Queen Elizabeth Not Impressed With Kate Middleton – Thinks Kate Is Supremely Lazy

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not ‘impressed’ with Kate Middleton. So what else is new? The media has been reporting on this rift for a long time now, but we’ve been getting more and more evidence that the royals, in general, don’t think very highly of Kate Middleton. A recent report from Life & Style suggested […]

Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Isn’t Like All of The Rest

It seems like Prince Harry might really be growing up! Once known as a mischievous party boy with an interchangeable blonde on his arm, the young royal is gravitating towards something different these days. In the past Harry has chosen beauty queen girlfriends that have chosen careers based solely on their looks but not any […]

Queen Elizabeth Warns Prince Harry Not To Marry A Commoner Like Kate Middleton

Poor Prince Harry, it seems like everyone has a say in his love life. When he was dating Cressida Bonas his sister-in-law Kate Middleton was none too happy because she shared a family tree with Prince William‘s ex-girlfriend. William himself had encouraged Harry to settle down because he is getting older and it’s simply time […]

Queen Elizabeth Demands That Kate Middleton Cover Up

Queen Elizabeth must really love Kate Middleton because even in the midst of a scandal she still seems to handle her pretty graciously. Kate has been the subject of upskirt photos how many times now? Then there was the topless photo set that was sold and published nearly two summers ago. Any way that you […]

Pippa Middleton’s Contract With The Daily Telegraph Isn’t Renewed

Maybe Pippa Middleton should focus on finding her own version of a prince because her writing career really isn’t going so well. She was hired by The Daily Telegraph as a columnist just six short months ago and it looks like rather than her contract being picked up her Sports and Social column has been […]

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew And Princess Beatrice Have A Family Day in London (Photos)

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and her ex-husband Prince Andrew was seen out spending a family day with their daughter Princess Beatrice on April 2, 2014 in London, England. Beatrice held her mother lovingly as they came out of the doors of C restaurant.  It is nice to see the closeness of their family.

Kate Middleton Says NO Way Boozer Prince Harry Is Babysitting Prince George ALONE

Kate Middleton has put the brakes on her brother-in-law Prince Harry and his girl of the month Cressida Bonas babysitting her precious Prince George alone.  It seems the randy Prince is a big boozer and Kate won’t allow it without the supervision of a nanny. Not how did I find this all out you might ask? […]

Kate Middleton Betrayed: Prince Charles Lies To Make Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen

The Globe continues to show us how evil Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall is. They have and will always be staunch Princess Diana supporters. Lets face it Camilla was the other woman nearly 20 years ago and despite the fact Diana died nearly 17 years ago, people have not forgotten. Diana may be […]