Lindsay Lohan Refuses To Meet Her Half-Sister Ashley Horn

Lindsay Lohan Refuses To Meet Her Half-Sister Ashley Horn

The advent of the Lohans, especially Lindsay Lohan, created the term trash actress”. The young starlet, who is completely incapable of being balanced, had to endure another shocker the past month. Her father, Michael Lohan, appeared on The Trisha Goddard show to take a paternity test and to meet his latest daughter, Ashley Horn. This tabloid television moment cemented the Lohans as the craziest family this side of backyard Kentucky. However, Lindsay is not planning to meet her half-sister anytime soon.

 According to a recent TMZ report, Lindsay told her friends that she’s 100% done with the “circus” of Michael Lohan. Lindsay, who was aware of the paternity dispute between Micheal and his former mistress, refuses to acknowledge her father in her life ever since he leaked a recorded phone call during her fight with Dina Lohan last month. She has no “ill feelings” towards Ashley, but she finds the situation “disgusting”. Michael fathered the now 17-year-old Horn in 1995, a time when he was still married to Dina and still fathered children with her.

Michael told TMZ, “I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels that way. I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids.” This is rich coming from the man who completely denied his parental responsibility towards Horn and only changed his mind once he appeared on national television.

On the other hand, Horn also refuses to be part of the Lohans, and we don’t blame her. The negative vibe and crazy saga of this backyard family is too much to bear for the hardest of men. Lindsay’s career is worth less than the pipe that leads to your toilet, Dina Lohan is completely off her rocker, and Michael is a party of freaks all on his own. Good luck Lohans, because not even Bacchus will be able to save you from this one.


Justin Bieber Feels Violated: Jenny McCarthy Grabs Justin’s Butt and Kisses Him (Photo)

Jenny McCarthy Grabs Justin Biebers Butt and Kisses Him, Cougar Rape?  (Photo)

What out Beliebers! Jenny McCarthy grabbed Justin Biebers’ butt and kissed him and we have the photo evidence for you!

Jenny McCarthy is not shy, the former Playboy model presented Justin with the pop/rock album prize for his record ‘Believe’ at the AMA Awards last night.  Jenny admitted she couldn’t resist giving the “delicious” star’s butt a squeeze.  She said, “I did grab his butt. I couldn’t help it. He was just so delicious. So little. I wanted to tear his head off and eat it!”

Not one to stop there Jenny also grabbed a kiss from Justin and Justin looks like he wants to vomit in disugst.  In response to the kiss he said:  “Wow. I feel violated right now!”

Jenny posted the picture above of  the kiss on twitter and wrote: “Cougar rape #poorjustin (sic)

Although there rumors have been circulating that Justin and Selena Gomez are still split.  Jenny tweeted the following tweet after the kiss picture. “My cub @justinbeiber brought his acceptable and beautifully aged beauty Selena to the AMA after party. Guess I’m back on the prowl. Rww!”  Seems like Biebs and Selena are back on!


Kristen Stewart To Return For ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequal, Rupert Sanders says NO WAY!

Kristen Stewart To Return For 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequal, Rupert Sanders says NO WAY!

Kristen Stewart has decided to return for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequal, Rupert Sanders said NO WAY!

Although Kristen is on board to reprise her role as the fairy tale princess, Rupert Sanders is not even considering taking part in the new movie.  Kristen and Rupert had an affair while they were working on the set of the original movie.  The affair broke the hearts of 1000′s of twihards and of course Rupert’s wife Liberty Ross.

Rupert is completely focused on saving his marriage to Liberty, who played Kristen’s mother in the movie.  Rupert has informed the studio execs that they need to find a new director.

A source told “The script has already been written and production will begin late next year.  “However, Rupert Sanders definitely won’t be a part of the project. Rupert didn’t want to be a part of it to begin with because he is desperately still trying to save his marriage. The search is still on for a new director.”

Rumor has it Liberty told Rupert in no uncertain terms that if he did the sequel of the movie he could forget about a reunion.  Meanwhile Kristen who was originally dumped by her boyfriend Robert Pattinson has reunited with him after her “momentary indiscretion.”

Image credit: Fame Pictures

Kate Middleton’s Oldest Friend Reveals She Is Pregnant

Kate Middleton's Oldest Friend Reveals She Is Pregnant

The current issue of New Idea magazine has the bombshell story “Kate’s Oldest Friend Reveals She Is Pregnant.”  Since the day that Prince William married Kate Middleton there has been speculation that she has been pregnant, all of it wrong of course.

In a World exclusive New Idea is claiming that they have the scoop of Kate and William’s upcoming announcement.  A close friend and old schoolmate of Kate’s Jessica Hay revealed to them, “Kate has ‘wonderful, happy news’ to share, with next month tipped as the deadline for the revelation.”

Royal watchers have been abuzz speculating that  Kate’s recent weight gain is baby related.  If we are to believe New Idea they are right and we should hear a baby announcement soon.  What do you think is Kate pregnant or is this just more groundless speculation from the magazine to sell magazines?  Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

Kevin Scharnek – Call Him Muddy

Kevin Scharnek – Call Him Muddy
After realizing that their wives were juggling the kids, households, carpools and careers, Kevin Scharnek and his business partner were inspired.

The Pretty Muddy 5K Mud Run for Women was created soon after this inspiration. These two amazing husbands needed to find a way to thank their wives and so they created a way for them to spend time with their girlfriends and get some much needed time on her own.

More than a mud run, these events throughout the country are a way for women to get together and focus on friendship, fun and fitness.

A subsequent partnership with the folks at Alex’s Lemonade Stand allows Pretty Muddy to offer any mom who has, is recovering from or has a child with cancer complimentary entrance to the event makes this an event that should both be supported and participated in.

Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy, But here’s our mud run, So, call me muddy?

Rihanna To Pay Up $320,000 In Late Flight Fees For Her 777 Tour Dates

Rihanna Owes $320,000 In Late Flight Fees for 777 Tour

Rih-Rih honey, you startin’ to lose money which probably isn’t what you wanted but it’s all your own damn fault. Yes, Rihanna has been handed a fee of $320,000 after continuously being late for her schedules flights that would take her to the next destination of her 777 tour (hitting up seven different countries in seven days).

The trip which invites 150 journalists and reporters to follow the Bajan singer along her adventure to each show, has delayed flights taking off, holding up the airport runways as she has supposedly arrived late for EVERY flight during the tour. The fee has staggered to hundreds of thousands and may go higher if she doesn’t get it together.

According to reports, her team constantly make calls to airports throughout the night that Rihanna may be a “little bit late” but ends up not showing for hours, while passengers who have been invited on their trip sit in patience for the singer to arrive for take off. Note that delaying the flights has also ruined time schedules for her tours. According to sources, thanks to Rihana’s constant delays, she has delayed every show by at least two hours (we can actually back this up, seeing that she was THREE hours late when we saw her live — fans booed her throughout the night).

“Rihanna delays going on stage, which throws out the whole schedule,” an insider is quoted as telling The Sun. “It’s a reaction to the fact that every second of her time is accounted for by organisers. She likes to be in control. Her team have been making frantic calls throughout the night to the airports. Every hour that goes by she has to pay for flight clearance on runways, and also incurs costs of the private airport teams, customs, baggage handlers and security. The tour will end up costing her a fortune.”

Rihanna, get it together because you’ll be losing a hell of a lot of money from this if you continue this nonsense!!

Khloe Kardashian Will Spend Thanksgiving Apart From Lamar Odom As She Hosts X Factor

Khloe Kardashian Spending Thanksgiving Apart From Lamar Odom

Aww! Lam-Lam and Khloe will not be spending thanksgiving together this year. As we all know, Khloe Kardashian has been branching out of her sisters’ shell as she landed the job as X Factor’s co-host, while Lamar Odom continues to impress the Los Angeles Clippers after signing a deal earlier this year following the news he was soon to be dropped from the Dallas Mavericks for a disappointing season. Anyway, the good news is that they are both working and getting money, the bad news is that they will not see each other on thanksgiving as their work schedules will be getting in the way.

While Khloe will be hosting the X Factor live shows this week, Lamar will be in New York with his team, preparing for his next game which means he will also not be able to support Khloe on the talent show. How sad — and no, we’re not being sarcastic. It’s pretty sad. Anyway, Khloe seems to be handling it very well, telling People mag that she’s fine with the situation because at the end of the day, they have jobs to do and besides, her mom, Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian will come out to watch her host this week so it’s all good.

The reality star tells People magazine: “Honestly, I’m fine with it, because I’m obsessed with my husband – in a healthy way – but he’s on the road,” she said. “He has a game in Brooklyn, so I don’t feel guilty, like, ‘I’m not going to be able to cook for him!’” Kardashian added: “He’ll be on the road. He’ll be working anyway. So I feel better about that, and my sister Kim will be here. And I think my mom will come here that night, too. Thanksgiving at The X Factor!”

Kate Middleton Refused Clothes Sent To Her By Kim Kardashian

Kate Middleton Refused Clothes Sent To Her By Kim Kardashian

Kate Middleton refused Clothes Sent To Her By Kim Kardashian!

Can you just imagine how desperate Kim Kardashian is for Kate Middleton to wear clothes from The Kardashian Kollection?  It would be a coup for Kim and her sisters to get the Duchess of Cambridge to wear any of their designs.  Kate is known for supporting designer, so why not the Kardshians right?

Bad News is….when Kim and the KardTRASHian sisters sent Kate clothes from their new Dorothy Perkins range – Kate did not accept the package and sent it back to the sisters.  An insider reveled,  “Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket.”

Kim, because she is a Karadshian, thought Kate would be pleased to have tea with her while she was recently in London.  Thing again Kim, the Duchess wanted nothing to do Kim or her sisters or anyone named Kardashian.

A source said: “The Kardashians want to be as big in the UK as they are in America, and think associating themselves with the Royals, especially Kate, will help them achieve that.  She hoped Kate might be seen wearing one of the designs out in public, which would give their fashion credentials a huge boost.”

Image credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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