Demi Lovato Dumps Selena Gomez As Friend – Justin Bieber Drama Too Much To Handle!

Selena Gomez is slowly alienating everybody in her life, including her friends, family, and people who have stood by her all these years. And all because of Justin Bieber. The latest friend to drop Selena from her circle of BFFs is Demi Lovato, who unfollowed Selena on Twitter and tweeted a cryptic, “Swimming away from […]

Demi Lovato Nude Twitter Photos Leaked – Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

It was only a couple months ago, in April, when headlines roared about a nude photo leak featuring none other than Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato. It was especially salacious because Demi has shared a long-time battle with bulimia and continues to fight for those struggling with eating disorders. Demi created even more headlines after criticizing […]

Kate Gosselin Screams At Twins At Demi Lovato Concert; While Holding Hands With Her Married Boyfriend

We’re a little shocked Kate Gosselin even let her twin daughters Mady and Cara out in public again, after they embarrassed her on NBC’s Today Show earlier this year.  In a live interview Mady and Cara clammed up and refused to speak, most likely due to a case of stage fright, and to make matters […]

Selena Gomez Only Went To Rehab After Demi Lovato Pushed Her

Everyone is wondering about Selena Gomez lately and if she’s really doing better. As we’ve heard by now Selena was urged to got to rehab earlier this year and she managed to stay on for only two weeks.And according to InTouch magazine, it was Selena’s oldest friend Demi Lovato that was finally able to convince […]

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Cocaine Addiction

We always knew that Demi Lovato had issues with drug addiction, but this is the first time Demi’s really opening up about the details of her addiction. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, Demi goes into the details of her battle with drug addiction, explaining that at one point, she needed cocaine so badly […]

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Addiction Issues, Attributes It To Child Stardom

Demi Lovato‘s had a rough transition period from child star to adult actress/musician, but after a few hiccups along the way, she’s pulled it off with aplomb. Demi covers the latest issue of Nylon Magazine, and opens up about her addiction issues in the past. As everyone knows, Demi entered rehab in 2010 after dealing […]

Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus Behavior

This might be the pot calling the kettle black, but Demi Lovato is defending Miley Cyrus. It’s not hard to see why – both are Disney stars who have succumbed to the pressures of fame and money, albeit in different ways. Demi dealt with it by developing various addictions, especially in the aftermath of having […]

Demi Lovato is Supporting Paris Jackson

Who better to help you through the rough times then someone who has actually walked in your shoes? That seems to be what Demi Lovato is thinking and it has caused her to reach out to offer support to Paris Jackson. By now everyone has heard about Paris’ recent suicide attempt and it seems that […]