Kristen Stewart Mentions Personal Acting Habits In New Interview About ‘Still Alice’

The 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals

Kristen Stewart’s unofficial Oscar campaign for Still Alice is well underway, and that means she’ll be giving interview after interview regarding her performance in the movie throughout awards season. Golden Globe nominations are just days away, and so we are treated to a quite in-depth look into Kristen Stewart’s acting process in an interview with Indie Wire.

Kristen does touch upon her personal acting habits, including the much derided tic of running her hands through her hair. However, the way she explains it, “I don’t think I can ever step outside myself fully. It’s not the type of acting I want to do. I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to do this. Everyone can tell me that I run my hand through my hair too much, and that’s fine because I’m truly there and very present in these moments.”

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LeAnn Rimes Insults Her Stepson In New Interview – Petty And Bitter?

LeAnn Rimes & Family Departing On A Flight At LAX

LeAnn Rimes is a petty, bitter, angry woman. Need more proof? In a lengthy Daily Mail interview [that she actually conducted a while back], she basically dissed her stepson – who is 11 years old!

She reportedly said, “I was super-driven as a kid. Even though I was on the road a lot, the teachers would give me homework and I would get it all done. I look at my 11-year-old stepson Mason, and I’m like, ‘I signed a record deal when I was your age. You’re still fumbling with tying your shoelaces.”

What a wonderful, kind, supportive mother. I guess we can’t all be like her mighty highness, especially since she signed a record deal in her pre-teens. First of all, Mason isn’t even her son. She pretends like those kids are her children, but they have a mother, Brandi Glanville, and she ain’t gonna be happy about this.

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Awkward: Justin Timberlake Denies Dissing Kanye West On Stage, But Admits He Likes The Rapper


Justin Timberlake has defended his recent performance on Saturday Night Live in where he blatantly took a shot at Kanye West for dissing him during his concert show in London last month. The pop star seemed to have been offended by the fact that Kanye had told his fans at a sold out gig he loved his friend Jay-Z but he wasn’t f**king with that Suit and Tie. Read More Here »

Ben Affleck Taking A Break From Acting After His Oscar Win: “I’ve Been Eating Ice Cream On The Couch”

Ben Affleck Golden Globes

Ben Affleck is enjoying life now that he has another Oscar in his cupboard full of trophies and awards he has won throughout his career. The actor has confirmed he’ll be taking a break from the film industry now that he has another Academy Award behind his belt – because everyone knows if you don’t take a break sooner or later, your movies will end up being crap. Read More Here »

David Bowie Slept With Mick Jagger, Ex-Wife Confirms

david bowie

David Bowie‘s ex-wife has claimed that her former husband had romped rock legend Mick Jagger. Angie Bowie finally came out to recall the time she came home and discovered the two in bed together back in 1973; the two were said to have been completely wasted, but she’s sure that the two got it on together.

The interview she gave with The Sun is so juicy, it’s almost too good to be true. Ha. Not only does she expose Bowie’s relationship to Jagger, she also states that she almost arrived late to her wedding with David because they had a THREESOME the night before and suffered from a bad hangover. YIKES!! Read More Here »

Gordon Ramsay Says His Kids Have Never Heard Their Father Swear: Biggest Lie Or Truth?


Gordon Ramsay has raised a few eyebrows after claiming that he has never swore in front of his four kids, adding that people misjudge him for the person he is on TV, but at home, he claims to be the complete opposite.

Now, this is a little hard for us to believe seeing that in almost every interview the master chef does always has some kind of swearing in it when it’s not even necessary. Ha. If you’ve ever watched one of Ramsay’s shows, you’d know that this fella is pretty crazy with the way he talks to people, he doesn’t filter his words of choice at all. Read More Here »

Chelsea Handler Rips Taylor Swift Apart, Claiming She’s A Virgin That Makes Guys Wait Too Long


Chelsea Handler has suggested that Taylor Swift may have not even had sexual intercourse with any of the men she has been rumored to have dated. The comedian shared on Andy Cohen‘s show, Watch What Happens Live, that the country singer seems to be someone who will make their boyfriends wait for a long time before she ends up giving in; adding that Swift most likely prefers to just have a boyfriend without having to sleep with him. Read More Here »

Kyle Richards Says Brandi Glanville Is “Disgusting” For Calling Her The C-Word

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards Rocks Out To "Down On Me" By Jeremih

Kyle Richards is a classy lady – most of the time – so it’s understandabe to see why she’d be outraged when someone calls her something very rude, and Brandi Glanville did just that. The ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian recently sat down for an interview with Howard Stern, where she described her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates as a bunch of c****… in other words, the c-word.  Read More Here »

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