Victoria Beckham Thinks Heidi Klum is a Slut – Report

Victoria Beckham Thinks Heidi Klum is a Slut - Report

The number of dwindling friendships and feuds in Hollywood would put most high schools to shame.  And according to a new report from OK! Magazine, we can add Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham to that list of celebrity feuds.

Heidi and Victoria were friends when Heidi was still married to Seal, but that apparently didn’t last after Heidi’s divorce. A supposed source tells OK!, “Since Heidi Klum and Seal split, Victoria Beckham has no interest in continuing the friendship. She thinks Heidi hasn’t been herself since the divorce.” Read More Here »

America’s Got Talent Season 8 “Las Vegas, Night 1″ RECAP 7/16/13

America’s Got Talent Season 8 “Las Vegas, Night 1″ RECAP 7/16/13

It’s Las Vegas week on America’s Got Talent and the acts compete in Las Vegas for a spot in the live performance shows.   On last week’s show the judges continued to scour the country in search of America’s most talented performers in the last of the auditions before Las Vegas.

We got to meet seventh-generation circus performer John Nock and his family.  They presented the Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show and they were described as, “group act using giant helium balloons to present aerial performance, and the only act of its kind in the United States.”  They were amazing!  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you. Read More Here »

Do You Want to Know What Heidi Klum Is Removing?

Do You Want to Know What Heidi Klum Is Removing?

To find out the scoop on what Heidi Klum had removed, head over to the Gossip Wrap-Up who has the details, CLICK HERE …

America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 2 RECAP 6/11/13

America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 2 RECAP 6/11/13

Tonight on NBC their super popular talent competition, America’s Got Talent continues with a new episode.  The most shocking act last week by far was Special Head. At first, you think this guy is nuts but what he does on stage is absolutely phenomenal. He is a street performer and he mediates by crossing his legs in mid air and levitating. At first Howard hit the X, but he quickly took that back. Heidi thought the guy was great while Mel B thought he was out of this world. It was a quick four yes votes, Special Head is heading to Vegas. You can check out the video below and hit the comments, just how amazing do you think this guy is?  [VIDEO BELOW]

The best performance last week was ten year old Anna Christine; this girl can really sing and I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it right to the finals. You can read all about her performance and check out a video HERE.   Did you see the episode? If you missed any of it, you can read our full and detailed recap HERE.

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America’s Got Talent Season 8 Premiere RECAP 6/4/13


Tonight on NBC is the season 8 premiere of the reality talent show America’s Got Talent.  Tonight’s eight season opens up with judging regulars Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. Model and television host, Heidi Klum joins the judges this season with former Spice Girl, Mel B. Host Nick Cannon is back with a whole new line up of contestants from all over America who are vying for the one million dollar prize and a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas strip.

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Heidi Klum and Mel B Set to Spice Up America’s Got Talent

Heidi Klum and Mel B Set to Spice Up America's Got Talent

The powers-that-be over at America’s Got talent may have made the greatest move possible for the series by bringing in two fiery women with very distinct personalities.  Melanie Brown is a very outspoken, former Spice Girl that never seems to have a problem speaking her mind about anything. She has also seen many sides to the entertainment industry. She has had a successful music career, reality show, spent time onstage and that’s just a bit of her accomplishments. She knows what it takes to make it in Hollywood and she’s likely to see a rising star when she sees it.

Heidi Klum is very accustomed to zeroing in on upcoming stars. She has spent years on Project Runway and is used to guiding future talent towards finding the best in themselves. She also doesn’t appear to take much crap so she’s not likely to hold back her honest opinions on anything.

AGT’s producers were originally hesitant to switch over to a four judge panel, rather than just three but they believe this is actually for the best. Both women will spice things up and neither is intimidated by Howard Stern who is himself a big personality.

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Heidi Klum Pays Her Kids To Eat Healthy

Heidi Klum Pays Her Kids To Eat Healthy

Heidi Klum is a good mother. She will jump into the middle of a riptide at a moment’s notice to save her child…but when it comes to eating healthy foods, she puts her money where her mouth is. Literally.

She has four children, but says that they don’t always enjoy the smoothies that she makes for them. So, she basically ups the ante and coughs up the dough.

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Wendy Williams Slams Heidi Klum For Dating Bodyguard: ‘Seal, I’ll Tell You How To Get Back At Her’

Wendy Williams Slams Heidi Klum's Relationship to Bodyguard

Meow! Looks like Heidi Klum has found herself a new enemy. The supermodel has not landed on talk-show host Wendy Williams‘ good side after dumping her ex-husband, Seal for her bodyguard Martin Kristen. Williams took to her own show to slam Heidi when she said she thinks it’s totally inappropriate how she’s handled the situation, adding that she doesn’t understand how Klum can openly say in a magazine that her bodyguard has gotten very close with her kids – they supposedly love Martin.

Wendy felt that the comments that were made in the interview were uncalled for, and believes that Heidi is not telling the truth about her falling for her bodyguard “recently,” considering that he has been the family’s security guard for FOUR years. It doesn’t take an A grade student to figure out what Wendy was insisting with that comment. She says: “They’ve been out of the closet with their love since September. He’s worked for Heidi and the family for four years. Seal, you know what that means.

She continued: “And not just when you were out of town, Seal. In my mind, probably the most dangerous risky sex that you could have with a bodyguard is when your husband is outside warming up the car or in the shower, like right there in the house. Like, ‘Just do me dirty right here in the kitchen while my husband is in the other room on a conference call’.”

Wendy then decides to show a picture of Kristen with Seal’s daughter, before adding: “[Klum] says that her four children really like him. Seal, this one right here, this picture, must make you want to jump off a bridge. Look at the security guard with your daughter, Seal. What are you going to do about this, and it better be, ‘I’m going in for half her money’. It especially pains me to report stories like this when the woman, in my mind, is clearly in the wrong and I’m advising a man on how to get her. Seal, I’m going to tell you how to get her back with this one.”

“I don’t know how much you’re worth, but she’s worth more – you need half,” she said. “Guys are not going to call you, you know, soft for going after a woman’s money, because sometimes guys [say], ‘Ahh, just leave her alone’, and everything like that, but you gotta do this on the strength of she’s wrong.”

We have to keep it real and say that Wendy makes a fair point!

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