Michael Lohan Compares Dina Lohan with Norman Bates’ Mother in Psycho

Michael Lohan Compares Dina Lohan with Norman Bates’ Mother in Psycho

The Lohan family is one of the most dysfunctional families on the planet. Their sagas are well documented in the annals of entertainment history, including Dina Lohan’s recurring breakdowns. However, after Dina’s latest cocaine sniffing money lending scandal, Michael Lohan finally erupted and compared the fame whoring mother with Norman Bates’ mother in Psycho.

According to an exclusive RadarOnline report, Michael Lohan told the entertainment site, “Here she goes again! I just heard that Dina fell off her rocker again! She reminds me of Norman Bates’ mother in Psycho. I really think her cuckoo has definitely left her clock.” Allegedly, Lindsay Lohan reached out to her father after a massive fight with her mother about $40 000 Lindsay had given her. Michael tried to intervene on his daughter’s behalf, but all hell broke loose. Dina now wants Lindsay to get an Order of Protection against her father. He said about this ludicrous news, “Now I hear that SHE wants Lindsay to get an Order of Protection against ME!! Really? For what? Was I the one who was the one who was drunk, high, threatening Lindsay and hung over the other night (after Dina partying all night with Lindsay, then holding her against her will) and then drove Cody to school in that condition?? On the contrary! Maybe it’s because Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her for abuse of ALL our children, including that of Lindsay’s finances!” Uh-oh! This is a family fight we’d rather not get involved in!

Michael Lohan didn’t stop there with his dramatic overreaction skills, “Bottom line is Dina is a danger to our kids and everyone can see that! Trust me; God WILL bring the Truth to light and Karma WILL strike again! Just like every other time she lies. Please understand, for the sake of my children, my mother and the rest of my family, I never wanted nor I want to say anything about Dina BUT I cannot let her lie and cause the collateral damage she does on my children, nieces, nephews and the rest of my family! Why can’t she just get help for her issues, get a job and stop? What she is doing is a selfish act and not fair to anyone!

We are officially freaked out. Perhaps they shouldn’t make their battles so public? Heaven only knows what goes on behind closed doors in that fame whoring family… What do you think? Do you think Dina is losing her sanity? Let us know in the comments below.


Lindsay Lohan Unbanned From Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan Unbanned From Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan racked up a $46 000 bill at the famous Chateau Marmont, buying cigarettes, booze and candles (What?). According to Lindsay, she thought that the production company behind “Liz and Dick” – the television film she worked on recently – was footing the bill. She was dead wrong. The embattled Lindsay was blacklisted by the Chateau Marmont and was permanently banned from staying there ever again. The actress didn’t let her permanent ban get to her. In true Lindsay fashion, she phoned up Andre Balazs, the owner of the Chateau Marmont, and made it clear to him that it was all a massive misunderstanding.

According to a latest TMZ report, Lindsay was removed from the blacklist of shame after she offered to pay off the debt (which she already did since the writing of this article). Balazs told Lindsay that he was never aware that the actress was blacklisted and removed her name from the list as quickly as one, two, tacky. The two of them have been friends for many years, so a quick speed dial wasn’t any hassle for Lindsay. Her removal from the Marmont’s blacklist will see her return to true form – tabloid fodder worthy of praise. It is at this famous hotel that Lindsay has had more scandals than ever, including the heavily publicized Samantha Ronson break-up.

Lindsay’s life has been a symbol of the bad side of celebrity and fame. She is constantly in the news for racking up massive amounts of debt, for her abusive and insane family, for being a terror to work with on film sets and for being one of the most polarizing figures in modern entertainment history. The child star, who once had the world at her fingertips, is now the butt of almost every inside Hollywood joke. The age old adage goes, “The higher they are, the harder they fall.” Unfortunately for Lindsay, she’s no Felix Baumgartner.

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An Early Birthday Present? Cheryl Cole Sends Katy Perry One Direction Dolls

Cheryl Cole has sent Katy Perry One Direction dolls, knowing how much the singer loves the five boys. Cole and Perry who have become good friends after appearing on The Graham Norton show in September have been talking on the phone very often. Katy is already best friends with Rihanna, and Rih-Rih is very good friends with Cheryl, so it looks like these three are going to become the best of friends.

Katy’s birthday which is coming up very soon (25th October) is just around the corner, and though Cole would have loved to be with Katy, celebrating and getting drunk, she can’t because she’s currently on tour in the UK, but to make up for her missing her birthday, the former X Factor USA judge has decided to send the Grammy winner five very special dolls to make up for it.

“Cheryl and Katy have become close since they appeared on The Graham Norton Show,” a source told The Sun. ”Cheryl’s been busy with her tour so she wanted to make sure she sent a present well in advance and let Katy know she was thinking of her. She knows what a big fan Katy is of the boys and how she has a major crush on all five of them so she knew Katy would love the dolls.”

Meanwhile, Katy recently shared her love for the group, saying: ”They went and just saw the movie and tweeted some really nice things about it. They are very cute boys but very illegal for me,” The Irish Independent quote her.

Christina Aguilera Thinks ‘X Factor’ Bashes Talent Just To Have Good TV Ratings

X Factor vs The Voice – will it ever end? Probably not. Christina Aguilera is the latest mentor from the NBC talent show to bash her rival talent competition as she thinks the X Factor is purely based on bashing other people’s dreams on becoming a star, before adding that most of it is just done to amuse people so that the ratings stay high each week.

The Voice on the other hand is the complete opposite, the singer says. She explains that the show finds genuine talent without mocking someone by their looks and appearance — Christina is fascinated by the genius idea of not being able to see a contestant when they audition. If she likes the way someone is singing, she has the option to turn around which will then result to the contestant choosing whether or not they want that particular person to mentor them through the competition.

“We’re not there [on The Voice] to bash talent,” Metro quotes her as saying. “We’re not here to tear people down just for ratings or just for fun or just to make ourselves look good. The whole concept of the blind auditions is truly genius. There are no stereotypes that you can judge someone on, other than their genuine talent and raw vocal skill.”

Aguilera announced last month that she will be leaving The Voice for its forthcoming season to focus on her music career, while she also plans to go on tour to support her new album, Lotus. ”Since this year NBC and The Voice have decided to tape back-to-back seasons, requiring a full-year commitment, it is important for me to take season four off, allowing me to support my music that my fans have been waiting for,” she said in a statement last month.

Lindsay Lohan To Sit Down With Barbara Walters In An Exclusive Tell-All Interview

Another interview? Ugh. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly agreed to sit down with Barbara Walters for a tell-all interview, which the two will film within the next few weeks, before it airs early November (note that Lindsay’s movie Liz and Dick is coming out on November 25h so it’s great publicity for her and the film). Lohan will not only discuss how her life is supposedly just like Elizabeth Taylor, but she has also agreed to talk about her troubled parents who have been making headlines these past few months.

While her father, Michael Lohan is expecting another child, her mother Dina Lohan has been acting up on interviews such as the most-recent one she did with Dr. Phil. According to sources, Dina was totally wasted and just last week, Lindsay told her dad – on a recorded phone call – that her mother was doing cocaine, which she later took back after calling in to TMZ, saying she was lying and made it up. Yeah right.

She tells the celebrity gossip site: ”I’m really regretful about the argument I had with my mother and it being made public,” said the actress. “Mothers and daughters fight. You know, I called my father and told him some really hurtful and untruthful lies about my mom. My mom does not do cocaine, clearly. And that’s a fact.”

Linday has been hoping to get her career back on track as she not only filmed Liz and Dick,- she’s currently filming Scary Movie 5 alongside Charlie Sheen and recently wrapped filming The Canyons with porn star James Deen. Will she ever get her life back on track, it’s very unlikely, considering that she has two money-grabbing parents by her side. We’re definitely not excited to see this interview… are you?

Sharon Osbourne Doesn’t Believe Justin Bieber Will Last In The Music Industry

Sharon Osbourne has said that Justin Bieber’s career in the music industry will not last because he looks like a litte boy. She says that while his teenage fans are getting older, the singer continues to look like a little boy – in other words she is trying to say that he is trying to look young when he should be maturing, not only with his music but also with his image.

When asked of what she thought of the 18-year old singer, Osbourne explained: “For me, Justin is… I’ve met him, I’ve worked with him, I did a TV commercial with him. He’s a really great little guy. But that’s his problem – he’s a little guy,” Osbourne said. ”His fans are growing up, they’re 18, 19-year-olds now. And that means the little girls of titties and lips, you know they’re young women. And he still looks like that little boy! He needs some hair, or something.

She adds that she doesn’t believe his career is long-lasting: “I just don’t think, from my gut, maybe my gut’s wrong ‘cos it’s not 100%, but I don’t think he’s going to stand the test of time. But you know what, I don’t feel sorry for him, because he’s made oodles and he’s a fabulously nice person and he’ll go on to do something else.”

Meanwhile, Sharon is currently in discussions to return to the X Factor UK after leaving the show in 2007. But, seeing that she has quit America’s Got Talent, she’s in need of a new job and Simon Cowell – who is a good friend – may just give her the role of becoming a judge again. Osbourne’s thoughts on coming back: ”I would love to come back to X Factor,” she said. “I want to come back to England and I want to come back to X Factor. I’m not ­happy to be back, I am ecstatic to be back.”


Rihanna To Make It Official With Chris Brown As Soon As She Finishes ‘Unapologetic’ Album

‘Money comes first’ in Rihanna‘s book. The singer is set to make her relationship with Chris Brown official once she wraps up her forthcoming album ‘Unapologetic’ which is set to release in November. Rih is scared that if she comes out and says she’s dating Chris before her record comes out, it could affect the sales of her album as a lot of people, including her fans, have been against her reconciliation with the man who beat the living daylight out of the star in 2009.

Though we shall always forgive people who tend to make mistakes, Rih’s fans just can’t – maybe if the pictures that were leaked of Rihanna’s face after the incident hadn’t hit the internet, people wouldn’t have reacted the way they did. According to sources, the singer needs to get her paper before she can even think about getting back with Chris: ”She’s hitting the studio real hard these days, but [talks] to Chris every step of the way,” a source toldHollywood Life.

“As soon as she finishes up with this album, they will be out. She gotta focus and get that album together and stay paid,” the source continued. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Chris made it official that he will no longer be with his former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, due to his “close friendship” with Rihanna: ”I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna,” Brown said in a statement.

‘I Want To See His Willy’: Sharon Osbourne Would Have Loved To Sleep With Prince Charles

Yuck, yuck, yuck! Sharon Osbourne has said that not only did she wish she was present when Prince Harry decided to go nude in Las Vegas, she would also love to sleep with his father. Sharon gave a juicy one-hour interview to Commercial Radio Australia at the Sydney Convention Center, talking about the time she met Harry in London. She said that when she wanted to quickly head to the bathroom and asked the Prince if he could look after her handbag, he refused:

“I did and he said no – how dare he!” she told the audience. He said, ‘No I won’t', so I was like, ‘P*ss off! I want to go to the toilet!’” The Talk co-host continued that we wished she was in Vegas to see Harry’s package with her own two eyes, saying she would have grabbed it and kissed it — keeping in mind that this woman is 60-years old. “I was really upset I wasn’t there because I could have had a good old look and a grab,” she said. “Kisses and everything. Harry’s lovely.”

Asked if she has met anyone else in the Royal Family apart from Harry, Sharon explained that when she went up to Camilla, she decided to make a move for her breasts – which she says were very big – before adding that she woud love to see Prince Charles’ old willy. ”I’ve felt Camilla’s old titties too,” she admitted.

“I was p*ssed! So I said to her, ‘Ohhh, you’ve got really big tits’ and she went, ‘Have I?’ and I had a feel. I’ve also told Charles some dirty old jokes. I love Charles. I would love to have sex with him. I would love to see his old willy. Gorgeous.”

Don’t you just love Sharon Osbourne? Ha.

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