Jennifer Aniston’s Life Is Crumbling Due To Fears That She’ll Never Be A Mother

Jennifer Aniston's Life Is Crumbling Due To Fears That She'll Never Be A Mother

Does anyone else think that it’s bizarre that Jennifer Aniston‘s personal life makes the news far more often than her career does? Not only that but Jen does a pretty decent job of hiding out and living below the radar so it’s pretty amazing that her private life is so often speculated on. Ever since splitting from Brad Pitt is seems that the tabloids have wanted Jen to be instantly remarried and chasing after babies without really knowing if those things were at the top of her list.

According to the Sept. 8th print edition of In Touch Weekly Jen recently suffered a miscarriage and is slowly but surely coming to terms with the idea that motherhood simply may not be in the cards for her.  She supposedly is still engaged to Justin Theroux and is crushed by the reality that at 45 she man no longer be able to carry her own child. Do you think that these ongoing stories of Jen either being pregnant or miscarrying have any validity at all? If Jen really wanted a baby then wouldn’t she have moved heaven and earth to have one by now? Read More Here »

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West

It was going to be a really bumpy road for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship after swapping vows back in late May. He considers himself to be up there with the likes of Jesus and Gandhi and Kim just looks good on his arm. She was likely too self absorbed to realize the kind of man that she was marrying and so when you put them together now it’s a real mess. Kim has let it be known that she and Kanye would be trying for a second child immediately after the wedding and according to the Sept. 8th print edition of Life & Style Magazine she is indeed pregnant.

The problem is that this is basically a band aid baby. Kim thought that by getting pregnant Kanye would pay more attention and spend more time with her. She must have forgotten how he spent most of her first pregnancy in France, basically as far from his baby mama as he could get! Anyway, sources now say that these two are so far past the point of fighting that Kanye has actually stopped taking Kim’s calls. Think about that- the hot head actually has run out of things to say!  Now Kim is left wrangling North West and dealing with early pregnancy all on her own. Read More Here »

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Marriage Is All But Over

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Marriage Is All But Over

Usually when those viscous rumors won’t go away there’s a reason and that seems to be true in the case of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. We have been hearing for months now that the couple is at best on very rocky footing. The end is usually in sight especially when people live on opposite coasts and that is exactly the case here. Nick has been based in LA for work on America’s Got Talent while Mariah has her feet firmly planted in NYC with the couples’ twins.

According to the Sept. 1st print edition of Life & Style Magazine the couple is officially separating instead of just choosing to avoid each other like the plague. They have already sold off property in Bel-Air and lack of trust is said to be at the root of the couples’ problems. Nick used to completely cater to his wife but as time has gone on he has not only stopped being attentive, but also set his sights on other women. Mariah has actually had a bodyguard in place to prevent her husband from approaching random chicks! Read More Here »

Regret Surrounds Robin Williams Suicide

Regret Surrounds Robin Williams Suicide

Can you imagine how those closest to Robin Williams must be feeling in the wake of his suicide?  We already know that he was left alone for twelve hours and that his wife, Susan Schneider had left the house without checking on the actor. If she had then she would have been the one to find him instead of his assistant. According to the Sept. 1st print edition of In Touch Weekly the actor didn’t need to die. So many variables could have saved his life and the autopsy itself may give more insight into the actors health. Read More Here »

Miranda Lambert Pregnant: Report


Is it finally time for Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to start a family? It might just be. The country couple was at the center of rumors for months on end thanks to Blake’s heavy duty partying and rumored roving eye and it left us thinking that they were on shaky ground. However in the last few months it seems like the divorce rumors have settled down as Miranda and Blake took some time out of their busy work schedules to focus on each other. Read More Here »

Kate Middleton Packs Family Up and Plots Move To Anmer Hall Away From Royals

Kate Middleton Packs Family Up and Plots Move To Anmer Hall Away From Royals

Kate Middleton has proven to be quite the force to reckon with when angry and after a year of having her buttons pushed by the royal family as a whole, she has made some shocking decisions regarding her family. Originally Kate and Prince William had decided to move to Kensington Palace last fall so that they could raise Prince George closer to the royal family Instead of that proving to be a good idea it has been a disaster, resulting in feuds with everyone up to and including Queen Elizabeth.

According to the Aug. 25th print edition of Life & Style magazine the queen has made tons of progress when it comes to taking steps towards modernizing the monarchy her views on parenting an heir are straight out of the dark ages. Meanwhile Kate and William want their children to have as normal as an upbringing as possible and they finally realized that it’ll never happen as long as they are based in Kensington Palace. Kate pushed to move the family to their country home in Anmer Hall, full time and William agreed to the move. The queen has apparently fought hard to convince the couple to stay put but there is no way that Kate is going to do that at this point. She simply wants peace- something that is impossible at the palace. Read More Here »

Jennifer Garner Is Pregnant With Fourth Child – Report

Jennifer Garner Is Pregnant With Fourth Child - Report

The last time that we discussed Jennifer Garner it was to dish on some of the trouble in her marriage with Ben Affleck. The couple has been rumored to have had issues for years now. Some of Ben’s old addictions have flared up and while Jen is a great mom, she didn’t intend to give up her career to be one. The fact that she hangs with the kids while Ben’s career continues to explode has left her with a bit of obvious resentment. The fact that Ben is on location for long periods of time has also caused issues that sent these two running for counseling. Read More Here »

Selena Gomez’s Family Rallies To Send Her to Rehab After Overdose

Selena Gomez's Family Rallies To Send Her to Rehab After Overdose

Remember when it seemed like Selena Gomez might be one of the few Disney stars to make it out of the clutches of the network without a major problem? Yeah, well apparently girlfriend hasn’t been so lucky. We already know that her taste in men is pretty horrific. I mean she probably could bag just about any guy that she wants and what she wants more often than not is Justin Bieber- or an equally shady guy. Apparently the recent split from Justin sent Selena spiraling out of control. So many have blamed her partying and drug use on Biebs but the fact of the matter is that she parties even harder without him.

According to the Aug. 11th print edition of In Touch Magazine Selena recently overdosed and after the fact her family and friends are begging the former child star to get help. She briefly went to rehab back in January but bopped out after two weeks when Biebs got himself into legal trouble. By all accounts Selena ditched out on getting better in order to support him and the end result has been disastrous. Read More Here »

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