John Travolta’s Former Pilot Ready To Reveal Steamy Secrets About Gay Romance

Seeing John Travolta make headlines for allegedly propositioning male workers has become a pretty normal thing in recent years. Generally if several people are telling the same story while never having met, well there is usually something to it. John has been lucky enough to systematically silence various men by either threats or a nice […]

Teresa Giudice Faces Prison Time And Is Terrified of Losing Her Kids

When Teresa Giudice‘s father-in-law keeled over and died in her backyard the family was crushed but that tragedy also bought her and her shady husband, Joe Giudice a few more months of freedom. After pleading guilty to several fraud charges back in March the couple will now be sentenced on Sept 23rd.  While Joe is […]

Cheryl Hines Just A Lap Dog For Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Chelsea Kirwan

I wonder if Cheryl Hines regrets hooking up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Apparently she believed that their romance was different than all of the other Kennedy romances that have come before theirs and that somehow loyalty and fidelity wouldn’t become an issue. Instead Cheryl is finding herself sitting exactly in the same position that […]

Kanye West Says Being Photographed Is Like Being Raped

Some day Kanye West is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and he will totally get his butt kicked while cameras are rolling, right? It seems like every time this idiot opens his mouth it’s worse than the time before and this past weekend, well, Kanye out did himself. The rapper […]

Demi Lovato Nude Twitter Photos Leaked – Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

It was only a couple months ago, in April, when headlines roared about a nude photo leak featuring none other than Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato. It was especially salacious because Demi has shared a long-time battle with bulimia and continues to fight for those struggling with eating disorders. Demi created even more headlines after criticizing […]

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Plan Baby Number 5 to Secure Another Reality Show

Will Tori Spelling ever earn an honest dime off of something besides her family? My guess is no so of course she is planning her next reality show now that True Tori has wrapped up. In case you somehow missed that mess, it was basically therapy sessions with Tori and her cheating husband, Dean McDermott. […]

Ramona Singer Guzzling Pinot Grigio and Fighting With Mario in St. Barth’s

Ramona Singer may be the most delusional housewife on Bravo and that really does say a lot about her recent antics because it’s not an easy group of women to top! The Real Housewives of New York star is attempting to reconcile with her husband, Mario Singer. He spent months carrying on a love affair […]

Kendra Wilkinson Furious after Ava Sabrina London Passes Polygraph Test Proving Hook Up With Hank Baskett

It looks like any hope that Kendra Wilkinson may have had of the story of her husband Hank Baskett hooking up with a transsexual not being true just went out the window.  Part of the deal that Ava Sabrina London reached in order to exclusively tell her story about romping with Hank required that she […]