LeAnn Rimes Turns On the Crocodile Tears and Looks Unstable In New Interview

LeAnn Rimes Turns On the Crocodile Tears and Looks Unstable In New Interview

LeAnn Rimes was interviewed by Giuliana Rancic for the E! Special: LeAnn Rimes.  When LeAnn was asked about all the people she hurt when she first got together (cheated) with her current hubby, Eddie Cibrian LeeAnn turned on those crocodile tears.

In what can only be described as the rantings of an unstable person, she said, “I don’t think anything can separate anything that’s super-connected. You might have had so many things with each other’s spouses in your relationship, but something along the way broke that. You can’t break what’s broken already.”

I guess that is the best explanation she had.  How else can you explain that two married people, one with children, dump their spouses and children and hook up together?  There is NO good explanation.  LeAnn says the chemistry was too strong between them, they just could not resist. hmmm a better explanation might be they were selfish.

LeAnn wants people to believe she is America’s sweatheart, I think she is failing.  What do you think of LeAnn’s hmmmm explanation?  Check out the clip below of the interview and let us know your thoughts!



Britney Spears To Be Axed From X Factor? Simon Cowell Said To Be Having Second Thoughts About Her Future

Britney Spears to be axed from X Factor

… and we’re supposed to be shocked? I mean, Britney Spears was great for one reason: she had everyone talkin’ about her when the announcement was made. Everyone had thought that the pop star would end up being a mess on the live shows,- and though she has avoided any embarrassing moments on X Factor so far, she is one hell of a boring judge. Demi Lovato seems way more interesting than Britney, who is being paid $15 million to tell each contestant: “You’re amazing, sweetie… I loved it, sweetie…”

Simon Cowell must be sitting on the panel, thinking to himself that Britney was definitely not worth the amount they are paying her. So, it doesn’t come to a shock for us when Simon said he is still trying to figure things out for season three’s judges line-up, after FOX confirmed they would be renewing the show for a third run next year.

What makes things even more funny is that Britney recently said she would “definitely” be back for next year’s show, but little does she know that producers are having second thoughts and besides, contracts are not signed until February/March. In a recent interview the music mogul did, he responded to the question when asked if Britney would be back for another year. Read More Here »

Rihanna Is Furious After Hearing Chris Brown Was Partying With His Ex-Girlfriend In Paris

Karrueche Tran Parties with Chris Brown, Rihanna is MAD!

Rihanna is not exactly a woman to be messed with. She has made it clear that she was willing to give boyfriend Chris Brown another try, and quite frankly, things were actually going really great for the two. We saw pictures of them hugging, laughing, and not to forget that Brown is also featured on Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic, on a track titled Nobody’s Business. So what could have possibly gone wrong this time?

According to Rihanna and sources, Chris Brown was seen at a nightclub with former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who he split from just two months ago due to his “close friendship” with the Bajan singer. Though he says he’s still in love with her, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by always spending so much time with Rih-Rih. Well, it looks like Chris is gone back to Karrueche after all,- the two were seen at a nightclub in Paris before leaving together in the early hours on Saturday.

Rihanna has since commented on the reports, and she knows it’s true because Chris wouldn’t have denied it. So, what is her way of getting revenge on her boyfriend? Expose him on Twitter of course.  Read More Here »

One Direction To Split? Harry Styles Flies To London With Taylor Swift In Her Private Jet, Band Is Furious

Taylor Swift Causes Arguments in One Direction

It wasn’t going to take long before One Direction were going to bicker and argue — no boy band can be the best of friends forever, can they? According to a new report, the four boys in One Direction (Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn) arrived at the London Heathrow airport on Saturday, in preparation for their performance on yesterday’s UK X Factor final. We saw all of the boys being bombarded by girls at the airport, but Harry Styles was no where to be seen – that’s because he was flying on Taylor Swift’s private jet.

Taylor has not left Harry alone since the group flew out to New York for their gig at Madison Square Garden. They have spent nights together at a different hotel than the other boys were staying to get some privacy, but the biggest blow came when Taylor said she was coming to Manchester and that she had wanted Harry to fly with her on her private jet. First of all, flying with a private jet from New York to London must have cost a lot of money, and second of all, why didn’t she invite the others?

We get it, these two are going out and they deserve some privacy, but what we’re hearing that the private plane was big enough to carry all of the One Direction boys and more. Swift is starting to cause a division between Harry and the rest of the boys and though it may not seem as a big deal, it will definitely have an affect on the boys because she will be doing this more often, which will then lead to them falling out with Styles.

A source told The Sun:

“There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor’s luxury jet but he didn’t even suggest they traveled together. It’s really not far off from the Yoko situation.”

These boys better not let Taylor snatch their best friend away from them. They gotta fight… even if it means she’ll write another hit song about them. Ha.

Miley Cyrus Gets Wild With Strippers At Concert (Video)

Miley Cyrus Gets Wild With Strippers At Concert (Video)

Miley Cyrus may be engaged and living on her own, but that doesn’t mean the ex Disney starlet has hung up her stripper heels. The 20-year-old used to be quite the party girl, and last night Miley reminded us that that side of her still exists! The singer/actress, whose fourth album comes out next year, was a guest performer at Borgore‘s Christmas Creampies concert in Hollywood last year. Miley loved the crowd and performed a song while cheering on a dancer on a strip pole wearing only a thong.

Miley wore over-the-knee snake skin (faux, we hope) boots, tight black pants, and a cropped cleavage-showing top. Miley collaborated with Borgore for one of his singles, and appeared alongside a porn star in his music video for “Decisions.” In the video, Miley makes out with someone in a horse mask and shows off her freakishly long tongue.

We think that Miley’s behavior is all over the place. On one hand, her partying/making out with girls nights seem to be dwindling, and we think it’s totally fine for an adult to go and have a good time! Her audience has grown up with her, and she isn’t getting arrested, using illegal drugs, or driving drunk, so it’s not like she’s setting a bad example! But the rest of her time she’s tweeting about her gorgeous rescue pups and working hard on her new album. What do you think, readers? Is Miley allowed to let loose like this? Or are stripper parties just a gateway to the life of Lindsay Lohan? Let us know what you think!

Get A Grip: Liam Payne Cries Over An Injury After Fans Go Crazy At London Airport

Liam Payne Cries Over Fan Hurting Him

Boy bands… are they ever going to man up? Liam Payne has wrote on Twitter that he wanted to cry after a fan gave him a Chinese burn on his arm, prompting him to further tweet he wants to cut his arm off. This all went down at Heathrow Airport yesterday, after the five boys of One Direction enjoyed another sell-out concert show at Madison Square Garden in New York earlier in the week.

Upon the group’s arrival at the airport, security struggled to keep all five of the boys safe and all of a sudden, fans started going wild, photographers who were present at the scene explained. Payne seems to be the biggest baby in the band, seeing that he found all the girls screaming at him “horrible,” tweeting: Read More Here »


Megan Fox Is More Cautious On Sexy Movie Roles Because She Doesn’t Want To Embarrass Her Son’s Future

Megan Fox Says NO! To Sexy Roles In Future

Megan Fox has said that she’s much more cautious on he movie roles she takes on ever since giving birth to her son Noah, earlier this year. The actress who was voted FHM’s sexiest woman in the world back in 2008 and also modeled underwear for Armani, considers her options for every job she is offered because she wouldn’t want her son to be “horrified” when he’s in school and the kids start showing him pictures of his mother half naked — it would be tough for Noah.

“It changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a film when you have a baby. I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when [Noah's] in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified. That will deter me from making some of the choices I made before.”

The Transformers star goes on to reveal that she wanted her son to have a religious name (Noah) after getting back into her own religious background. According to the actress, during her early 20s, her take on religious life totally changed up until she married Brian Austin Green and welcomed her son a couple of years later. She continues:

“I went through a stage in my early 20s when I was very rebellious against how I was raised and I wasn’t worried about faith or religion. Now, maybe because of getting married and wanting to have a family, I’ve come back full circle.”

Oh and if you thought Megan and Brain take care of the kid by themselves, they do not. Fox is not ashamed to admit that she has a night nanny in her house because taking care of an infant is too stressful for her. She reassures that at first she tried to see if she could handle it, but she later on gave up and made the quick call for a nanny to help her out.

“Having an infant is difficult,” she said. “It’s a lot of work and [at first] I didn’t hire any help because I overestimated my own abilities. I had no idea how difficult babies could be, so Brian and I were exhausted.”

Mel B Says She Has Had Punch-Ups With Mel C And Argues Constantly With Victoria Beckham

Mel C had constant fights with Spice Girls

Mel B has said she has had constant arguments with Victoria Beckham and even got into physical fights with Melanie C. The former Spice Girls stars are discussing their past as part of a promotion for their new musical, Spice Girls: Viva Forever, opening on Tuesday, and while Mel C has already said she and some of the other girls have had bust ups in recent years, Melanie Brown went a little further saying she even got into fights.

Mel, who now resides in Australia, explained to the Sunday Mirror:

“I’ve had punch-ups with Mel C in the past. But we have unconditional love for each other underneath it all. Obviously there’s been stories saying some of us hate each other and there are fall-outs. But we’re like sisters. You know, we go through ups and downs and sometimes we might be pissed off, but at the end of the day we’re there for each other.”

Earlier this year, all five girls got back together for the launch of Viva Forever’s first premiere, and fans quickly criticized the the tension between Mel and Victoria, Beckham refused to smile throughout the interviews while the rest of the girls were acting a little silly and laughing with each other. It was reported that Victoria felt extremely uncomfortable around her former girl group, especially with Mel.

Mel also addressed these rumors in the interview, she said:

“We might not speak for a week or so but then we get back on Skype and sort our s**t out. It’s all nice right now. But the five of us definitely have been through it over the years. We were the book­ends, weren’t we? Victoria was one end and I was at the other. You know what? Me and ­Victoria are fine now,” she told the paper. “It’s like any relationship with her and me. We fight, we argue, we make up… it’s always been like that. It’s been like that with all five of us over the years.”

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