Britney Spears Ready To Fight For Control Of Her Fortune


It has been more than 7 years since we all watched as Britney Spears completely imploded on herself. Sure her father, Jamie Spears has helped Britney to get her career back on track and under his close watch she has put together a pretty decent life for herself and her children, but let’s face it, […]

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West


It was going to be a really bumpy road for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship after swapping vows back in late May. He considers himself to be up there with the likes of Jesus and Gandhi and Kim just looks good on his arm. She was likely too self absorbed to realize the kind […]

Kate Middleton Packs Family Up and Plots Move To Anmer Hall Away From Royals


Kate Middleton has proven to be quite the force to reckon with when angry and after a year of having her buttons pushed by the royal family as a whole, she has made some shocking decisions regarding her family. Originally Kate and Prince William had decided to move to Kensington Palace last fall so that […]

Jennifer Aniston Dumped By Justin Theroux Right Before Mexican Wedding


Poor Jennifer Aniston is like the unofficial poster child for women who never quite pin down the perfect family life. We watched her marriage to Brad Pitt crumble and since then Jen has burned through one version of Mr. Wrong after another. It looks like Justin Theroux is now joining the list of guys before […]