One Direction’s Liam Payne Says He Worries About Zayn Malik, Radio DJ Cuts Singer Off Due To Banned Questions

Zayn Malik is struggling to cope with the fame and money – well maybe not with the money, but definitely the attention. Ha. The One Direction member has said to be frightened to use social-networks when people would call him a terrorist and other hateful comments that would make him so upset. Not only that, he decided to remove his Twitter account last month, before re-activating it just one week later, saying his fans are the only reason that he was back on the site.

Now, Liam Payne has said that he worries for Zayn, because the two have become very close over the two years – Liam considers Zayn his best friend and would always look out for him since he hasn’t quite managed to deal with the pressure of fame just yet: ”The only person I really worry about is Zayn, because I don’t think he’s quite accustomed to all of this. He’s had a terrible time on Twitter,” the 19-year-old singer said.

The group have made over $100 million over the year through incredible sales of their debut album Up All Night. “I don’t think he’s quite adjusted to it yet, I’m sure he’ll get it. He’s my best mate. I’ve got to look out for him,” Liam continued before adding: “It’s mad to think I didn’t know them two years ago and now they’re my best mates.”

Meanwhile, during a recent radio interview, Zayn’s team had banned so many questions that the host didn’t even know what to ask the singer for his show ‘Rush from The Morning Hot Tub’. The following listed things were banned to be talked about:

1. What is your celebrity crush
2. Which of you have girlfriends
3. Who came up with the name One Direction
4. Anything X-Factor related
5. Worst habits about each other
6. Do you guys fight
7. Best prank someone played on you
8. Describe each other on one word
9. Funniest fan stories
10. If not in the band, what will you be doing
11. Pre-show rituals
12. Anything about money or religion

So, what did the radio DJ do? He said this: “Hi Zayn you’re a very busy guy. I want to talk to you but I can’t do that…no X Factor, no pranks….well that’s about going to do it. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and continued success for the future.”

Shakira Reveals She’s Expecting A Baby Boy To Gerard Piqué, Says She’ll Take Him On Charity Trips

Shakira has not only revealed that she’s expecting a baby boy, she also added that she will be taking her son to charity tips, in hopes that he will realize he can change the world and make it a better place for people less fortunate than him. The singer who announced her pregnancy to footballer Gerard Piqué two weeks ago, confirmed the news of the baby’s sex yesterday.

Shakira, who will become a mother for the first time revealed: ”It’s gonna be a boy,” Shakira told RTL. “This guy [Piqué] is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. And now we are having a baby.” Adding that she’ll take her son on charity trips to help other people, she continued: ”When the baby is born, I’ll take him with me on charity trips,” the singer vowed. “He shall learn that he is able to change the world.”

Meanwhile, the singer is gearing up to become a mentor on The Voice’s next season in 2013 as Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green have confirmed they will be taking one season off to focus on their music career. ”Having award-winning artists as coaches means they need to be able to tour,” said executive producer of the show, Mark Burnett.

“Whether in the red chair or on tour, our coaches have their chairs for life. This is exactly why, after three seasons, we needed to allow them to rotate out so they can get on the road amongst their fans. Meanwhile, we’re incredibly excited to have singular artists like Usher and Shakira joining the fold.”

Lady Gaga Fights Back At Critics Calling Her A Fat Sl*t After Gaining 25lbs: ‘They Wont Kill Me, They Wont Stop Me’ – VIDEO

“Let’s cheers and celebrate to them calling me a fat attention-seeking whore” were the words Lady Gaga used at her Born This Way concert show. The singer who performed in Zurich on Friday evening addressed the rude comments the media have made in the press because she has put on weight. While some said she was a sl*t, others went further by calling her a fat attention-seeking whore.

But, it definitely didn’t get to her as much as we would have thought, as she performed her hits, before adding that “they wont stop me from speaking my mind” in an emotional performance of her hit single ‘Hair’. Her fans cheered throughout the song as Gaga continued:

“They won’t kill me. They won’t stop me from speaking my mind. I will make music for you for the next 30 years. You know, so for like, let’s cheers. Let’s celebrate. To 30 more years of them calling me a sl*t. To 30 more years of them calling me a fat, attention-seeking wh*re.

She ended with: “To 30 more years of people telling me to shut my mouth about equality and gay rights. May we say cheers and celebrate 30 more years of the conversation that we’ve started that we’re never gonna finish.”

Watch the video below to see the touching performance!

Grandpa X-Factor: Simon Cowell Feels Old Compared To Young, Trendy Fellow Judges

X-Factor Judge Simon Cowell To Get Makeover

You’d think that after all of the crazy stuff Demi Lovato and Britney Spears have gone through, being in the same room as them would be a self-esteem boost, but not so for judge Simon Cowell. A source close to the judges has come forward and says that a Simon makeover is in the works! They reported, “[Simon's] always been proud of his dressed-down sense of style. He loves the jeans and a T-shirt look or unbuttoning his collared shirts to show off his chest.” I think we can all agree that no fan is tuning in for Simon’s chest hair! Apparently Simon started second guessing his style after Sophie Grace Brownlee (of YouTube sensation Sophia Grace and Rosie) mentioned how high he pulls up his trousers. “Simon was already having a bit of a midlife crisis, so knowing people think he’s wearing mom jeans really blindsided him.” Ouch! Time to spend some of that fortune on a personal stylist!

Apparently it wasn’t just comments of a British 8-year-old that got Simon thinking. Fellow X-Factor judges Demi and Britney are conspiring as well! The source explained, “It’s a real blow to Simon because he brought Demi and Britney onto the show to give it a younger feel, and now they’re telling him that he’s the dinosaur.” We understand needing the mature man to draw in the 30-49 female demographic, but wouldn’t it be even more affective if Simon had a proper haircut and swapped the deep v-necks for cashmere sweater sets?

It must be hard for him to sit next to super-groomed L. A. Reid day after day, knowing that he pales in comparison. It isn’t just his style that’s been knocked down, his ego is also taking a blow. The source divulged, “It was tough for him, especially since he’s always considered himself one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. It really bruised his king-size ego. Now the girls are pushing him to change it up, and he’s promised to try a few new looks.” Poor Simon! But you’d think a man who has made a career out of criticizing people would have a thicker skin! I think it will be refreshing to see Simon trying some new styles–no one wants to be a bachelor forever. Get a nice pair of trousers and a sweater and all of the contestant’s mothers will come running for him!

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Season 15 Week 2 Recap 10/1/12

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Season 15 Week 2 Recap 10/1/12

Dancing with The Stars All-Stars returns to the ballroom tonight for another glitz filled evening as the 12 remaining couple take to the dance floor to perform either a Jive or a Quickstep.

On last week’s show Pamela Anderson Cha-Cha-Cha her way out of the competition with a score of 17.0. Anderson’s 10th season stint on DWTS landed her 6th place in the overall competition, with an average median score of 22.8.  Did you see the performance show last week?  We have a recap here for you!

On tonight’s show the dance assignments for the night are:  Quickstep: Bristol Palin, Apolo Anton Ohno, Sabrina Bryan, Emmitt Smith, Joey Fatone and Kelly Monaco.  Jive: Melissa Rycroft, Helio Castroneves, Kirstie Alley, Drew Lachey, Shawn Johnson and Gilles Marini.

Tonight’s episode is going to have all the usual glitz and glam in the ballroom, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Week 2 Performance Show – tonight at 8PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode of Dancing With The Stars All-Stars.


Miley Cyrus Won’t Let Fiance Liam Hemsworth Make Her Delete Twitter

Miley Cyrus Won't Let Fiance Liam Hemsworth Make Her Delete Twitter

Twitter is an incredible thing–it has provided celebrities an equivalent to drunk texting, with the entire world. Miley Cyrus has been in a lot of trouble recently; she’s been sending out mysterious tweets about love and personal fulfillment, and it has got the gossip lovers wondering, is there trouble in paradise? The young singer recently got engaged to Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth, who had a starring role in The Hunger Games. For the past month, Miley has been tweeting a lot about love, and it isn’t very flattering to Liam! On September 13th, Miley tweeted,

“ever feel like you want just…. something more. not sure what exactly… passion perhaps?”
“sometimes i feel like i love everyone more than they love me. hatttte that feeling,”
followed by,
“Thought of the day: maybe it’s not that they love you less, they just love you the most they are capable of loving.”
We know Miley is dealing with a lot–her trashy family includes dad Billy Ray Cyrus, who told reporters that Disney completely ruined Miley, a half brother who knocked up fellow Disney alumni Brenda Strong, and a baby sister desperate to become the next, well, Miley. After rumor started buzzing, a friend told reporters, “She’s just talking and writing and expressing herself just like she did when she cut her hair. Not everything means her relationship with Liam is on the brink of disaster. They are totally fine and couldn’t be better.” But another source reported that Liam wants Miley to keep her private life private, and is demanding she shut down her Twitter, since it is obviously a dangerous outlet! No man would want his girl tweeting about his inadequacies!
Another source responded to these rumors of Liam’s control-freakiness, explaining, “There are so many bulls**t reports out there but I can tell you for certain Miley and Liam are perfect. [Their] wedding is still on but it’s not like they have to rush off and get married like yesterday. They’re busy working. There’s so nothing wrong with their relationship and it’s so sad people who don’t know them say they are.” Well, I’m sorry, but Miley has been dead quiet ever since those “I’m all alone in the world and nobody loves me” tweets last month. It’s possible she’s been busy, maybe lost her phone, got a thumb disease that makes typing hard–whatever. But I think that Liam really is mad, and that Miley is trying to be a good future wife by staying off line.
What do you think? Who wears the pants in their relationship? Is Miley wrong to tweet things like that? Or (gasp) are they maybe too young to be so serious? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Arrested After Getting Jealous When Hilton Kissed Another Girl

While many boys would love to catch their girlfriend kiss another girl, River Viiperi is totally against it. The famous model who is currently dating Paris Hilton lost his temper last night at XS nightclub at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas when Paris made out with an unknown woman, while their boyfriends watched. According to TMZ, the 21-year old got so angry that he punched the woman’s boyfriend in the face so hard, he needed to be taken to the hospital.

The incident took place early this morning at around 2:30 AM, and while the victim was so angry that he said he’d file charges against the model’s actions, Viiperi didn’t say a word and didn’t make a runner when the police were on their way – he stayed in the club with Paris who made a quick exit shortly after, leaving River by himself – she didn’t want to be seen in another drama sitch.

Upon the cops’ arrival, he was arrested and charged for misdemeanour battery but was released without ever going to the police station,  while Paris was not accused of doing anything wrong – unless you think kissing a girl is a crime – and was therefore not questioned nor will be questioned by police.

Can Paris ever catch a break from bad media attention?! She’s probably ditched the kid for good. She should know that dating younger men has its disadvantage and this is one of them. Ha.


Looks Like Kim’s On House Arrest: Kanye West Enjoys A Day Out At Paris Fashion Week

Controlling boyfriend Kanye West spent the day out by himself, and of course a few of his friends beautiful women (models)  as they enjoyed watching a show at Paris Fashion Week. The rapper did not attend the event with his booty-ful girlfriend Kim Kardashian who he had put on house arrest,- either that or she was working very hard in Miami, being filmed by cameramen 24/7. Yup, we’ll go with number two. Ha.

Kanye looked a hot mess at the Celine 2013 Spring/ Summer fashion show, wearing his usual leather pants, a pair of sneakers and a hideous khaki-jungle styled jacket. We would have much preferred West to be wearing a black suit to the event – it would have made him look more like he actually cared to go to one of his friend’s clothing collection. Hmm – she just doesn’t care, does he?

Note that Kanye has been styling Kim for the last few months and the choices he has made for her haven’t exactly been what we would call “average”. It’s below that, but we can’t think of the word. Ahh, yes –  a hot mess. Meanwhile, Kimmy K is living it up in Miami as she and her sister Kourtney Kardashian film their new show Kim and Kourtney Take Miami while Khloe flew in yesterday afternoon to show the two.

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