet’ image for good. In an interview with Glamour Magazine, she explains, I certainly didn’t self-identify as anyone’s sweetheart. I’m friendly, but I don’t think I’m sweet. I’m honest.”

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Eva Mendes Opens Up About Motherhood And Daughter Esmeralda – Report

Celebs Doing An Interview For "Extra"

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling recently had their first daughter, baby Esmeralda. Even though most people assumed that Eva and Ryan would refuse to discuss their daughter in public [since they were so undercover during the pregnancy and birth], Eva actually spends a lot of time opening up about her daughter and her new role as a mother in an extensive interview with Violet Grey.

She explains that she doesn’t have a nanny yet, adding, “I’m completely exhausted. I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the wildest nights I’ve ever had.”

Eva also opens up about privacy concerns concerning Esmeralda’s future, and adds, “Whether we like it or not, privacy is going to be very difficult for Esmeralda. I think it’s unfair but that’s our reality. So Ryan and I decided early on to give her as much privacy as we could. And my pregnancy was the first opportunity to give her that.”

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Jurassic World Full Trailer: Mutant Dinosaurs Take Over!

Jurassic World Poster

Several years after the Jurassic Park trilogy seemingly came to a close, Universal is banging out yet another Jurassic Park movie. However, this time the plot is significantly different from the previous Jurassic Park films, mainly due to the park finally being open! Plus, it’s called ‘Jurassic World‘, not Jurassic Park. However, keeping in line with the themes of the old films, the people behind the park get greedy and decide to one-up themselves to bring even more revenue to the parks.

Even though the park seems to be fully functional and working at the beginning of the film, the scientists in the movie [one played by Bryce Dallas Howard] create genetically engineered dinosaurs. Obviously, sh*t hits the fan after this, and the park once again becomes a hazard zone.

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Katherine Heigl Fights Back Against Haters – Calls Herself A ‘Strong Woman’

Katherine Heigl Returns To Her NYC Hotel

You know how there are some people will continue remaining delusional about their status in Hollywood? Well, one such person is clearly Katherine Heigl. Her reputation in Hollywood has been in the gutters for the past few years, ever since rumors of her diva behavior started spreading. It all began with her remarks about Grey’s Anatomy, where she publicly announced that the writing wasn’t up to par and then made a big fuss about being released from her contract.

Sure, she had a brief and successful stint in movies, but in the end, her comments and behavior came back to bite her in the ass.

The word started spreading about how Katherine Heigl was difficult to work with, and how writers and producers didn’t want to keep her at the top of their list anymore. Obviously, that soon landed her on the unofficial Hollywood blacklist, where it took her several years to recover from the ignominy of the humiliation.

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