Bradley Cooper Terrified Of Going Bald, Gets Hair Loss Treatments

Bradley Cooper Terrified Of Going Bald, Gets Hair Loss Treatments

Last year, Bradley Cooper was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and it may have been the peak of his career. The actor is known for his eyes (they sparkle like the Aegean Sea), his gorgeous bod (carved of stone from a mountain), and his flowing tresses. The man is hot. But Bradley has started worrying that his acting career would be nothing without his looks–specifically his hair–and is willing to do anything to save it. The actor comes from a long line of bald men and is desperate to cheat fate. A source reported to Star Magazine , print edition December 24, 2012, “He comes from a long line of bald guys and has used Propecia for years. Brad’s thrown himself into work and is desperate for an Oscar nod in February, but he’s paranoid about going bald. He thinks it could kill his leading man status.”

The hunk may have a point–his hair is crucial for the comedies he normally does. I don’t think I could wrap my head around a bald Bradley! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and he’s “getting a cutting edge hair loss treatment and taking a  battery of natural supplements–and he’s only washing his hair every three days, with expensive organic shampoos.” Hey, guy’s got to take care of himself! That doesn’t sound too crazy, right? I mean, who wants to use shampoo that is tested on animals and full of chemicals? And supplements, I mean, pregnant women take them! Is it so crazy for a guy to? But apparently it doesn’t end there. “He brought in a special stylist while he films The Hangover Part III and is paying beaucoup bucks for her to sign a confidentiality clause.” Okay, that may be a bit crazy. What’s she going to say? He has the thick hair of a Greek demigod? He conditions with papaya oil and it smells great? I mean, that is a bit much! What do you think of Bradley’s hair phobia?

Paris Hilton Spreads Christmas Cheer By Visiting LA Hospital

Paris Hilton Spreads Christmas Cheer By Visiting LA Hospital

Paris Hilton decided to spread a little Christmas joy yesterday by visiting a hospital in LA.  Paris took presents to the children and spent time participating in arts and craft activities.

Paris tweeted about her day at the hospital, “Spent the day at The Children’s Hospital visiting all the kids. Brought them presents & did art & crafts. Loved being with them. Feels so good to make them happy.”

Not only did Paris visit the hospital but she urged her followers to donate to support 12-year-old Victor Castro’s lymphoma battle, adding, “Met this wonderful young kid at the hospital today. Lets all help him for his fundraiser.”

It is so refreshing to see a celebrity who takes time out to give back.  Bravo, Paris!


Taylor Swift CHEATED On Harry Styles With Conor Kennedy, The Two Have Been Dating Since March!!

Taylor Swift Cheated On Harry Styles with Conor Kennedy

Taylor Swift is dis-gus-ting. The country star seriously needs to slow down with her love life because every man she lays her eyes on ends up being her boyfriend for a month and then they end up in her break-up songs. The singer has been dating One Direction’s Harry Styles since March, this year. The two have kept their relationship a secret due to their busy work schedules, before Taylor fell for Conor Kennedy, which meant that her and Harry were over.

So, if we understand the insiders correctly, Taylor ended up splitting from Harry because she felt a stronger bond with Conor over the summer, so she ended things with Styles. Yikes! So why is she back with Harry now? Well, it seems like Kennedy’s family were too controlling for Taylor’s liking, which had her hopping back to the One Direction member. What a little flirt.

An insider revealed the following: “They had a couple of dates back when they met, but the timing wasn’t right. They were busy with work, then Taylor met Conor Kennedy and fell hard for him.” They continued: “As soon as Harry found out Taylor was single again, he went after her. Dating has always been a bit of a cat and mouse game for him, and he’s never really had a girl say no to him before. When Taylor started dating Conor so soon after their dates, it made Harry realise how much he likes her.”

Taylor made her relationship to Harry official last month when the two were seen holding hands at Central Park in New York, just one day before she and Harry’s family went to see One Direction live at Madison Square Garden. When you meet someone’s family, you know it’s serious. So let’s hope this will last, though we’re doubting it.

Liam Hemsworth Gets Into A Street Fight After A Man Threw Rocks At Him

Liam Hemsworth Beats Up Man After He Throws Rocks At Him

Liam Hemsworth has shown a man who had thrown rocks at him what his fists were made of. The actor had been spending time with a friend in Philadelphia when he was suddenly greeted by a man who started throwing rocks at him for no reason, TMZ reports. His movies aren’t that terrible for someone to be so mean, if it was Lindsay Lohan, it would have been a different story, though. Ha.

Hemsworth caught up with the man, named Rob before punching him in the face, one hit after the other. Liam has been working hard on Catching Fire in Miami, so for him to deal with people acting so foolish on his day off is not cool and though violence is not the way, sometimes we have to show people our angry side for them to get the message. That’s exactly what Liam did and we can’t be mad at him for it.

Rob’s face was covered in blood when Liam was done with him, and minutes later, cops arrived at the scene where they had questioned the actor why he had fought Rob. Hemsworth explained the situation and quite surprisingly, Liam was let go and no charges were filed. The reason why we say “surprisingly” is because Liam did way more damage to Rob than what he did to him, but maybe the cop was a fan of The Hunger Games? Who knows?! Ha.

Hemsworth will be back to shoot Catching Fire later this week. When the actors get together and asked how their week was, Liam will have the most-interesting story to tell, won’t he?!

Amanda Bynes’ Hit and Run Charges Dropped As She Pays Off Her Accusers

Amanda Bynes Pays Off Two Hit and Run Charges

Amanda Bynes can finally get a good night sleep since she will no longer have to worry about two of her hit and run charges that were filed by witnesses of their damaged cars that Amanda bumped in to. Bynes certainly didn’t want these charges to be going to court, because she had been told that if the actress was found guilty, she would be facing up to 12 months in jail. Something tells us that Amanda knew she would be found guilty and decided to pay up the money to her accusers to drop the charges instead.

Bynes made the payment to the two accusers, however it was not mentioned how much each person received from the Hollywood star. If that was us, we would certainly wouldn’t come cheap! Ha. An insider revealed that Amanda had already paid for the damages she had caused to cars, so the financial settlement was pretty much just the icing on top.

“Amanda Bynes was able to reach a civil compromise in both of her hit and run cases. The two separate victims agreed to dismiss the charges after a financial settlement was reached with both,” and insider said. “This is routinely done when both sides are able to come to an agreement, and there really is no need to pursue legal charges because damages to their respective vehicles was paid for.”

While these charges no longer exist, Amanda should prepare herself to sort out her DUI and 2 counts of driving on a suspended license after cops had told her she would not be allowed to drive. Instead, she went against their orders and smoked weed whilst driving her car through the streets of Los Angeles. What a nutter.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Personal Makeup Artist Is A Kleptomaniac

Sarah Jessica Parker's Personal Makeup Artist Is A Kleptomaniac

Earlier this week, we reported that Sarah Jessica Parker was involved in a bit of a shoplifting scandal in Oslo, Norway. Initial reports said that the person, who was not on SJP’s payroll, was employed by the Nobel Peace Prize foundation and that the person wasn’t exactly friends with SJP. However, according to a new TMZ report, “She’s worked side by side with SJP for years.” The shoplifter, now revealed as Leslie Lopez, has been Sarah’s personal makeup artist since 2005. That’s seven years of close personal interaction. That’s seven years of being bonded like BFFs at a carousel.

For whatever reason, Sarah’s people wanted it to look like the makeup artist had no relationship with the actress, but that’s simply not true.  They went so far as saying … the makeup artist (never revealing her name) was NOT on Sarah’s payroll.  Yet all that meant was someone else picked up the tab,” TMZ reports.

Lopez was cornered by police moments before the return flight to NYC was scheduled to depart and she was subsequently ordered to pay a $1 400 fine (excluding the public embarrassment). According to sources connected to the situation, Lopez “mistakenly” took the expensive glasses out of the Norwegian sunglass shop and paid the fine to get the hell out of Dodge.

Lopez is a famous makeup artist in Hollywood, and according to her personal website, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Therefore, we doubt Lopez would place that blood-sweat-and-tears professionalism into the public spotlight by “stealing” sunglasses.  It was most likely a really odd misunderstanding, but as is true in Winona Ryder land, where there’s a misunderstanding, there’s always a kleptomaniac close behind.

What do you think Hollywood Hiccups readers? Do you think Lopez intended to steal the glasses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Hollywood HookUPS! 12/14/12

Hollywood HookUPS! 12/14/12

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Brandi Glanville: Andrienne Maloof Will Stop At Nothing To Ruin Me

Brandi Glanville: Andrienne Maloof Will Stop At Nothing To Ruin Me

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills watched the newest big fight break after Brandi Glanville told a secret about Adrienne Maloof to the other girls. After recovering alcoholic and socially disabled Kim Richards told on Brandi to Adrienne, shit hit the fan–fast. Adrienne and her then husband Paul started screaming at Brandi, cursing and promising to sue her. Well, in an open letter to Star Magazine, Brandi is telling what happened.

The episode is intense! You see me get very upset with [them]–but the problem is, I don’t get to explain why because of legal reasons. So here’s what’s actually going on off camera: Adrienne had her cook, Bernie, call media outlets with vicious and wild allegations about me and my children. I finally reached my boiling point.”

Brandi quickly established herself as the shameless housewife with no filter–something every reality TV show should have. The fiery blonde wasn’t going to sit back and play victim. “I brought up something I knew Adrienne was lying about,” she confesses. “I regret saying it. Do not cross Adrienne–she will stop at nothing to ruin you, no matter what lies she has to tell. Look what she did to the father of her own children!” We love that Brandi never goes back when she tells the truth–she may regret how it was said, but it’s never a lie!

The fight will continue next Monday night on Bravo, and we can’t wait to see Adrienne’s fury fight her many botox injections. Will she finally be able to furrow her brown in anger?

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