Jennifer Garner Furious That Matt Damon Missed Ben Affleck’s ‘Gone Girl’ Premiere For George Clooney’s Wedding

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are BFFs, but Matt is also very close to George Clooney. But even Ben Affleck would have had to admit that George Clooney’s wedding was a bigger deal than his ‘Gone Girl’ movie premiere. But guess who apparently doesn’t agree with that? Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner. According to Radar Online, […]

Jennifer Garner Is Pregnant With Fourth Child – Report

The last time that we discussed Jennifer Garner it was to dish on some of the trouble in her marriage with Ben Affleck. The couple has been rumored to have had issues for years now. Some of Ben’s old addictions have flared up and while Jen is a great mom, she didn’t intend to give […]

Ben Affleck Hates Jennifer Garner’s Fashion Sense – Mocks Her Everyday Style!

Jennifer Garner‘s plate sure has been full for the last few years. Not only is she a full-time mom to three kids but she also has managed to squeeze a few films in there as well. The one thing that she isn’t too worried about is impressing her husband, Ben Affleck. While Jen always hits […]

Ben Affleck’s Gambling Drives Jennifer Garner Away – “Batman” Out Of Control

Jennifer Garner has always been the poster child for Hollywood’s long-suffering celebrity wife, and she proves that yet again. After putting up with rumors of Ben Affleck‘s cheating, not to mention watching her own career take a back seat as Ben works non-stop, Jennifer now has to deal with Ben’s gambling addiction coming back. For […]

David Fincher’s Gone Girl Finally Gets A Trailer – Creepy And Perfect?

As fans of the book know, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is filled with twists and turns that would shock even the most seasoned reader. Although plans to make the novel into a movie were initially met with apprehension, Flynn’s decision to adapt the screenplay herself and David Fincher coming on to helm the film seemed […]

Jason Momoa In Talks For Villain Role In Batman Vs. Superman

Here begins the speculation regarding Superman vs. Batman, the horrendous attempt by DC to rival Marvel’s cinematic universe. Man of Steel was iffy at best, and instead of focusing on building Superman as a character and building all the characters one movie at a time [the way Marvel painstakingly did it], DC and Warner Brothers […]

Christian Bale Gives Advice To Ben Affleck to Ignore Batman Critics

The announcement of Ben Affleck playing Batman led to some suitably hilarious reactions online, ranging from dislike to downright suicidal. It seems nobody is happy with Affleck taking over the role of the caped crusader from Christian Bale, and it doesn’t help matters that Warner Brothers doesn’t really seem to be knowing what they’re doing […]