He Could Have Given A Little More: Russell Brand Donates $2,500 To Homeless People

Russell Brand Donates Money to the homeless

Russell Brand has donated $2.5k to the homeless, it has been reported. The comedian who had been scheduled to fly to Australia for his ‘I Am Walrus’ tour, quickly withdrew the money before catching a flight, in hopes that the money would cover some of the food costs until he gets back from his trip. Brand is a big supporter, who constantly donates his clothes, money and even offers his mansion in L.A for the homeless to take a shower and eat a proper meal.

”Russell didn’t want them to be left high and dry overnight,” a source said. “He usually spends about £1,500 a month just helping people out. He asked pals to make sure these guys are okay while he’s away. Read More Here »

Kate Middleton Sleeps On The Street With Homeless People

Kate Middleton Sleeps On The Street With Homeless People

Homelessness isn’t just rampant in the United States.  London sees its homeless rate on the rise and some of its most famous faces will take part in a “Sleep Out” campaign that is intended to bring awareness to the growing problem.  Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is said to be interested in taking part.  

“She asked me about sleeping out, so I said: ‘Next time I do it, you’re doing it with me. No excuses,” said friend Lisa Maxwell, who is an actress/activist in the UK.

Maxwell was first introduced to Middleton by Prince William, at a Centrepoint reception.  Centrepoint is a charity that aims to give homeless young people a future.  William has long been involved with the charity.  In fact he prepared for Christmas in 2009 by spending the night before his holiday sleeping outside near Blackfriars Bridge – and reportedly nearly got run over by a street sweeper.  The charity’s website said of William’s experience, “He was determined to do it as patron to raise awareness of the problem and to be able to understand a little better what rough sleepers go through.”

Knowing that William has slept out will likely light a fire under Kate to want to make it a personal experience as well.  A spokesman for the Duchess says otherwise though, according to People Magazine.

“There are no plans for the Duchess to sleep out for Centrepoint,” the spokesperson tells PEOPLE. “She doesn’t have any official role with Centrepoint, but will obviously continue to support the Duke in his patronage of the charity.”

Do you think Kate would brave the elements for charity and spend a night on the streets of London?  Should she take the risk and gain real understanding of what a night of homelessness feels like first hand?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!