Jennifer Aniston Ready To Become Single Mother (PHOTO)

According to the latest cover issue of OK!, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant – again. The report states that Jennifer is determined to raise her baby alone, since Justin Theroux has apparently abandoned her and run off to NYC. I think this marks the 200th time that Jennifer has become pregnant, according to OK! and other […]

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant And Abandoned By Justin Theroux

The timing of this latest report is quite fortuitous, considering Justin Theroux is supposedly cheating on Jennifer Aniston with another woman [possibly his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens] in New York City. This week’s cover issue from OK! Magazine claims that Justin and Jennifer are living apart, after Jennifer found out that she was pregnant and Justin […]

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twin Boys, Justin Theroux Ecstatic?

According to the latest report from OK! Magazine, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twin boys. The report states that after undergoing several fertility treatments in her quest to get pregnant, she’s finally hit the jackpot. Apparently, Jen is hoping for twins whereas fiance Justin Theroux is hoping for boys. The source also adds that with […]

Jennifer Aniston Is Not Pregnant Just A Little Fat She Claims

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant or so she says. That whole baby bump that was being snapped left and right is actually just extra weight. If that is the case she needs to stop wearing clothes that are super tight.  This dress accentuates the weight gain and makes it look like she has a baby […]

Jennifer Aniston Getting Ready For Twins – Inside Her Birth Plan

The current issue of OK! Magazine has the cover story, “Jen & Justin Getting Ready For Twins.”  Another week another magazine reporting that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant or getting pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.  The problem is she never gives birth.  In the past couple of years according to the tabloids, Jennifer has been […]

Eternal Copycat Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance Justin Theroux

Always one step behind, isn’t she? Jennifer Aniston has a lot to deal with. She is constantly fighting to outdo her ex husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They have kids, are blissfully happy, and are philanthropists. Jennifer has a dried up career, no kids, and a fiance who is pretty lackluster. Justin Theroux, however, […]

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant In New Video Released!

This time around, the creative forces behind those viral SmartWater videos decided to make it really personal for their star, Jennifer Aniston. The 2.5 minute clip is designed to look like black and white security camera footage taken from the stars own home and in each scene it makes fun of something that the tabloids […]

REPORT: Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With TWINS

Hmmmm.  Really?!  I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised.  We know that Jennifer Aniston has been itching for a baby for a long time and she;s running out of time.  She’s allegedly been going through fertility treatments and they’ve paid off. She’s reportedly pregnant with twins.  That is very common, to have twins when you […]