Did Philip Seymour Hoffman Accidently Overdose Because Of A Binge Weekend? – It Could Have Been His Last Hurrah

Did Philip Seymour Hoffman Accidentily Overdose Because Of A Binge Weekend? - It Could Have Been His Last Hurrah

With every little piece of news that filters in, Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death becomes more and more distorted and, frankly,  downright confusing. At first we all assumed the recovering drug addict had a minor slip up. It’s hard getting over big life changes and he did recently separate from his long-term girlfriend and mother of his children, Mimi O’Donnell. Then it was reported that he was in such a dark place after the break up that many of us feared he might have been committed suicide rather than his death be a mere accident. And now with possible the worst piece of news yet, approximately 50 heroin bags were found in his NYC apartment. That could easily lead people to believe they were right with the suicide theory because why else would he have a stockpile just lying around his home. But, personally, I have a different variation on the large supply.

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Justin Bieber’s Mother Acts As His Drug Dealer – The Singer Admitted Everything to the Cops!

Justin Bieber's Mother Acts As His Drug Dealer - The Singer Admitted Everything to the Cops!

Justin Bieber has more problems in his family than anyone could have ever have guessed. TMZ is reporting that Justin has turned against his drug dealer and named the culprit as his mother, Pattie Mallette. To all appearances his mother played up the part of a devoted mother very well. Patti claimed she had a very close and loving relationship with her son while behind close doors the woman gave Justin whatever was in her cabinet.  The whole story came out after the cops began grilling Justin over what he had taken.

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Justin Bieber Bombarded Selena Gomez With X Rated Text Messages – He Was Furious She Wanted Him In Rehab!

Justin Bieber Bombarded Selena Gomez With X Rated Text Messages - He Was Furious She Wanted Him In Rehab!

Justin Bieber will apparently do anything to escape having to go to rehab. He seriously attempted to bribe ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, with sex just so she stop telling him to go check into a facility. According to RadarOnline that has the exclusive text messages – Bieber sent her photo of his penis with the message  “Don’t tell me you don’t miss this.”  Safe to say she did not miss that much seeing as she continued urging him to get help. Well, Justin didn’t like that and his messages that had once started out all lovey dovey slowly warped into one large hate filled rant.

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Lamar Odom Charged With DUI After Failing Field Sobriety Test

Lamar Odom Charged With DUI After Failing Field Sobriety Test

Lamar Odom has finally been charged for his DUI. You know the one back in August we all kind of forgot about. That one! It seems that he wasn’t charged right then and there which I don’t know about you but I find odd. OK so he didn’t give an urine sample. At the time he probably had drugs in his system, although I would have thought the  field sobriety tests he had to take would have clear everything up weeks ago.

So why is he only being charged now? Well because rich people have different rules. Lamar won’t arraigned until September 27th . TMZ believes Lamar could get off lightly seeing as this is his first offense. “If convicted … the likely outcome would be probation and an alcohol ed course since he’s a first-time offender.  These cases are almost always plea bargained.” Funny, but they tend to plea bargained only when it’s big enough story to get reported. With normal everyday people, they would have already been charged and awaiting arraignment.

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Lil Twist Justin Bieber’s Friend Booked for DUI This Morning

Lil Twist Justin Bieber's Friend Booked for DUI This Morning

Well, this is one of those arrests that was pretty inevitable! I’m talking about Justin Bieber‘s best pal, Lil Twist, of course. Christopher Lynn Moore (AKA twist) was booked for a DUI after being pulled over on the Parkway Calabasas at about 3:30 this morning.  I’m sure this little nugget will come as a shock to no one familiar with Twist in recent months. He and Biebs have been pushing the envelope speeding through their gated Calabasas community, partying hard until fights break out and of course there’s the fact that Twist’s blunt rolling skills are already legendary.

This dude was bound to get busted for something sooner rather than later. He and Justin have been running around like they are both bullet proof for months, with no regard for laws or common courtesy. Twist has also been spotted out with Kylie Jenner an awful lot in recent days. Kris Jenner’s head must be spinning, between Kylie’s underage pal being busted and Khloe Kardashian’s husband having a violent outburst yesterday in LA, she’s doing major damage control and no doubt laying down the law for her family! Read More Here »

Lil Za Denies Introducing Justin Bieber To Sizzurp, Says He Doesn’t Even Know What It Is

justin bieber lil za

Lil Za is a little cheeky bastard, ain’t he? The rapper, who has not released any albums yet… but claims to be a rapper, was spotted in Beverly Hills last night and he was quick to deny reports that photos have been going about where Justin Bieber, Za and Lil Twist can all be seen “surrounded” by the sizzurp drank (yes, sizzurp drank). The liquid drug has an immediate effect on your body, getting you high almost instantly. Read More Here »

Selena Gomez Refuses To Forgive Justin Bieber After He Chose Weed Over Their Relationship

Selena Gomez won't take back Justin Bieber

Young love, what was she expecting? Selena Gomez refuses to forgive Justin Bieber  after the singer had chosen weed over her, prompting the Disney starlet to pack her bags and call it quits on their two-year relationship just days after Christmas. Now, we’re not going to take Selena’s word knowing that she has been breaking up and making up with the Biebs throughout the past 24 months, so you never really know with them, right?

Well, according to new sources, Selena has given Justin too many chances to change – she has started to come across as Bieber’s section option and never put her first. Read More Here »

Kelly Osbourne: ‘I Never Thought I’d Be The Girl Who Wakes Up To Exercise In The Morning’

Kelly Osbourne happy with the weight she's lost

Kelly Osbourne is extremely proud of how she managed to turn her life around. As many of you may know, Kelly wasn’t exactly on the right path during her teens and throughout her early 20s. The reality star overdosed on drugs and became addicted to it, before realizing that she was going to die if she wasn’t going to change her ways anytime soon.

Luckily, she managed to find help in rehab before being offered the role to appear on Dancing with the Stars, where she made the drastic change in her life; she became more healthy and lost 50lbs through intense workouts.

In an interview with Life & Style, Kelly praises herself for losing the weight naturally, unlike her mother Sharon Osbourne who took the easy route and had it removed through surgery, before deciding she would also get a facelift. What a crazy woman. Ha. She continues that she would have never thought she would be the kind of person to get up in the morning and exercise as she’s constantly reminded by the way she used to behave and act.

“Ultimately, I’m really glad I lost the weight the way I did,” she explained. “I never thought in a million years I’d be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise. I have one cheat day a week and I eat whatever I want, [including] pizza,” she joked.

In the early 00s, Kelly’s life was far from perfect. She not only struggled with an addiction, she also became overweight and faced constant depression which later on led to her contemplating suicide. She told Fabulous magazine:

“I woke up one day and wished I was dead. I wanted to kill myself. I had a period where I behaved really badly, I was a complete arse, but I was incredibly unhappy, incredibly messed-up.”


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