Queen Elizabeth Impersonator Threatens Kate Middleton While She Fights For Life

Queen Elizabeth Impersonator Threatens Kate Middleton While She Fights For Life

How could this happen in the motherland of James Bond? We know that Kate Middleton has been in King Edward VII private hospital in London, where she is being treated for morning sickness. And we’re thrilled with our royal Christmas gift–9 months of pregnant, fashionable Kate and speculation about god parents, birth plans, baby names, and so on. But how can they hope to have a healthy baby if they can’t even keep Kate safe while she’s confined in a hospital bed? This morning Kate’s security was threatened when  hospital staff gave confidential information about her condition to Mel Greig and Michael Christian, two Austrailian radio show hosts. By impersonating the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, they tricked a nurse into reporting, “She’s sleeping at the moment, and she has had an uneventful night. And sleep is good for her. She’s been given some fluids…She’s stable at the moment.”

Now, it’s not like they got her weight, a foetal head count, or her bust measurement. But what does it say about hospital staff that they can’t tell the difference between two Australian men and the Queen? The hospital explained that a cal from someone who sounded like the Queen came in, asking about Kate’s condition. The call was transferred to the appropriate ward, where a desk worker spoke got information from a nurse. The radio hosts posted the video to their website, but it is currently unavailable. The hospital explained that the call “was transferred through to a ward, and a short conversation was held with one of the nursing staff. King Edward VII’s Hospital deeply regrets this incident.”

They’d better! I don’t know what the wrath of the monarchy looks like nowadays, but two hundred years ago they had a strict Heads Will Roll policy. Surely the hospital has some steps in place to confirm the Queen’s identity. To check an appointment time at my doctor I have to give my social security number, birth date, and mother’s maiden name! This just brings us back to the first thought upon hearing Kate was being checked in: why isn’t she being brought to doctors when they can be brought to her? I mean, these people have what constitutes the absolute best health care in the world. Is it too much to ask that a few leading doctors be shipped up to Wales or to their newly-renovated Kensington Palace apartment? Why go through the fuss of incompetent secretaries and mobs of paparazzi when you can keep it all inside a palace gate? Based on the nurse’s comment, “she’s stable at the moment,” I wonder if she wasn’t stable before? What constitutes stable? Was she so direly sick that she had to be in hospital, where more resources than an IV bag and damp towel were available? Was Kate fighting for her life?

Ellen DeGeneres’ Success Is Destroying Her Marriage To Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres' Success Is Destroying Her Marriage To Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres, the highest rated talk show host in USA, is suffering from a tad bit of marital strife. According to a new National Enquirer report, Ellen’s TV star wife, Portia de Rossi, is fed-up with Ellen’s massive popularity, fame, and success. An insider reveals, “Sadly, Ellen and Portia’s relationship is quickly becoming just another typical Hollywood cliché. The more success and wealth they accumulate, the deeper the wedge between them.

Ellen, who makes about $45 million per year from her extremely popular talk show, has been “obsessed” with using her wealth to fill the void in her and Portia’s marriage by buying real-estate property. Slap us silly and call us Steve Jones, but how could that rescue any relationship? The ever lingering source reveals, “Ellen is grasping at straws in her desperate attempt to keep Portia happy by amassing all of that wealth, but it’s becoming blatantly obvious that it’s forcing them further apart. At this point, the only thing that’s going to save Ellen and Portia’s relationship is to find a way to make Ellen’s success secondary to what really matters – their love for each other.

Allegedly, in Ellen’s attempt at romantic reconciliation, she paid $12 million for Brad Pitt’s former Malibu home, selling it in August for a one million dollar profit. She also paid $18 million for a colossal mansion in Beverly Hills after selling her own Beverly Hills home to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

We’re not sure if we’re becoming paranoid and delusional, but please explain to us how this buying of real estate property has any relation to their relationship? We doubt Ellen buys real estate and says to herself, “Hmm, an 8 500 square-foot mansion will save my relationship! What a good deal! Marble and love!

Sorry, National Enquirer, but we’re calling shenanigans on this one.

Report: John Travolta Linked to 4 Scientology Deaths

Report: John Travolta Linked to 4 Scientology Deaths

2012 really has been a lousy year for John Travolta, hasn’t it? If he has made any hit flicks they have totally been overshadowed by all the rumors and lawsuits regarding either his sexuality or his devotion to Scientology.  The latest instance where John is being dragged through the mud involves Scientology’s own personal version of a rehab facility, known as Narconon Arrowhead located in Oklahoma.

It seems he and his wife, Kelly Preston have made staggering financial contributions to the facility that is now being directly blamed in four wrongful death suits!  According to the latest issue of The National Enquirer, the authorities are now blasting the facilities methods of treatment, calling them “medically unsafe” and “quackery”. Even the former president of the facility, Lucas Catton agrees with law enforcement and he is certainly in a position to know!  Still Travolta backs Narconon and offers the facility his full support!

Also in the new issue of The Enquirer you can learn all about that seemingly quiet couple that just won the Powerball. Mark and Cindy Hill won a staggering $293,750,000 and will take home about $136.5 million in a lump sum payout after taxes. Every family has their issues and some secrets locked away, including the Hill’s!  One of Mark’s sons, 30-year-old Cody, has a shocking past that all the money in the world can’t erase and you can read all about his sketchy past within these pages!

Is Kate Middleton expecting twins?  A lot of royal watchers’ seem to think so and so does the Enquirer. I’m not sure about how many babies the duchess is actually carrying, but the mag is right about her being at risk medically. That is now common knowledge further emphasized by her London hospital stint this week. Maybe it is twins? Grab the latest copy to find out more!

Eternal Copycat Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance Justin Theroux

Eternal Copycat Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance Justin Theroux

Always one step behind, isn’t she? Jennifer Aniston has a lot to deal with. She is constantly fighting to outdo her ex husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They have kids, are blissfully happy, and are philanthropists. Jennifer has a dried up career, no kids, and a fiance who is pretty lackluster. Justin Theroux, however, loves Jen and is telling people she’s pregnant! The news comes two days after royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their own pregnancy.

An insider told In Touch, “He’s telling his friends. Jen’s really excited, too, but she’s concerned because of her age and because it’s early. She wants to make sure everything’s okay and is focusing on her health right now.” That all sounds about right to us. Jen is no spring chicken, so we’re pretty surprised by this! Now, we’ve learned a thing or two about pregnancy ever since we saw the signs with Duchess Kate–holding the belly, smiling at children, secretive happy glances, drinking water, and the elusive first trimester baby bump.

The couple spent last week shopping in Beverly Hills, where eyewitnesses report excessive smiling, a baggy outer coat, and a lot of belly rubbing! That’s three of the five signs! Of course, her publicist denies the news, as she should. It’s traditional to wait until about 10 weeks to tell people, as before then a miscarriage risk is higher. If it’s true that Jen and Justin knew last week, we’d expect she’s only a month along, which means we shouldn’t expect any official confirmation until January! But I’m sure the engaged couple are thrilled with their unlikely Christmas miracle.

The couple has been secretive about setting a wedding date, so if Jen is pregnant we must ask: Will she tie the knot sooner or later? I can’t see her buying a wedding dress to accommodate her pregnant belly, but will they do it soon before she starts to show, or have the baby and then walk down the aisle later? What do you think Jen will do?


Report: Jenelle Evans In Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Report: Jenelle Evans In Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Jenelle Evans in rehab for heroin addiction?

On the heels of news that Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers of four months, this morning it is being reported that Jenelle is in rehab for a heroin addiction.

Reportedly Jenelle was involuntarily committed into a Winston-Salem, North Carolina mental health facility shortly after Thanksgiving according to her sister.  Jenelle claims she is in the facility in order to have ovarian cysts removed.

Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson told Star magazine exclusively, “My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.”

Her sister went on to claim that shortly after her mother, Barbara Evans had Jenelle taken to rehab to save her.

What do you think is Jenelle in the facility for an addiction or is it just to have ovarian cysts removed?  Which of the two do you believe her Mom, Barbara or Jenelle?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!


The Wanted’s Max George Says ‘Lindsay Lohan Is A Good Girl’

Max George Says Lindsay Lohan Is A Good Girl

Max George must have been smoking something when he said Lindsay Lohan is a good girl, because clearly she isn’t. The Wanted’s group member who was the reason the fight went down last week, says that Lindsay is out of trouble after the mishap before adding that she isn’t as bad as she’s made out to be. We’ll believe it once we see it, but until then, she’s a crazy woman who can’t get her act together.

According to TMZ, last week’s fight went down after Lindsay was trying to approach Max at a nightclub in New York. She really like him and fell for him instantly. After a couple of hours, Lindsay noticed two women in the club,- one of them was allegedly trying to make a move for her designer handbag which wasn’t going to happen, Lindsay thought in her mind. She approached the woman by calling her “gypsy,” the woman replies saying Liz and Dick sucked (what a brilliant comeback! Ha) and Lohan throws the first punch, followed by being arrested.

TMZ got in touch with the singer who told them the  following: ”She’s out of trouble,” before he added: “She’s a good girl.” Well, we can’t actually agree with his comments. Lindsay clearly needs medical attention because she’s unwell to do anything by herself. Downing two litres of vodka a day is certainly not normal, is it?

Rita Ora Ended Rob Kardashian Romance A Long Time Ago: ‘It Didn’t Work Out’

Rita Ora Says She Dumped Rob Kardashian Months Ago

Erm, so was Rob Kardashian making all of those tweets up for publicity? Well, it wouldn’t be so shocking when you consider that Kim Kardashian had a 72 day wedding, where she cashed in $17 million while her sister married an NBA baller after only knowing him for three weeks. It seems to be running in the family. Rita Ora tells Glamour that her relationship to Rob ended very early on – note that this interview was done BEFORE Kardashian took to Twitter to make the allegations she had cheated on him with twenty different men.

“I’m not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn’t work because I was never there. I was like a ghost. I used to get so frustrated with myself and then wonder why I was angry, so I decided it was best to keep [our relationship] friendly – especially at the moment, when there’s so much going on.” 

Rob was spotted in the UK several times this year, before also being spotted at the same nightclub with Rita after she landed her first number one single in Britain with ‘R.I.P’ — that’s when the reports that they were dating started coming in. Kardashian’s tweets have claimed that Rita not only cheated on him, but that she also had unprotected sex during her promiscuous flings with other men whilst being pregnant with Rob’s child. Rob has since denied ever referring to Rita in those tweets.

Khloe Kardashian: “My Mom Would Do Anything To Get Her 10%”

Khloe Kardashian: "My Mom Would Do Anything To Get Her 10%"

We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself after reading such a shocking headline. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true: Khloe Kardashian has finally outed her mother/manager Kris Jenner as the ruthless, scheming money grubber she is. We’ve known this to be true for years–what real mother would shop around her daughter’s sex tape, just for the sake of fame? Actually, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure every mom from the show Toddlers & Tiaras would. But that doesn’t make it right! Matriarch of the Kardashian koven Kris has been criticized often for her bizarre parenting style, which looks more like pure exploitation than motherhood. While most parents are worried about their kids’ grades and social behavior, Kris is pulling her kids out of high school, flying them around the globe for skimpy photo shoots, and selling them out to the E! Network.

Tonight, Khloe made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The new host of The X Factor USA is around talented performers for a living, so they pulled out some super adorbs footage of her enthusiastically singing a toddler’s version of the happy birthday song to her now-deceased father. I’m not going to be ice woman: Khloe was a super cute kid. What happened? Jay leads in to the clip by saying that Kris once thought Khloe had a real talent for singing, to which Khloe quickly snapped, “My mom would do anything for that 10%, wouldn’t she?” Now, we know that she probably meant it as a joke, but when does it stop being funny? Kris is now responsible for raising five women who have gone out into the world and plagued it with artificial, Botoxed, snipped and trimmed barbie people. Watch the clip below and let us know what you think! Could Khloe be starting to snap?


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