Play “Agent-UK” For A Chance To Live Like James Bond & Win A Trip to London

Play “Agent-UK” For A Chance To Live Like James Bond & Win A Trip to London

Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longest running film franchise of all time. The new James Bond film “Skyfall” is about to be released.

To coincide with the release of Skyfall VisitBritain has launched a new on-line game called Agent-UK.” The Agent-UK game is a free on-line game and the winner of the game will win lot of awesome prizes.  Who does not want to go to London, drive an Aston Martin and stay in a luxury hotel?


1. An Aston Martin for the weekend
2. Return economy class flights to Britain with British Airways for the winner plus 1 guest
3. A set of Globe trotter luggage
4. Three nights at a luxury london hotel
5. Tickets to experience the top London attractions.

You can sign up NOW with your e-mail or with Facebook and you will be granted access and an agent number. The game kicks off October 5th, 2012 goes until 5 PM (GMT) November 2, 2012 inclusive.


How The Game Works: You are an international spy. You will be set four missions across four zones in Britain. Each mission contains four tasks. You must complete all four tasks within each mission before you are eligible for the Grand Prize draw.

To solve each task, agents are presented with clues on a Mission panel. You must identify and confirm the correct location marker on the map from the clue. The next mission will be unlocked only once the previous mission has been completed.

The Grand Prize draw will be made from those agents who have completed all four missions. One agent will be drawn at random to win the Grand Prize.

Note: All entrants must be aged 18 or over.

The terms and conditions of the contest are HERE
Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by VisitBritain (the UK tourist board)

Scott Disick On Fatherhood: ‘My Son Is My World, My Daughter Is My New World’

It was only three years ago when we watched crazy maniac Scott Disick return to his hotel room and go nuts by punching the mirrors in the bathroom, shouting across the hallway and even “play-fighting” with Kourtney Kardashian‘s brother Scott. However, a few stitches for his slit arm from the pieces of glass on the floor, several therapy sessions and a kick in the butt by Kris Jenner and the man seems to have gotten his act together.

Scott has now dedicated his life to his children, Mason Disick and daughter Penelope Scotland Disick – born earlier this year – who he says has become his main priority in life. He tells Us Weekly: ”My son is my world and my daughter is my new world,” he said. “So it all combines. It’s pretty unbelievable starting another chapter in your life. It’s a lot better than not having children.”

No more alcohol for Scott? That’s not going to happen – of course he will drink occasionally, but to see him act up like he did in Miami, three years ago, that’s unlikely to happen now that he has so much to lose if he does do it. Oh and isn’t it funny how the two are currently filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with Disick being there with them — should be interesting to watch what the man has in store for the viewers.

Will you be watching Scott be a good boy, or hope he will go bananas?

Jessie J Disgusted By Lady Gaga Weight Critics: ‘She Looks Great And Is A Huge Inspiration’

Jessie J has said she found it disgusting that an article she had read in the UK press about Lady Gaga putting on too much weight was horrible. The Sun are no angels when it came to calling the singer names for adding up to 25lbs throughout the past few months. Gaga has since hit back at critics who have called her a fat sl*t sl*t, adding that she looked much better when she was skinny.

Jessie took to her page to voice her opinion, saying: “I must say I am disgusted at some of the articles I have read about @ladygaga in the UK press recently,” she wrote on Twitter.  ”So sad that they can’t just support consistently. She looks great and is a HUGE inspiration to so many.”

Meanwhile, Gaga celebrated the news of being called “fat” in the papers last Friday in Zurich, by telling her fans that she will not be broken down by vile comments that are made in the media. While performing her hit single ‘Hair’, she had said: ”They won’t kill me. They won’t stop me from speaking my mind. I will make music for you for the next 30 years.”

Gaga is currently dating Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney 

RHONJ Tell All During Reunion Show Part 2: Teresa Giudice’s Dirty Secrets Revealed

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa Giudice At War With Jacqueline Laurita During Part 2 Of Reunion Show

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s season four, second part reunion, is airing this Sunday and Hollywood Hiccups is bringing you all the sordid Teresa “Salmon Face” Giudice details! According to Us Weekly, Giudice sets her scopes on frienemy Jacqueline Laurita and alleges that Jacqueline’s husband Chrischeated on her more than once.”In the exclusive preview clip of the upcoming episode, Giudice says, “Didn’t he cheat on you a long time ago? That’s what you told me. Fine, then he didn’t cheat on you. That’s why you told me you didn’t trust him. That’s why he’s not allowed to go out.” Bitch.

Laurita hits back at Giudice and digs her stilettos deep into Teresa’s own marriage to “Juicy Joe”. Laurita hits back, “If we’re being honest, he calls her those names and she calls him names and they punch each other. You guys get into some pretty bad fights. I’ve heard every name in the book from you to. You told me your husband cheated on you several times: You caught him with the secretary, the babysitter. You asked me what you should do, because my ex-husband cheated on me.” Which bitching academy did these women go to? We know Giudice spent some time with salmons, but we didn’t know Laurita lived with a Comeback Queen for all of these years?

During this Sunday’s installment of the show, all of the Housewives – including Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga – share their thoughts about Giudice’s behavior. According to a source close to the situation, Giudice maintains her innocence and “is in denial”.  We all know Giudice has been the subject of more drama than the entire cast put together, but denying the fact that she’s been a bitch for so long is like denying the existence of her house under the sea with the salmon. Seriously, look at her face and you’ll see what we’ve been telling you all along.

Watch the Real Housewives reunion this Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo. Let us know in the comments below what you think of Teresa Giudice and her cohorts.

Nicki Minaj Threatens To Beat Up Mariah Carey After The Two Clash Over American Idol Contestant – VIDEO

Nicki Minaj brought the ghetto side of her to the table yesterday afternoon as the taping for American Idol continued. The four judges were in Charlotte, North Carolina, when a contestant had come out to perform their song. Upon completing the song, the judges all had mixed thoughts on the unknown contestant’s singing abilities and Mariah Carey would constantly interrupt Nicki as she voiced her opinion – when she suddenly snapped.

Minaj allegedly turned to Mariah, telling her that she would beat her up before adding that she had told producers she would not be dealing with this kind of nonsense (note, we are trying to say what she said in a nice way). The singer continued that she would not put up with Carey’s highness, while continuously patronizing her during the audition stages, while Carey stayed calm but also retaliated.

Check out what the two had to say to each other. (TMZ adds that Nicki supposedly told Mariah she would beat her up before the video had started).

Nicki  Get this s**t in self control.  Get in control.  Get in control.
Randy  Settle down, settle down.
Nicki  Don’t lose your head.  Don’t lose your head (inaudible).  Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.
Nicki  (inaudible) every 5 minutes.  So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it.
Nicki  I told them I’m not f**kin’ putting up with her f**king highness over there.  Figure it the f**k out.  Figure it out.
Mariah Oh why, WHYYYY .do I have a three year old sitting around me?
Nicki  I’m not gonna sit here every f**king minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.
Mariah I can’t see my kids, because you decided to act like a little crazy bitch and go all around the stage.

Check the video below to see it all go down.

Honey Boo Boo is Heading to South Park!

Honey Boo Boo is Heading to South Park!

If you are one of the millions of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fans then you’ll want to tune in to South Park tonight because America’s favorite dumpster divin’ rednecks are coming to South Park. Only the best parts (ok sometimes the worst) of American culture are celebrated- and by celebrated I mean absolutely destroyed by this still ingenious show.

Tonight’s show spoofs little Honey Boo Boo herself, Alana Thompson heading to the farm to find herself a pig with a sassy heart, a pig that knows how to work it. It’s an obvious ode to her pig named Pizzazz that she was allowed to keep for about ten minutes a few months ago. South Park absolutely has to do this episode right. If they are going to shred this family then they need to show them going shopping at their favorite department store- the dumpsters. Mama June Shannon needs to be playing her favorite sport, bingo and she better prove that couponing is indeed better than sex!

If you caught the last episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo then you were probably as disgusted as I was over June’s famous pasta sauce that they all swear is the best thing ever. It’s half a pound of melted butter mixed with ketchup! Seriously, this family gave the creators and writers of South Park so much material to work with that it will have to be hilarious. Are you already a Honey Boo Boo fan? Will you be watching South Park tonight? Tell us your thoughts about this mash up below. Check out the preview clip below!  Do you think it’s going to be absolutely ridiculous or will this be one of those episodes that sadly doesn’t hit quite as hard as it could?



Divorce Papers Show Katie Holmes Plotted Divorce From Tom Cruise For Six Months

Divorce Papers Show Katie Holmes Plotted Divorce From Tom Cruise For Six Months

In the not-so-unexpected saga of another Tom Cruise romance that bit the dust, newly released court papers show that Katie Holmes was preparing for six months to divorce Tom. The National Enquirer reports court papers show that “the ‘marital relationship’ had ‘broken down irretrievably for a period of at least six months immediately preceding.’” Katie shocked us all by filing for divorce from Tom in August, and it was neatly wrapped up in a few short weeks. Since the split, Tom has been seen on Scientology speed dating dinners, skipping Suri’s first day of school in New York, and has been facing rumors about the weird coincidence that all of his marriages ended when his wife was 33. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there is definitely more to this story than their reps will say!

Also strange, although the pair had a huge wedding in Italy, their official papers show they were officially married in Los Angeles in November of 2006. Katie has been silent since the split, but it’s no secret that Tom’s church leaders made it clear she wasn’t welcome. The couple also fought about the fate of six-year-old daughter Suri. Tom wanted to send her to a Scientology-led boarding school, while Katie felt that being around family and living at home was best. The mother-daughter duo is currently living in New York City, where Suri attends a private elementary school.

Most news worthy is the specifics of the child support Tom was ordered to pay. Papers show that the 400,000$ that Tom pays annually are meant to cover “medical, dental, insurance, reimbursed medical and dental, education, college, extracurricular, and camp expenses.” Spare change for a guy who has a quarter of a billion dollars in the bank, but all of those zeros are pretty appealing to people who have real expenses (like college, ahem). The papers also show that Tom faces up to six months in prison if he ever misses a payment, but I’m sure he has people who deal with petty things like his money and his children–right? The full story is available in the current issue of National Enquirer.

Report: Joanna Krupa a High-Priced Hooker

Report: Joanna Krupa a High-Priced Hooker

If you’ve tuned in to The Real Housewive’s of Miami than you already know who Joanna Krupa is. A high maintenance model that thinks she’s above everyone else, a rotten sister that treats her family like garbage and to put it simply, Joanna is an overall head spinning bitch. This week some serious allegations have popped up regarding the diva and they include talk of her being a high paid escort to fill in those gaps between modeling gigs.

Joanna, Season 9 of DWTS finalist, can also be seen on this season, immediately after each Dancing With The Stars episode hosting an original web series called “After Party: Dancing With The Stars” on ABC.COM.

Joanna’s attorney, Marty Singer fired off a nasty letter to Nik Richie at for claiming that anyone can bang Joanna for a mere 10 grand. Richie is standing by his source and absolutely refusing to change a word of his story about Joanna, in spite of being threatened with a lawsuit if he doesn’t pull the piece.

Could Joanna really be banging millionaires? Let’s review what we do know for sure. She is as money hungry as they come and looking the part of a rich girl really is everything to this chick. She is cut throat and definitely has a hard time making and staying friends with women. In other words, she’d have no problem screwing your guy if the motivation was right. She’s not loyal to her family which usually means she’s not loyal, period. Then there’s her lousy relationship with Romain Zago. They have been engaged for five years and when she decided to finally push for a wedding he could have cared less. Their sex life also sucks. How do I know?  Because she told everyone on camera that Romaine never wants sex and doesn’t satisfy her! Pretty harsh words to say about your supposed longterm love, don’t you think?

Roll all of these things that we do know together and is it a recipe for a high paid hooker? I’m thinking is really could be!  Tell us your thoughts on Joanna in the comments below!


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