Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant With IVF Baby – Report


While the whole celeb world has spent the last week focusing on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s happy marriage news it seems that Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been nearly as crushed as we were first led to believe.  It’s true that learning her former husband had finally married the woman that he originally left her for […]

Eva Mendes Seven Months Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby


Despite rumors alleging that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had broken up last year, new reports suggest that Ryan and Eva are still together and happier than ever. Not only that, but a report from OK! Magazine claims that Eva is actually seven months pregnant with Ryan’s baby. A source tells OK!, “She’s been ready […]

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant With French Montana’s Baby


It’s kind of amazing how much Khloe Kardashian has backslide after just a few months of dating French Montana.  Six months ago Khloe was a total gym rat and appeared to be well on her way to heal from her busted up marriage to Lamar Odom.  Then she hooked with French Montana, becoming his side, […]

Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Getting Divorced After Rumors Of Cheating And Infidelity


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are reportedly getting divorced after seventeen years of marriage. The latest cover issue from OK! Magazine claims that Sarah and Matthew have reached their wit’s end when it comes to their relationship, and neither one of them wants to continue with the charade, despite having three children together. A […]