Jonathon Amaya Arrested For Brutal Assault on Taxi Driver

Jonathon Amaya Arrested For Brutal Assault on Taxi Driver

Jonathon Amaya, a Miami Dolphins player, was arrested in Miami Beach early this morning for choking a cab driver. Why would anyone, especially a 6’2”, 185 lbs NFL player, attack a driver? Well, according to TMZ, Amaya gave the taxi man $100 and asked him to take him outside of the routine area of operations. It’s still unclear as to why Amaya attacked the driver, but the brutal attack resulted in the taxi driver almost kicking Amaya out of the cab. At one point during the taxi brawl, the driver even offered to give back the $100 in order to stop the assault.

According to sources, “Amaya leaned forward and wrapped his hands around [the taxi driver’s] neck and started choking him.” The police arrived on the scene shortly after the attack. Amaya was still inside the taxi when the driver yelled at police, “This man is trying to kill me!” According to a police report, the driver had no visible injuries to his neck and/or body. Amaya was “escorted” out of the vehicle and was arrested for assault just after 4AM in the morning. He was booked at Miami-Dade county jail on a $1500 bond.

The 24-year-old Amaya debuted for the Miami Dolphins in 2010, but was cut from the team shortly thereafter and added to the training squad.  However, on the 30th of October of that year, he was signed to the active roster. He has made 10 official appearances and has recorded 15 tackles on special teams. During the Dolphins’ victory of the Seahawks on Sunday, Amaya failed to record a single tackle, and he has only recorded four tackles during the entire year of professional National Football League appearances.

At the time of writing this article, there’s no word yet on when Amaya will be officially charged in court with the brutal assault, but word on the street is that the taxi driver is safe and healthy – he can thank his lucky stars.

Demi Lovato Gets New Tattoo From Kat Von D – Eyebrows Still Look As Ugly As Ever

Demi Lovato Gets New Tattoo From Kat Von D – Eyebrows Still Look As Ugly As Ever

Demi Lovato’s Viking eyebrows have been the most exciting contestants on X-Factor USA thus far. The teenage judge adorns the tinted horror brows made in Elvis land on a weekly basis, with or without the cacophonous laughter and tsk-tsk-tsking of home audiences. We’re as much for femininity as the next guy, but the eye-popping leeches on her forehead don’t bode well for her apparent beauty. The singer has also been less than stellar on the reality television talent show with her poor contestant song choices, acerbic Simon Cowellisms, and blissful ignorance. Several of her contestants have already been gunned down by the audience, and several more will follow in their wake. (Perhaps the teen star should stop tinting her eyebrows, and focus instead on the lives and careers of her young adults).

Lovato is not only obsessed with crafting furry creatures on her forehead, she’s also obsessed with pretty tattoos. The X-Factor mentor from hell recently obtained a brand new tattoo on her arm from the most famous tattoo artist in the world, Kat Von D. This tattoo, her largest piece thus far, depicts a flock of birds flying around the word “faith” on her upper arm. The singer tweeted Kat Von D shortly after the new ink was presented to the world on Instagram. She wrote, “Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink! I think it’s beautiful and I love it!

Her new tattoo is one of 13 philosophical symbols on her body. She has “Stay Strong” on her wrists, “Let Go & Let God” on her feet, and “you make me beautiful” on her ribs. There’s also a tattoo of a cross on her hand and the words “peace” and “rock n roll” on her fingers.

We just hope those leech eyebrows won’t be as permanent as her appealing tattoo collection.

Rumer Willis Desperately Wants a Music Career, So What If She Can’t Sing!

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore's Daughter Rumer Willis Desperately Wants a Music Career

Rumer Willis the next Britney Spears?

The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore wants to be a popstar, the thing is she can’t sing.  But Rumer is not going to let a little thing like not being able to sing slow her down, she is desperate to launch a music career.

Shouldn’t be a problem, with all the money mommy and daddy have, I am sure they can buy her anything she wants, except talent.  Rumer is so determined she has landed a weekly performing gig at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles – but reportedly has a terrible singing voice.

A source told Star magazine: “The venue likes Rumer to sing every week because she brings publicity but the truth is she’s horrible.”

The funny thing is Rumer just does not accept how bad her voice is and has become a laughing stock at the club.  Rumer has even bragged her voice sounds like Lana Del Rey.  The source added: “The regulars all secretly laugh at her because she’s always bragging that she sounds like Lana Del Rey when actually the audience can’t stand to listen to her.”

She didn’t let the fact that she could not act stop her from being in movies LOL… So why should a bad voice stop her from singing?

Rumer is just another spoiled rich kid with no talent who thinks she can have everything she wants.  Note to Rumor:  You cannot buy talent!

Image credit: BRJ/MiamiPIXX/FAMEFLYNET

Is She Moving Too Fast Again? Harry Styles Invites Taylor Swift To Meet His Parents

Harry Styles Wants Taylor Swift To Meet His Parents

Oh lord, here we go again. The downside to this will be that she will get her heart broken again, but the upside to it will be that there will be another hit album coming out from all of this. Taylor Swift is allegedly gearing up to meet the parents of Harry Styles. The One Direction star has invited Taylor, who is currently in Australia promoting her album, to a One Direction show next week at Madison Square Garden where Styles’ family will also be present.

Harry has told Taylor that he wants to take their relationship to the next level and he feels this will hopefully prove to her that he really does love her. After the show, Harry’s family and Taylor will head on over to a Christmas party, hosted by the One Direction boys, where she will get a chance to talk with the parents and get to know them a little bit more. Note, Taylor and Harry have only started dating about a month ago, so is this all a little bit too fast?

The Sun reports: ”He’s been very hush-hush about Taylor but this is the perfect chance to introduce her to them.” We admit that if they are both attending the show, they might as well get to know each other, but Taylor is a hopeless romantic. It hasn’t even been two months yet before she got ditched by Conor Kennedy where she had also planned to buy a mansion near his home but whatever makes her happy, right? Oh and get this… Taylor has already met up with real estate to buy a house near Harry in London.

We can’t wait for Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhall, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Cory Monteith, Zac Efron and Conor Kennedy to write a number one hit song about this girl, because clearly she likes to get around. And why must it always be the famous people that she’s falling in love with!? Yikes – no wonder her relationships don’t last.

Alicia Keys Talks Reuniting With Her Estranged Father, Her New Album And Being A Mom

Alicia Keys Talks Reuniting With Estranged Father

A new album was definitely needed for Alicia Keys‘ dedicated fans after a three-year break. The singer, who unveiled The Element of Freedom in 2009, has since married Swizz Beatz, welcomed her first son Egypt to the world and has since forgiven her dad. Alicia’s childhood was not fairytale as her mother struggled to pay for the bills while her father Craig Cook walked out on the family’s life which caused Keys to never speak to her father again, even when he tried to reach out to her.

Now, as the release of her album approaches, the singer felt ready to talk the meanings in certain tracks. Some of the songs on her new album Girl on Fire definitely expresses her feelings towards the obstacles she has faced in her life. Another track titled ‘Brand New Me’ is a song Alicia wrote about being able to forgive family members and people you care about before you lose them for good. The lyrics are as follows:

It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before
You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore
Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it’s clear to see
Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me

Alicia tells DailyMail’s You magazine: The album Girl on Fire is fierce. ‘Brand New Me’ didn’t happen straight away, it was an evolution. It was a whole journey to get there. Some of the songs on Girl on Fire are very vulnerable. Some are me talking to myself in a subconscious way. Some have a sense of abandonment, of letting go.

Egypt is awesome, he’s two and just so silly. We feel so right together, we definitely fit.

A lot of people, when they have babies, take them home and think, who are you? What are you doing here? Then eventually they fall for them. Not me. It was love at first sight and it got progressively obsessional. I want to be there every second. I would like to have more. At least one. Every woman thinks she wants a girl and so did I, but I’m so glad he’s a boy. The mother-son bond is really powerful. Read More Here »

Britney Spears Previews New Music Video, Set To Premiere This Week On X Factor

Britney Spears Releases Preview Of New Video

She’s baaaaaaack! It’s been a year or so since we last saw Britney Spears shoot a music video, but now that she has landed the role as a judge on X Factor and her popularity is rising high, she had to release something to please her fans. The singer collaborated with Black Eyed Peas frontman for the track ‘Scream and Shout’ before filming the music video for it. Khloe Kardashian confirmed last week that the video would debut this week on X Factor and from the clip we have seen, Britney looks great.

It reminds us a lot of the Toxic video she did back in 2004, but then again, we gotta see the full version before we can actually say if it’s good or not. The song, however, sounds very little like Spears — but that could be because loves to use auto-tune people’s voices, especially his own (he recently admitted that he can’t sing which is why he uses auto-tune to enhance his vocals). Anyway, let’s get back to the positives. Ha.

So, the single is currently on sale and the video is released on Wednesday during X Factor, before appearing on VEVO following its televised premiere. A little sad that Brit doesn’t want to perform, but she’s probably too nervous. said the following Read More Here »


The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking” LIVE Recap 11/25/12

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking” LIVE Recap 11/25/12

Last week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD had no shortage of thrill and shock and tonight’s episode called “When the Dead Come Knocking” it does not look like it will be any less so!

On tonight’s show Michonne ends up at the prison with some walkers and I was shocked at first to see that they didn’t try to kill her right away, but don’t worry, next week they come after her behind the prison gate and she does some creative slicing and dicing until Rick takes her in. Michonne then goes on to tell Rick and the group all about the Governor and his dirty little town of Woodbury, she also tells them about Maggie and Glen’s abduction. I got a feeling the Governor is going to have a run for his money with Michonne and Rick teamed up together.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie are taken to Woodbury and Merle gives the Governor his twisted version of what happened that brought the two there. Merle claims to have killed Michonne – when he inevitably reunites with his brother and everyone finds out that Michonne is with the group, he is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 7 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the new episode of The Walking Dead — tonight at 9PM EST!


Halle Berry Heading To Court To STOP Gabriel Aubry From Seeing Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry Heading To Court To STOP Gabriel Aubry From Seeing Daughter Nahla

To court, to court it’s off to court Halle Berry goes…..

Halle Berry does not want Gabriel Aubry next to their daughter Nahla Aubry.  Consequently, Halle is heading to court this week to get a restraining order to keep Gabriel away.  After the huge fight Gabriel and her fiance Olivier Martinez had over Thanksgiving, Halle has the perfect excuse, or so she thinks.

TMZ has the scoop on the story, “Halle and her lawyers are alarmed that Gabriel allegedly started the fight with Olivier Martinez right in front of 4-year-old Nahla. Although a judge issued an emergency order of protection — requiring Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Nahla and Olivier – that order expires Tuesday.  We’re told Halle’s lawyers will be in family court asking a judge to extend that protection for an indefinite period of time.”

The judge did not fall for Halle’s bullsh*? the first time round, so we hope he does not fall for it this time.   Halle is disgusting biatchy, trying to keep Nahla from her father Gabriel.  If she gets a restraining order against Gabriel, maybe she can get one against Oliver too, because he was fighting in front of Nahla as well!  Guess she has conveniently forgot that!

At the end of the day, we all know this is all about Gabriel kicking her sorry butt to the curb!  You know the old saying, “Hell had no wrath like a women scored!”  Watch out Gabriel!

Image credit: FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, U.S.A.

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