Kelly Osbourne Shows Her Support For Hurricane Sandy Victims, Volunteers To Help

Kelly Osbourne Helps Hurricane Sandy

Not that she has anything better to do, Kelly Osbourne flew out to New York as she opted to help the people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. The reality star and her boyfriend headed over to Staten Island – one of the areas that was hit hardest by the disastrous storm – and volunteered to help with whatever she could, before talking to the victims who she says have changed her life, adding on Twitter the experience was very humbling to her.

“On my way to volunteer with the @SalvationArmyUS in #StatenIsland #DoYourPart #SandyIsAnAssHole but the love it’s created is amazing,” Osbourne wrote on the social networking site. Osbourne later hit up her official page as she continued: “Thank you so much @SalvationArmyUS for letting me come volunteer it was such a humbling experience.”

The Salvation Army later took to their Twitter page as they thanked the Fashion Police starlet for her dedication to help them on that day – continuing that she didn’t have to do it, but she desperately wanted to anyway. One of the members tweeted:: “WOW! Thanks for keeping it real. You didn’t have to do it but you did.”

Wonder how much Kelly Osbourne actually did that day. Or is this another publicity stunt to keep herself relevant in the papers, considering that she has been creating a lot of headlines recently. Here’s what she recently told DigitalSpy: “The best thing about being a woman is having a vagina. I worked hard for this [body]. There’s a lot of bloody sweat gone into it.”

Lady Gaga Plays Football With Children In Rio de Janeiro – (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga Plays Football in Rio

Lady Gaga enjoyed a day out with local children as they played football in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. The singer who is currently in Brazil as part of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour, shocked onlookers when she strolled through the rough area in the Cantalgo slum earlier this week. Showing off her pink hair, Gaga shared pictures of her experience in Brazil, as hundreds of residents left their home to greet the singer before asking for autographs and hugs (see pictures below).

Gaga was definitely moved by her visit to Rio de Janeiro when she tweeted: “Today was the best day I’ve ever had, had so much fun.I’ll never forget Rio, you lit my heart into flames.” … “We even played football, they were SO GOOD IT WAS CRAZY.” It was definitely an exciting day for the residents as they usually witness terrible things happen in the area which is known to be very dangerous when reports claimed 20 people are assassinated every day in Rio, while millions are left homeless.

Meanwhile, Gaga has also shared other exciting news. Earlier this month she announced she would be donating $1 million to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort after last week’s mishap. Explaining on her official website: “Today I pledge 1 million dollars to New York & The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief,” she wrote.

“If it wasn’t for NYC: the Lower Eastside, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, I would not be the woman or artist that I am today.” She continued: “New York is relentless ambition, a drive to succeed, a place where there is a natural pursuit of diversity through compassion. Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia, and my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude New York for raising us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours. Sincerely, Lady GaGa and The Germanottas.”

Hurricane Sandy Telethon – Celebrities Call for Donations, but Not All of the Television Networks Were So Keen

Hurricane Sandy Telethon – Celebrities Call for Donations, but Not All of the Television Networks Were So Keen

Celebrities from all over the USA performed, appeared, and gifted at NBC’s benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. The hour long show was hosted by the Today show’s Matt Lauer and calls for donations were given by Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, and several other notable celebrities from all walks of the entertainment industry. The solemn telethon was aired from the NBC studios in Rockefeller Center, several blocks north of where the city was stuck without power for the past week.

Music acts from all over America came together in unity. Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Tyler, and a heap of famous musicians performed their hit songs for a live television audience of millions. It was the first time that celebrities came together in such a way since Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, and the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001. Songs as famous and seminal as Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” were interspersed with more modern and hopeful ballads, such as Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”.

Mary J. Blige also took to the stage with her song about spirit and optimism, from The Help’s positive soundtrack, “The Living Proof”. The hour long donations came to an end with Springsteen and the E Street Band’s influential and apt song, “Land of Hope and Dreams”.

A conglomerate of NBC Universal networks, including USA, CNBC, MSNBC, E! Entertainment, The Weather Channel and Bravo, took part in the airing of the telethon, but not all of the US networks were so keen to join in the hopeful celebrations. According to Fox News, “In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the networks organized a benefit together behind the scenes and it was televised on more than 30 networks simultaneously, including all the big broadcasters. After Hurricane Katrina, NBC televised its own benefit before the other broadcasters, one that became best known for Kanye West’s off-script declaration that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” The other broadcasters cooperated on their own telethon a week later, and NBC televised that one, too.

However, in the spirit of giving, several of the networks which did not wish to partake in the airing, sponsored money at their own discretion. ABC’s parent, Walt Disney Co., donated $2 million, while Viacom Inc., the parent of MTV, also pledged massive donations to the American Red Cross.

We’re extremely harsh on celebrities over here at Hollywood Hiccups, especially the ones who fall off the bandwagon too often, but fortunately, once a national disaster as important and generation defining as Hurricane Sandy strikes, these celebrities seem to forget their own misfortunes, scandals, and egos at the door of entertainment fiction and fact.