Kim Kardashian Is Hiding Many Secrets From Kanye West: Will Hollywood Hacker Expose Them

Kim Kardashian may have convinced Kanye West to become her third husband but that doesn’t mean that she has shared everything with him. So much of Kim’s life is purposely lived with a camera rolling in front of her but you better believe that when she keeps a secret it’s a real zinger.  Kim is […]

Jennifer Aniston’s Life Is Crumbling Due To Fears That She’ll Never Be A Mother

Does anyone else think that it’s bizarre that Jennifer Aniston‘s personal life makes the news far more often than her career does? Not only that but Jen does a pretty decent job of hiding out and living below the radar so it’s pretty amazing that her private life is so often speculated on. Ever since […]

Selena Gomez’s Family Rallies To Send Her to Rehab After Overdose

Remember when it seemed like Selena Gomez might be one of the few Disney stars to make it out of the clutches of the network without a major problem? Yeah, well apparently girlfriend hasn’t been so lucky. We already know that her taste in men is pretty horrific. I mean she probably could bag just […]

Kim Kardashian Divorce Looms as Kanye West Moves Out After 58 Days (Photo)

We all kind of knew that Kim Kardashian‘s marriage to Kanye West was going to be a temporary situation, right? They have been married for about 58 days now, give or take a few and already things are bad. The kind of bad that prompts Kanye to decide to relocate- to Paris permanently- alone. According […]

Justin Bieber Has Two Children: Pays Off Mothers To Shut Up About Paternity – Report

Part of the reason that Justin Bieber gets away with everything is the amazing team behind him. No matter what this kid does it’s their job to either bury it or make it go away. A lot of cash has reportedly been paid out to buy silence regarding the things that Biebs does and that’s […]

Kate Gosselin’s Diary Alleges Brutal Beatings Bordering on Child Abuse

Kate Gosselin tried a few years ago to make that scandalous book written by Robert Hoffman disappear and it almost worked. The thing only saw the light of day for two days before a judge insisted the book be pulled from shelves but then she dropped the civil suit against him. Ultimately that allowed the […]

Rob Kardashian Plans Tell-All To Get Even With Fame Hungry Family

I have been saying for awhile now that Rob Kardashian might be the key to unraveling the entire Kardashian family. He has been treated like an outcast for the better part of two years now and this guy has all of the dirt that momager Kris Jenner has worked so hard to keep under wraps. […]