Divorce Looms for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy

Divorce Looms for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy

When former The Real Housewive’s of New York City star, Bethenny Frankel, decided to marry real estate agent, Jason Hoppy back in 2010 did anyone really think it was going to last? I’m guessing you could count those people on one hand. She is ridiculously demanding and her whole entire existence even then was about work and building her brand so it was hard to see how a husband fit into that picture at all. Having a baby didn’t make her more family oriented either, it just meant there was one more responsibility that came before being a wife.

We’ve heard the rumors of major trouble between the couple for months and now according to Radar Online they are super close to pulling the plug on their marriage.

“It’s pretty much over between Bethenny and Jason,” the source says. “They are already living separate lives. She purposely spent Thanksgiving without him, bringing Bryn to Miami. He wasn’t happy about it, to say the least. She doesn’t seem to be too upset about the demise of her marriage. She is really focused on her career and her product line right now, so it sort of consumes her, which is probably why the marriage starting falling apart in the first place,”

I have a feeling the differences that originally put these two together are now systematically yanking them apart. Jason is not known for a strong work ethic and maybe the laid back attitude that once calmed Bethenny down is now being read by her as laziness. Jason may have started off loving his wife’s work ethic but by now he surely sees her the same way most others do- as a cold, shrewd b*tch that really doesn’t care too much about those around her. She’ll step on anyone to get where she wants to be. Is the marriage over? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Golden Globes 2013: All Of The Nominees In Full HERE!!

Golden Globe Awards Nominees are in

The Golden Globes are back in a few weeks and an official announcement of next year’s nominees have been revealed in full. From Modern Family to The Good Wife, it looks like the most outstanding shows that had the best ratings throughout the year were nominated for an award. Meanwhile, movies such as Argo and Lincoln received several noms in the film categories — no doubt that Ben Affleck will win at least one golden globe for his outstanding performance.

While we’re happy to hear that Modern Family has been nominated for several awards at the 2013 Golden Globes (since it’s our favorite show), we’re praying that Ricky Gervais will host the event for a third year in a row. Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that he brings the most awkward atmosphere to the show when he jokes about the actors as they sit and pray they’re not up for a roasting. Ha.  Read More Here »

He Could Have Given A Little More: Russell Brand Donates $2,500 To Homeless People

Russell Brand Donates Money to the homeless

Russell Brand has donated $2.5k to the homeless, it has been reported. The comedian who had been scheduled to fly to Australia for his ‘I Am Walrus’ tour, quickly withdrew the money before catching a flight, in hopes that the money would cover some of the food costs until he gets back from his trip. Brand is a big supporter, who constantly donates his clothes, money and even offers his mansion in L.A for the homeless to take a shower and eat a proper meal.

”Russell didn’t want them to be left high and dry overnight,” a source said. “He usually spends about £1,500 a month just helping people out. He asked pals to make sure these guys are okay while he’s away. Read More Here »

Amber Rose Had A Miscarriage Right Before Second Pregnancy, Wiz Khalifa Has Revealed

amber rose suffered a miscarriage this year

Wiz Khalifa has said that girlfriend, Amber Rose, suffered a miscarriage before her current pregnancy – which she announced at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper had told Hot 107.9 about Rose’s first miscarriage earlier this year, which prompted them to stay quiet about Amber’s second pregnancy, because they didn’t want to go through that pain again in the media.

“Her first pregnancy was like right before [her current pregnancy], and it was unexpected,” Us Weekly quotes him as saying. “Right when we found out she was pregnant, she lost the baby. I was like, ‘F**k that, I want a baby’. And she got pregnant again – like right away.”

Khalifa, born in Pittsburgh, explained why he and Rose kept the pregnancy a secret for as long as they did. Wiz adds that every time he hears something positive about Read More Here »

Sarah Jessica Parker Involved In Shoplifting Incident

Sarah Jessica Parker Involved In Shoplifting Incident

Sarah Jessica Parker, the sweet hearted Glee and Sex & the City star, pissed off quite a few air travelers on a trip from Oslo, Norway to NYC, USA today. Well, it wasn’t really SJP’s fault, but she was still involved in the little kerfuffle. The United Airlines flight was delayed by up to an hour while Norwegian police had to deal with a shoplifting incident involving one of SJP’s assistants.

According to a new TMZ report, “Sarah and her entourage were ready to board the plane when they were confronted by cops, who were called after an airport shop owner claimed one of Sarah’s minions pilfered a pair of expensive sunglasses.

Surely that must be a mistake? Surely someone as high profile as SJP wouldn’t allow kleptomaniacs in her entourage? According to initial reports, police stopped the plane from taking off and forced the side swiping kleptomaniac to fork up $1 400 – it’s better than spending a few months in a Norwegian jail – and soon after the fine was paid, SJP and her tribe of dimwits were allowed to board the plane and leave the country – for good.

However, a new development in the story revealed that it was not SJP’s assistant who stole the expensive sunglasses; it was – you won’t guess this for a million dollars – an official working for the Nobel Peace Prize foundation. Hypocrisy served on lettuce, anyone? SJP was in town to cover the event, and the still anonymous person who stole the sunglasses was not on SJP’s payroll, but he was part of her entourage.

It most probably sucks really bad when you trust the Nobel Peace Prize people (who wouldn’t trust them? They’re all for peace!) and then get bamboozled by one of their own.

What do you think of this story? Do you think it’s weirdly coincidental? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Did Kate Middleton’s OB-GYN Doctor Murder His Own Fiance?

Did Kate Middleton's OB-GYN Doctor Murder His Own Fiance?

Meanwhile, in absurd news…Kate Middleton is pregnant, which means a fleet of the world’s best doctors are on hand 24/7 to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. Excusing for her extreme morning sickness, the future Queen probably can’t take a sip of water without someone recording it on her medical history!

But some reporters are trying to drudge up drama, since she’s been out of sight and no news is coming out of her or the palace. Dr. Alan Farthing is one of her doctors during the pregnancy, and some are suggesting that he had his fiance murdered. The story is tragic, for sure, but murder?

In 1999 his fiance Jill Dando, a super famous news anchor (the British Katie Couric, I’ve been told) left Farthing’s house to go shopping. Afterwards, she went to her home, where she was murdered execution style by a gun man. This is especially tragic, since gun laws are so strict in the UK. The murder occurred on her porch in broad daylight and though Barry George was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, an appeal seven years later got him out of it. To this day, no one has been accused.

The 47-year-old doctor became royal gynecologist to the Queen four years ago (break to discuss how weird it is to have the same gyn as your grandmother in law? Right?) and an insider reports that, despite the great career, he’s never gotten over it. “Jill was killed just five months before they were due to marry, and the worst thing is that her murder remains unsolved. It’s been impossible for him to truly find closure. He still has nightmares about what happened. It won’t be lost on Kate that although she’s hoping her doctor will bring her two bundles of joy into the world, he suffered a great private loss.”

The National Enquirer is suggesting that Farthing hired a hit man to kill Dando, but we think it’s absurd! There are hundreds–if not thousands–of gynecologists in the UK. If we follow the proverb beggars can’t be choosers, and recognize that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are definitely not beggars, than we know this guy wouldn’t have landed the job if any doubt of his innocence remained! What do you think?

Tom Cruise Will Be Spending Quality Time With Daughter Suri For The Christmas Holidays

Tom Cruise To Spend Christmas With Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes can’t stop Tom Cruise from seeing his daughter any longer. The actor, who has kept his distance from Suri Cruise following the news that he was splitting from his wife, has told family members he wants to spend time with his daughter over the Christmas holidays, considering it’s the most important time of the year where family gathers together and spend time with each other (and eat a lot of food, of course!).

Cruise has been trying to work out when he can see Suri now that Katie has moved to New York, where she had filed the divorce papers over the summer. Tom lives in Los Angeles and doesn’t have a problem flying back and forth, but his jobs on different movies have kept him apart from Suri in recent months. Despite all of this, there is no way that Tom will not find time for Suri over Christmas. In fact Read More Here »

Miley Cyrus’ Dog Passes Away, Singer Takes To Twitter Following The Passing Of Her Pet

Miley Cyrus Mourns Dog's Death

Miley Cyrus‘ pet dog has passed away, the singer has confirmed on Twitter. The singer, who had adopted the pet back in May supposedly faced several illness problems before he was handed over the Hollywood star. Cyrus has not explained how the dog, she had only had for several months, suddenly passed away – and neither do we think she’ll say – but considering that she used the words “passed away”, it must have been due to the dog’s bad condition.

“can’t think of one good reason to get out of bed today….” she wroteadding: “for everyone asking… I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken….. Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away.”

Miley added that she was absolutely “broken”, saying: “Gonna go MIA for a bit. Need some healing time. Thank you to everyone who has sent love Read More Here »

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