Jenelle Evans In Rehab Again For Heroin Abuse

Jenelle Evans In Rehab Again For Heroin Abuse

If ever there was an MTV poster child for how NOT to spend your college-age years it’s Jenelle Evans. I know, a lot of the other Teen Mom train wrecks have really given her a run for the title (Ahem, Amber Portwood) but I personally think that Jenelle has synched it. She seems to operate under the umbrella of thinking that says any publicity is good publicity and lays ever sordid detail of her life out on her Twitter feed for all to see. In truth this girl has had a hellish few months and it looks like she has decided to get some much needed help, again.

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Report: Jenelle Evans In Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Report: Jenelle Evans In Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Jenelle Evans in rehab for heroin addiction?

On the heels of news that Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers of four months, this morning it is being reported that Jenelle is in rehab for a heroin addiction.

Reportedly Jenelle was involuntarily committed into a Winston-Salem, North Carolina mental health facility shortly after Thanksgiving according to her sister.  Jenelle claims she is in the facility in order to have ovarian cysts removed.

Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson told Star magazine exclusively, “My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.”

Her sister went on to claim that shortly after her mother, Barbara Evans had Jenelle taken to rehab to save her.

What do you think is Jenelle in the facility for an addiction or is it just to have ovarian cysts removed?  Which of the two do you believe her Mom, Barbara or Jenelle?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!


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