Kim Kardashian Expecting A Baby Girl — Is Kanye West Pissed That He’s Not Having A Boy?

Kim Kardashian is expecting a baby girl, according to UsWeekly’s close sources. The reality star, who went for a recent check-up with her boyfriend Kanye West were told by her doctor that they should prepare themselves for a girl, after Kim underwent a ultrasound scan last month. But what does Kanye make of this? Did […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z Spend $200,000 On Blue Ivy’s Birthday.. And $80,000 On A Barbie Doll

Beyonce Blue Ivy

Beyonce is putting her $50 million Pepsi endorsement money to bad use – on her daughter, Blue Ivy. The youngster who turned one last week was spoiled by mommy and Jay-Z as they splashed out a total of $200,000 so that their little one could have the best birthday ever, and when you hear what […]

Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian In The Recording Studio And Drop Some Vocals Whilst Pregnant

Kim kardashian and kanye west

Has he not heard ‘Jam’ that Kim released two years ago? Kanye West wants his soon-to-be baby mama Kim Kardashian to drop some verses on a new track, likely to be for his upcoming album release, while she’s carrying his child. The rapper wants to take his music into a new direction and Kim is […]

Adele Trademarks Her Own Name To Prevent People From Using It On Products

Adele Video Music Awards

Smart move! Adele has trademarked her own name to prevent business owners from using it on their products to boost sales. It has been proven that whatever a celebrity slaps their name on,- whether it may be a fragrance bottle or a clothing line, it tends to become very successful, and Adele doesn’t want people […]