Jennifer Lawrence Says She Wants To Stick Up For Herself More In 2013

Jennifer Lawrence reveals her new year's resolution

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed her new year’s resolution 2013. The actress has said that for the new year, she plans to stick up for herself more often since she tends to come across as a real pushover at times. Jennifer says that when she disagrees with someone, she will do it in a way that’s very polite which usually doesn’t end up working for her – she gets walked over for her polite attitude.

Lawrence who is covering next month’s issue of Marie Claire South Africa, tells the mag she had been let down a lot in the film industry, especially with casting directors calling her too fat to play a role in their movies. Read More Here »

Bethenny Frankel Using Katie Holmes’ Divorce Attorney

Bethenny Frankel  Using Katie Holmes' Divorce Attorney

It took Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy the better part of an entire year to admit what we already knew, they were headed for a split, but it’s taking her no time at all to completely pull the plug. Rumors first surfaced that there was trouble brewing early last spring for this somewhat unlikely couple. I say unlikely because they were always truly a case of opposites attracting. Bethenny is extremely shrewd and driven, totally wrapped up in being her own brand and making a mind. Jason, on the other hand, is much more laid back and easy going. He is much more balanced in life and for awhile that really helped his wife to relax, just a little.

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Angelina Jolie Has A Sex Tape – Report

Angelina Jolie Has A Sex Tape - Report

It had to happen eventually and quite frankly, I’m surprised it has taken this long. I’m talking about Angelina Jolie and her raunchy past catching up with her. After stealing a very married Brad Pitt and making him her own, the actress then started to work extra hard at revamping her total image. Angie gave her life a complete overhaul, replacing her various addictions with various adopted children. She also dove in to foreign affairs and has acted a peaceful ambassador for various, underprivileged countries around the globe. That’s all well and good, but here’s the problem. Angie spent the first 25 years of her life as a total wild child.

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Anne Hathaway Cried Like A Baby When She Had To Cut Her Hair For ‘Les Miserables’

Anne Hathaway Les Miserables Premiere

Ugh, this woman is so many things and ‘annoying’ can officially be added to that list. Anne Hathaway is now recalling the day she had to cut her hair short for the role of a lifetime in Les Miserables. The actress who plays Fantine, a poor, single mother in the musical film, has said that when producers told her she’d be going absolutely short when production starts, she was really upset.

This shows you that Anne is dumb.. Read More Here »


Taylor Swift’s Best Friends Are Emma Stone And Selena Gomez, Says They Chat About Boys Not Career

Emma Stone and Taylor Swift red carpet

Taylor Swift has said that her two best friends are Selena Gomez and Emma Stone because whenever they get together, she can talk about something else rather than her career, which all three of them hate to do. Instead, Taylor talks about how many guys she has been with her relationship with boys, while the others discuss their feelings and relationships.

Taylor who is currently dating One Direction’s Harry Styles explained that it is always refreshing to have a get-together with the girls to just get away from the crazy lifestyle for a little bit. She tells Harper’s Bazaar: Read More Here »

Khloe Kardashian Wants To Return To The X Factor, But Not Without A Pay Rise

Khloe Kardashian Odom wants X Factor return

Khloe Kardashian says she would want to return to the X Factor’s third season next year alongside Mario Lopez, but it’s also looking like the reality star would want a pay rise. Though the show only averaged at 10 million viewers each week, Khloe and Demi Lovato helped the competition reach a younger demographic – one of the main reasons Simon hired the two.

So, in Khloe’s head, she’d probably be thinking that Simon is definitely going to want her back for next year’s series, which would be a good chance for her to Read More Here »

Was Marilyn Monroe a Communist?

Was Marilyn Monroe a Communist?

When news that FBI files on Marilyn Monroe would be released, the public collectively rejoiced and assumed that evidence of her murder would finally come to light.  Unfortunately, what they got was several pages of blocked out information.  The original release was a disappointment to say the least.

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Jessica Simpson Rush Wedding Before Baby Bump Shows: Early 2013 Marriage

Jessica Simpson Rush Wedding Before Baby Bump Shows: Early 2013 Marriage

Jessica Simpson’s weight has been the center of a lot of controversy. After giving birth to her first child, Maxwell, she lost a reported 60 pounds. But she’s struggled to keep the weight off, leading to speculation that she would lose her contract as a Weight Watcher’s spokes woman. Now that’ she’s finally confirmed her second pregnancy with fiancé Eric Johnson, wedding rumors are buzzing, and a friend breaks down the wedding timeline.

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