Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are Getting Divorced ?!

The Canadian Lord and Lady of Hot Topic and are thisclose to calling it quits. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are getting a divorce in the near future according to the crystal ball at Us Weekly. I should have left the “?!” off the title, because, really, if these two do end up getting divorced […]

Kendra Wilkinson Wants Hugh Hefner Back After Cheating Hank Baskett Breaks Her Heart

I’m guessing that Kendra Wilkinson was expecting to have a pretty good summer after welcoming her new daughter with Hank Baskett. She probably figured she would be adjusting to life as a mother of two and not contemplating divorce. Instead, after finding out that Hank hooked up with a transgendered model while she was pregnant […]

Miranda Lambert’s Hot New Body Helped To Save Her Marriage

Have you guys seen Miranda Lambert lately? She has dropped a gaggle of weight and seems to be basking in a renewed sense of self confidence doesn’t she?  2014 seems to have ushered in a new and improved Miranda and hopefully this version will stick around. Girlfriend seemed to have spent most of last year […]

Tori Spelling Opens Up For the First Time in an Interview about Dean McDermott’s Cheating

Tori Spelling and Dean McDemott aren’t in the best of places right now. Their marriage woes will be documented on the upcoming Lifetime reality show, ‘True Tori’. However, Tori herself has given an exclusive interview to US Weekly about her marriage, and her feelings on Dean’s well-publicized affair with another woman. She reveals, “He was […]

Kim Kardashian Heavily Photoshopped In Us Weekly Bikini Cover

Us Weekly has become the Kardashian Weekly, and they’re living up to that with their latest cover issue. The majority of the issue is dedicated to Kim Kardashian‘s post-baby body, showcasing exclusive photos of Kim frolicking on the beach in her bikini. Apparently, Kim is ‘slamming the fat bullies and getting her revenge‘ by showing […]

Inside The Tragic Death Of Paul Walker (PHOTO)

Paul Walker’s tragic and unexpected death continues to dominate the airwaves, including several tabloid covers. This week’s cover issue of US Weekly focuses on Paul Walker and his legacy, as well as his heartbreaking final interview. From all accounts, Paul was one of the nicest and most hard working people in Hollywood, and he was […]

Miranda Lambert Loses 25 Pounds In 3 Months To Keep Blake Shelton

It’s almost sickening, the level of focus and attention the press pays to celebrities’ weight loss. Miranda Lambert lost a ton of weight very quickly, and that’s become headline news. Should we be promoting this kind of unhealthy weight loss to young women? Or should we be criticizing it instead? US Weekly’s latest cover features […]

‘The Hills’ Stars Three Years After The Show Ended (PHOTO)

Is it just me, or is US Weekly going downmarket lately? They keep covering D-list reality stars, and giving us ‘exclusives’ on them – uh, we don’t care. We want the US Weekly of 2012 back, breaking stories like the Robsten Trampire cheating scandal. No more Kardashians and Hills people, please. Our pleas for now […]