Britney Spears Wants Kids With Charlie Ebersol?

Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol haven’t been dating but for four months, but rumor has it that they have already talked about having children together. As you may know, Britney’s relationship with Jason Trawick went south because she wanted kids and he didn’t. Apparently that won’t be a problem this time around.

Britney Spears Ready To Fight For Control Of Her Fortune

It has been more than 7 years since we all watched as Britney Spears completely imploded on herself. Sure her father, Jamie Spears has helped Britney to get her career back on track and under his close watch she has put together a pretty decent life for herself and her children, but let’s face it, […]

Britney Spears And David Lucado Break Up After David’s Cheating Revealed In Video

It was only a matter of time before Britney Spears and David Lucado broke up, especially as we’d been hearing that their relationship has been on the rocks for some time now. Sources close to the couple said that David was just using Britney for her fame and money, and he was constantly having affairs […]

Britney Spears And David Lucado To Get Married On Thanksgiving

Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Lucado have been taking it slow by Britney’s usual standards. Understandably, Britney’s older and has a lot of advisers around her, and they’ve probably dissuaded her against a shotgun Vegas wedding this time around. However, a new report from the National Enquirer states that Britney is finally sure that […]

Katy Perry Is Mean! Looks Bored At Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Concert

I never really cared for Katy Perry much and she finally confirmed what I knew for a long time, she is a mean b*tch.  Britney Spears had her Las Vegas debut last night and people raved about her performance. Katy attended Britney’s concert last night and although everyone was having a great time Katy basically […]

Britney Spears Reveals That She’s Gotten Lip Injections – Duh?

Britney Spears covers the latest issue of In Style Magazine, and she admits something that pretty much everyone already suspected: that she got lip injections. She says it very casually too, which means she either doesn’t care [likely] or she thinks getting lip injections doesn’t necessarily constitute plastic surgery [less likely]. She explains, “A doctor […]

Britney Spears Being Shielded From Negative Reviews For New Album

Although Britney Spears‘ new album ‘Britney Jean‘ is headed for a massive debut, it’s getting eviscerated by critics everywhere. The reviews are almost universally negative, and they all criticize the generic sound of the music as well as the uninspired vocals. However, a report from Radar Online claims that Britney is being shielded from the […]