Diva Alert: Ashthon Jones ‘I Am Telling You’ American Idol Hollywood Week – Video

Ashton Jones - American Idol 2011

If Ashton Jones makes it to the Top 24, I can guarantee you that she will be all diva.  I think she did great last night singing, I Am Telling You on American Idol – Hollywood Week, I just don’t know if I can see her in the end yet.

Haley Reinhart Makes Comeback With ‘God Bless The Child’ American Idol Hollywood Week – VIDEO

Haley Reinhart - American Idol 2011

Haley Reinhart sang God Bless The Child last night on American Idol for the third round of Hollywood Week. Talk about nailing. I love this girl.

Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Official Music Video ROCKS

Britney Spears HIAM Teaser Pic

Well, we waited a long, long time for this. And we endured two weeks worth of teasing. Last night… yes, I was partying, so I wasn’t online to post this for you then. But here it is now, Britney Spears’ official Hold It Against Me music video. She Tweeted, “Without further adieu, I present my […]

VIRAL VIDEO: University of Arkansas Guys Do Katy Perry ‘Firework’ Music Video (HILARIOUS)

Katy Perry Firework - University of Arkansas Guys Video

Katy Perry just posted this video on her Facebook page. OMG. It is so classic. I love it.  These guys are very secure in their manhood and know how to have a really, really good time. Katy Perry and Kanye West Team Up For ‘E.T.’ Video – FIRST LOOK “University of Arkansas has some FIREWORKS! […]

Lil’ Kim ‘Black Friday’ Official Music Video

Lil Kim Black Friday Music Video

This is a lengthy video, I am not going to give you a big intro.  Let’s just say that Lil’ Kim is going after Nicki Minaj with a vengeance in this one.  Yikes.  (NSFW) Ouch!  What do you think?  How is Nicki Minaj going to respond to this?