Kylie Jenner Dating Jaden Smith, Kris Jenner Confirms It All

Kylie Jenner Dating Jaden Smith, Kris Jenner Confirms It All

Kylie Jenner is dating Jaden Smith, sources confirmed, and it’s starting to look like it runs in the family. The two have been enjoying several dinner dates across the pond in London as they take a short vacation from the madness over in Los Angeles — the paparazzi in the UK is less aggressive when it comes to celebrities, that’s for sure.

By the looks of things, seeing that Kylie is 15-years old and Jaden is fourteen, the little fella is making a move on an older girl. How adorable. Ha. In recent months, we have seen Will Smith’s son make several visits over to the Kardashian house, while he also attended Kendall Jenner’s birthday party Read More Here »

Justin Bieber’s Chaotic Night As Fight Breaks Out At His Party, Tweets: “Worst Birthday”

Justin Bieber Performing His 'Believe' Tour In Manchester

Justin Bieber says he had the worst birthday ever last night after a fight broke out at his birthday party between him, some of his guests and the security team at the club. Though it has not been clarified on what actually went down at his circus-themed bash at the Cirque du Soir in London, the singer was left far from impressed and headed straight back to his hotel. Read More Here »

Kendall Jenner Gets Turned Down By Emblem3 After Asking To Perform At Birthday Party

kendall jenner turned down by emblem3

Kendall Jenner asked Emblem3 to perform at her seventeenth birthday party but was turned down by the boy group due to their X Factor commitments, TMZ reports. As many Kardashian fans may already know, Khloe landed the role as host of the talent show alongside Mario Lopez, which means that she knows the ins and outs of all the contestants – most importantly, she has all the contact details which she supposedly shared with Kendall Jenner who was eager to get Emblem3 to perform at her birthday party.

Kendall is a huge fan of the group and desperately wanted them to perform at her home in Calabasas because she knew all her friends would have loved it also. Sadly, it didn’t work out as X Factor producers don’t feel it’s appropriate for the contestants to be doing private shows when they are still in the competition – it loses their focus in the competition and maybe even become big-headed, because Kris Jenner would have forked out thousands for the boys to sing at her daughter’s birthday.

According to TMZ, the boys were super excited upon hearing about the opportunity they had been given, but it was short-lived when producers had informed them that they were not allowed. By the looks of things, Emblem3 are quickly becoming the new One Direction, seeing how excited get about this boy band. No doubt in our minds that Kendall will attempt to have them play at her birthday party next year, perhaps? Ha.