Lady Gaga’s Producer Reveals Her Forthcoming Record ‘POPART’ Is Nowhere Near Finished

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Lady Gaga has a lot of work to do if she wants to release her upcoming record this year, her producer Zedd has said. According to him, Gaga’s schedule with her Born This Way tour, has kept them from finishing the album which could mean that the record may not be released this year after all, despite what the 26-year old may have promised.  Read More Here »

Lady Gaga Plays Football With Children In Rio de Janeiro – (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga Plays Football in Rio

Lady Gaga enjoyed a day out with local children as they played football in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. The singer who is currently in Brazil as part of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour, shocked onlookers when she strolled through the rough area in the Cantalgo slum earlier this week. Showing off her pink hair, Gaga shared pictures of her experience in Brazil, as hundreds of residents left their home to greet the singer before asking for autographs and hugs (see pictures below).

Gaga was definitely moved by her visit to Rio de Janeiro when she tweeted: “Today was the best day I’ve ever had, had so much fun.I’ll never forget Rio, you lit my heart into flames.” … “We even played football, they were SO GOOD IT WAS CRAZY.” It was definitely an exciting day for the residents as they usually witness terrible things happen in the area which is known to be very dangerous when reports claimed 20 people are assassinated every day in Rio, while millions are left homeless.

Meanwhile, Gaga has also shared other exciting news. Earlier this month she announced she would be donating $1 million to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort after last week’s mishap. Explaining on her official website: “Today I pledge 1 million dollars to New York & The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief,” she wrote.

“If it wasn’t for NYC: the Lower Eastside, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, I would not be the woman or artist that I am today.” She continued: “New York is relentless ambition, a drive to succeed, a place where there is a natural pursuit of diversity through compassion. Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia, and my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude New York for raising us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours. Sincerely, Lady GaGa and The Germanottas.”

Lady Gaga ‘Edge of Glory’ Official Music Video Kicks Butt

Lady Gaga has done it again.  Her latest music video off of Born This Way is for her hit, Edge of Glory.  I admit….. I love this song no matter what.  But, she did good on the video too.  This one didn’t og over the top and steal away from the killer song.  It’s not quiet as daring as what we are used to and I love it.

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Check it out:

BRAND NEW: Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Album Release Tease

Lady Gaga has completed her HIGHLY anticipated album, Born This Way.  And to treat her fans, she posted the photo above and Tweeted:

“In Nebraska, finishing up record today. I’m so proud of the album: I keep dancing+drinking: metal/techno rock journey of a woman on the run.”

May 23rd is the date.  It won’t be changed again.  Although I wish it would.  The album is done.  Let’s hear it now!  Yeah, I know, I am very impatient.


Lady Gaga Born This Way Official Song Drops! LISTEN HERE!

It;s finally here!  Between the hype for Britney Spears‘ HIAM video and the drop of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, the music industry is bursting at the seams!

Have a listen to Lady Gaga in her new sure to be hit, Born This Way:

What do you think?  We love, love, love it!  Can’t wait for May!  I want the whole thing!

Glee Goes Gaga Again!

Glee loves Lady Gaga and they are bringing the Gleeks another round of her freshest music.  Born This Way is going to be featured on the show in the spring.

Glee Live in Concert Summer 2011 Tour Dates Announced

Gwyneth Paltrow Doing Second Glee Episode

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told EW that Gaga’s Born this Way March or April.  This episode will focus on Dave Karofsky (Max Adler), whose bullying drove Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) to transfer schools during the first half of the season.

“I love that that song is [an] anthem.  This show is by nature optimistic and I think a character like Karofsky could turn to booze or pills or alcohol and kill themselves or do something dark. But I also love Max and I love that character and I sorta want that character to have a happy ending. So I don’t really know what that’s going to be, but I do know we’re going to do a whole episode that’s about that song.”

Sounds good to me!  We will get to hear Gaga’s Born This Way next month ….. so you’ll have it memorized before it lands on Glee.

Photo via Fox