Halle Berry Leaves for Paris Without Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry Leaves for Paris Without Nahla Aubry

Paris may be the city of lights and love, but for Halle Berry, fiance Olivier Martinez and her ex Gabriel Aubry, it’s a huge source of controversy. Halle and Gabriel have been fighting over their sweet little girl Nahla Aubry for years now and in the last few weeks it has escalated to violence, restraining orders and arrests. Halle’s volatile fiance laid a major beat down on Halle’s baby daddy Gabriel over the Thanksgiving holiday.

But now it looks like this Christmas, there will be peace on Earth and good will toward ex-lovers. Gabriel’s got Nahla for Christmas and Halle gets Paris with her new lover. Halle looked sad as she and her beau trudged through Charles de Gaulle airport, but she perked up when Martinez gave his home country a fist pump to celebrate their arrival.

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Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Settle Thanksgiving Assault In Court

Halle Berry Heading To Court To STOP Gabriel Aubry From Seeing Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry and her ex husband/baby daddy Gabriel Aubry have had a trying few months, filled with custody battles, mean tabloid rumors, and, most recently, a bloody holiday fight on her front lawn! Halle, her fiance Olivier Martinez, and her daughter Nahla were granted an emergency protection order after Olivier reported that Gabriel attacked him without warning. Then Gabriel was granted a restraining order against Olivier. We’ve been speculating about how this will affect their ongoing custody battle–Halle and Olivier are desperate to win custody from Gabriel so they can move to France full time.

We thought there would be a drawn out and messy battle in court, but it looks like their lawyers are meeting today to avoid the media circus! TMZ reported, “Blair Berk, Shawn Holley and other lawyers spent hours yesterday trying to resolve the differences that led to the explosion of anger in Halle’s driveway.” Today, the lawyers appeared without their clients in court, which means no extensions of restraining orders are possible, because a witness must be present to testify why it is necessary.

Blair Berk, who is one of the lawyers representing Halle Berry, released this statement today: “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. there will be no further statements at this time.” Translation? “We’ve given up hope that any sane judge will give Halle and Olivier custody of Nahal after Olivier’s violent behavior to the child’s father. We say ‘amicable’ to make it sound like there are no hurt feelings, but if Halle could, she would shove one of her stilettos through his neck. Everyone hates Halle for staying with Olivier after he made death threats, so she’s trying to seem like a nice mom who is really caring and unselfish.” Obvoiusly, we remain unconvinced.

And don’t for a second think this is over! Gabriel Aubry was brutally attacked by Olivier and has plenty of evidence to prevent Nahla from being around the French actor. Halle may be putting her own happiness ahead of her daughters safety, but Gabriel and his lawyers know how to use this violent assault to ensure Nahla’s wellbeing.

Breaking News: Gabriel Aubry Granted Restraing Order After Halle Berry’s Fiance Beats Him Up

Breaking News: Gabriel Aubry Granted Restraing Order After Halle Berry's Fiance Beats Him Up

There was little to be thankful about at Halle Berry‘s house this Thanksgiving, because the two men in her life were fighting like crazy, testosterone-filled French men. I say that because they’re both French (Gabriel Aubry is from Quebec, and Olivier Martinez is from France), male, and crazy. Halle and fiance Olivier have been trying to get custody of her daughter Nahla (fathered by Gabriel) so they can move to Paris. Instead, a judge granted 50/50 custody, and team Halle has been fuming ever since.

Gabriel claims that Olivier approached him last week while at Nahla’s school for a play. He claims Olivier whispered to him in French, , “I wish I could beat the shit out of you right now. You’re lucking we’re in a school right now. We’re going to take Nahla right now and you’re not going to follow us.” The next day, Gabriel dropped Nahla off at Halle’s house for Thanksgiving and was unexpectedly approached by Olivier. He claims Olivier knocked him off the porch stairs and began beating him. Photos show Gabriel sporting cuts, bruises, and a hugely swollen black eye. Olivier has reported a hand injury.

I’m no doctor, but this doesn’t seem like rocket science. One has a hand injury, one has a face injury. Who hit whom, I wonder! A judge issued emergency protective order, so Gabriel has to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and his own daughter Nahla. Then, today, Gabriel was issued a restraining order against Olivier. I expect this will have a huge affect on the ongoing custody battle for Nahla, because no judge wants to put a child in a home with violence.

We hope that Halle isn’t hurting her daughter by defending her fiance. Her camp has claimed that Gabriel threw the first punch, and Olivier had no choice but to defend himself. Of course, watching your dad get beat up can’t be healthy for a kid, and Nahla is probably feeling really confused about this all. We hope everyone stays safe and that justice is served!

Security Tapes Will Reveal Gabriel Aubry Did NOT Start Fight With Olivier Martinez

Security Tapes Will Reveal Gabriel Aubry Did Not Start Fight With Olivier Martinez

A huge  fight went down at Halle Berry’s house yesterday morning.  Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry got into a vicious fight with Halle’s current man Olivier Martinez. Gabriel was arrested – because Olivier claimed he started the fight.  At the time, I thought it was all a little too convenient.  Why would Gabriel start a fight with Olivier, he just won his court battled over his daughter Nahla with Halle?  Seems to me Halle and Olivier would be the ones in the bad mood, not Gabriel.

It looks like I may be right, and the whole thing may have been a huge setup.  Gabriel claims that security tapes captured the fight and they will prove that he did not start the fight, rather Olivier did.

Radaronline has the scoop: Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child has told pals the video will prove Olivier Martinez started the brawl, and he only acted in self defense.”

This is all no surprise to me, Halle desperately wants to take her daughter Nahla away from Gabriel and she is ready to resort to any means to get what she wants.  What do you think of this situation?

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Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Huge Fight At Halle Berry’s House With Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Huge Fight At Halle Berry's House With Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Huge Fight At Halle Berry‘s House With Olivier Martinez

A huge knock out drag out fight went down at Halle Berry’s house this morning.  Halle’s ex Gabriel got into a vicious fight with Halle’s current man Olivier Martinez.  There has been a lot of tension between the three since Halle lost her bid to take Halle and Gabriel’s daughter Nahla Aubry to France.

Halle recently lost  in court when a judge ruled she could not permanently move their 4-year-old daughter to France.  The reason Halle gave the judge she wanted to move to France, was the paparazzi situation in LA.  She claimed the paparzzie in LA were dangerous.  The judge was not buying it and denied her request.

TMZ has the scoop on the story:  “Gabriel Aubry was arrested after a huge fight broke out at Halle Berry‘s involving Gabriel and Olivier Martinez — both men were injured, Gabriel is in the hospital and was arrested for battery … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  The incident happened this morning when Gabriel was dropping Nahla off at Halle’s house. Halle was present as were other witnesses when the fight erupted.”

Witnesses claim that Gabriel went nuts and started fighting with Olivier.   Apparently when Gabriel got to the house Olivier made a remark about how they have to move on and Gabriel got upset.  It seems a pretty extreme reaction to the comment.   Since the two were speaking French and the bystanders were probably not able to understand the conversation, I believe there is more to this situation that meets the eye.

Meanwhile, Halle has managed to get a protective order that keeps Gabriel away from her, Oliver and Nahla.

Sounds a little to convenient for my liking.  What do you think, hit the comments and let us know!