Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Marriage On The Rocks

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Marriage On The Rocks

Oh no.  It looks like yet another of Hollywood’s leading powerhouse couples has hit a pretty rough patch lately. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are often photographed together out with their three kids and they appear to be such a happy, fairly normal (or as normal as celebs can get) family.  Jen does an occasional film here and there but truly has opted to give up a great acting career in order to be with her babies while Ben brings home the bacon. It’s an arrangement that seems to have worked pretty well, at least until their son was born a few months ago. Three little kids is rough to wrangle, especially when you’re husband is either away shooting or promoting his work.

According to Showbizspy, Ben is really hoping that his latest film, Argo will win an Oscar and apparently his career goals have become pretty obsessive, leaving Jen and the kids in the dust. Their time apart has increased and it is wreaking havoc on their marriage.

Ben really wants to win an Oscar for this film, and he’s become pretty obsessive about it.  While Jen is trying to be supportive, friends say they aren’t sure how much longer she’ll be able – or willing – to juggle the kids and her career without Ben’s help. Is he does win that Oscar, he’d better thank Jen first!”

It sounds like Ben better wake up fast or else instead of living her day to day life like a single mother, Jen may just go ahead and choose to actually be one!  Do you think that Ben will realize the damage that all of the distance is doing to his relationship, or is he so fixated on work that he doesn’t even get it? Tell us your thoughts on the state of Ben and Jen in the comments below!

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Demi Moore’s Revenge: No Divorce For Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore's Revenge: No Divorce For Ashton Kutcher

Nearly every move that Demi Moore has made since splitting with Ashton Kutcher has made her look a little crazier than the one before. They split a full year ago and Ashton was supposedly waiting for Demi to file for divorce but now it seems that the aging occasional actress has no intention of letting him go legally, until she absolutely has to.  According to Reality TV Magazine the hold up has absolutely nothing to do with any type of financial settlement, it’s pure spite at work. “Demi sees things differently and she can not forgive Ashton for moving on so quickly to Mila and flaunting their relationship publicly. It’s a classic case of a woman scorned.”

Back when the couple first split Demi was more than a bit bonkers and trotted herself off to rehab to get herself healthier. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that at first Ashton wanted to be kind and allow her  the time to be strong enough to cope with the end of their marriage. While not an Ashton fan, I suspect he was trying to be a bit gentle with her. Clearly rather than heal from her failed marriage Demi has spent the year stewing and raging over Mila Kunis’ place in her exes life. Dragging her feet absolutely reeks of the whole women scorned thing for sure.

Demi has to hate Mila for being every single thing that Demi wants to be- young, hot, with a great career and Ashton in her bed.  I’m sure the situation has gotten old for the new lovebirds, don’t you think? Do you believe that Demi’s actions are just vindictive at this point? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba At War With Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli

DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba At War With Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli

All is not a bed of roses on the Dancing With The Stars set.  Judge Carrie Ann Inaba has her knickers in a twist against fellow judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.  It has gotten so bad that Carrie Ann is not speaking to either Bruno or Len.

Rumor has it that the three judges decided to be a little more stingy with their comments on this seasons DWTS All-Stars. If you have been watching this season, you must have noticed that Carrie Ann is certainly a little more contentious with the contestants.  However Bruno and Len have not followed suit.  Carrie Ann is totally pissed off, she has told them she is disgusted.  She feels they are looking like, “cuddly puppies.”  She believes they should be more critical.

The National Enquirer reports, “Carrie Ann thinks they’ve been wimping out because Bruno is doing his usual cheerleadering and , if anything, Len is trying to soften his image.  She’s disgusted and has told them behind the scenes, leaving the three pointing fingers at one another and no longer speaking backstage.  The producers just hope they can make it to the end without one of them walking out – it’s gotten that bad!”

Add to all of this Carrie Ann is not pleased that the powers that be have had Paula Abdul on the show this season. Carrie Ann, who has been part of the ABC reality dancing competition show since 2005, doesn’t want to share camera time with the extremely popular former judge of American Idol and the X Factor.   She thinks Paula’s a tremendous scene-stealer,” revealed a show insider. “Carrie Ann loves being the only female judge, and she’s suddenly looking at Paula as competition, even though Paula’s gig is temporary.”

Carrie Ann is totally paranoid her fellow judges have let her down and are not being more serious.  The result is she is looking like the bad guy.  She fears the powers that be at DWTS might just feel it is time to add another female judge to the judging panel and who better than Paula Abdul?

What do you think, have you noticed a change in Carrie Ann this season?  Would you like to see Paula added to the cast?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Breaking News: Dallas Star Larry Hagman Dead at 81

Dallas Star Larry Hagman Dead at 81

Larry Hagman who played villian JR Ewing in the Dallas series died today in a Dallas hospital.  Larry’s Dallas co-stars, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy who were friends with him for 35 years, were at his side when he passed away.

Hagman had a liver transplant in 1995 after years of alcoholism.  In June 2011, Hagman said he had stage 2 throat cancer.  He commented,

“As J.R. I could get away with anything — bribery, blackmail and adultery.  But I got caught by cancer. I do want everyone to know that it is a very common and treatable form of cancer. I will be receiving treatment while working on the new Dallas series. I could not think of a better place to be than working on a show I love, with people I love.”

A spokesman for Hagman said the family were “devastated”. Linda said last night: “Larry Hagman was my best friend for 35 years. He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone who knew him. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented. I’ll miss him enormously.

At the time of his death Larry was in the middle of shooting the reboot of the second season of Dallas.

He will be sadly missed.  RIP Larry Hagman  1950–2012

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Kris Jenner Thinks Kanye West Is Right For Kim Kardashian But Refuses To Say If He’ll Be In The Family’s Holiday Card

Kris Jenner Says Kanye Is Great Guy

By now, everyone should be aware that Kim Kardashian is dating another black guy who goes by the name of Kanye West. The rapper and the reality TV star have been dating since the beginning of the year and it seems that their relationship is tighter than any other relationships Kim has had. While reports continue to claim that Kardashian wants Kanye’s baby and get married, Kris Jenner took the time out from pimping out her daughters to discuss Kimye and what the sitch between the two are.

Of course, Kris had nothing but nice things to say about Kanye, she also did the same for Kris Humphries before talking bad about him once Kim filed for divorce (where is Humphries, anyway?). Kim’s mom says that Kanye handles himself very well around the family, considering that he’s a hardcore explicit celebrity bashing rapper who likes to make people feel like they are worthless (ask Taylor Swift if you don’t believe us). Whilst appearing on The Tonight ShowJenner spoke a little about West, saying:

“He’s a really great guy. He’s really great, he’s great with Kim,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star explained.  They’re really happy, and when your kids are happy you’re happy.”

Asked whether Kanye West has any chances on appearing in the family’s holiday card, the momager tells Jay Leno: “You’re just gonna have to wait and get your card,” Jenner teased.

Alicia Keys Recalls Painful Birth To Son: ‘I Really Enjoyed It’

Alicia Keys Recalls Painful Birth To Son: 'I Really Enjoyed It'

As crazy as it sounds, it’s true. Alicia Keys, who welcomed her son Egypt to the world two years ago, was feeling the pain upon giving birth but though she may have screamed in the delivery room, she says it was joyful. The Girl On Fire singer explained how she comforts women who are expecting a child by telling them the truth but insists that the pain they feel will be worth it as long as they follow he techniques that she used herself.

She told The Sun: “I like to speak about it very positively because I don’t like to scare people. I mean it was painful, hell yeah. You have to scream, unless you’re totally drugged and, hell, I screamed. But I followed this particular technique which banishes negative thoughts. So instead of calling it a contraction, it’s a surge. And I think words like that are pretty powerful. So it hurt, but I think I received it a little better and I can say I really enjoyed it… as everyone says, it was worth it.”

Alicia also recently had to explain her relationship to Swizz Beatz, after being called a home wrecker for stealing someone else’s man. The music producer who was dating a woman named Mashonda at the time – whom he also shared a child with – ditched her when he fell for Keys, before becoming engaged, getting married in 2010 and welcoming their son in October that year. She tells Jet magazine what the real situation was and why her love to Swizz is so strong:

“[Mashonda and Beatz] were apart for some time before we ever got together… [but] that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down… There’s no need to fight what’s not true. I’d never met a person where I could be fully myself…Swizz and I live in each other’s shadow. So we can occupy the same space and there is nothing but equality. There’s something really powerful about that.”


Security Tapes Will Reveal Gabriel Aubry Did NOT Start Fight With Olivier Martinez

Security Tapes Will Reveal Gabriel Aubry Did Not Start Fight With Olivier Martinez

A huge  fight went down at Halle Berry’s house yesterday morning.  Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry got into a vicious fight with Halle’s current man Olivier Martinez. Gabriel was arrested – because Olivier claimed he started the fight.  At the time, I thought it was all a little too convenient.  Why would Gabriel start a fight with Olivier, he just won his court battled over his daughter Nahla with Halle?  Seems to me Halle and Olivier would be the ones in the bad mood, not Gabriel.

It looks like I may be right, and the whole thing may have been a huge setup.  Gabriel claims that security tapes captured the fight and they will prove that he did not start the fight, rather Olivier did.

Radaronline has the scoop: Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child has told pals the video will prove Olivier Martinez started the brawl, and he only acted in self defense.”

This is all no surprise to me, Halle desperately wants to take her daughter Nahla away from Gabriel and she is ready to resort to any means to get what she wants.  What do you think of this situation?

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Barbie Has A New Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Doll (Photo)

Barbie Has A New Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Doll (Photo)

Barbie has a new Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond Doll

A nice addition to your Barbie collection, the new Elizabeth Taylor doll by Barbie  could be yours for $150.  The doll is named after Elizabeth’s White Diamond perfume and her dress is inspired after costumes she wore during her hey day.  On the dress is a red ribbon which signifies a cause that was close to Elizabeth’s heart, finding a cure for Aids.

The doll comes with accessories: a movie script; crown; sunglasses and of course jewellery.

“With White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor doll, Barbie Collector celebrates this icon, beloved to millions around the world. Magnificently created to capture every detail of her unique beauty, the face sculpt was reviewed and approved by Miss Taylor herself.”

The doll is not the first to be modeled on the late actress, as one has already been produced capturing the look from her hit film ‘Cleopatra‘ and another in a semi-sheer sleeveless chiffon violet gown, with a real Swarovski crystal necklace.

I’m sure if  Elizabeth was still with us she would be happier to see the Barbie doll than to see Lindsay Lohan playing her in a movie.  Elizabeth passed away at age 79 on March 23, 2011, surrounded by her four children.

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