Kanye West Claims ‘Voices In His Head’ Told Him To Go Up To The Stage At Grammy Awards

Kanye West Steps Out In New York Amid New Beck Diss

There are celebrities, there are crazy celebrities, and then there is Kanye West. Kanye belongs in a category entirely of his own, and his actions definitely support that. By now, everyone’s heard about Kanye going up on stage this weekend at the Grammy Awards and trying to get Beck to give away his ‘Album of the […]

Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Going House Hunting In Paris

Beyonce Takes Her Daughter For A Stroll With Grandma Tina

Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting divorced just one month ago, but now they’re going house hunting in Paris. Does this strike anyone else as a bit odd? The whole situation seems like it was contrived to net them the maximum amount of publicity, especially in the wake of their ‘On The Run’ tour. Now, new […]

Beyonce And Jay-Z Recording Secret Album Together – Battling Divorce Rumors?

Beyonce Takes Her Daughter For A Stroll With Grandma Tina

Beyonce and Jay-Z have tried everything in their arsenal to make the public forget about the cheating rumors, the divorce rumors, and the elevator scandal between Jay-Z and Solange. However, new reports suggest that Beyonce and Jay-Z are now working on a top secret album together. Basically, they capitalized on all their personal drama to […]

Beyonce And Jay-Z Planning To Buy $85 Million Home

Beyonce & Jay-Z Perform "On The Run" Tour In France

What is going on with Beyonce and Jay-Z? One minute they’re divorcing, the next minute they’re not. Then she’s pregnant, then she’s not. Then they’re divorcing again. Then they’re buying a house together. Seriously, it’s enough give any bystander whiplash. Clearly, Beyonce and Jay-Z are engaged in a major PR coverup, and they’re trying their […]