John Travolta’s Former Pilot Ready To Reveal Steamy Secrets About Gay Romance

Seeing John Travolta make headlines for allegedly propositioning male workers has become a pretty normal thing in recent years. Generally if several people are telling the same story while never having met, well there is usually something to it. John has been lucky enough to systematically silence various men by either threats or a nice […]

Kelly Preston And John Travolta Going Through ‘Bitter’ Custody Battle

According to the latest cover issue of the National Enquirer, Kelly Preston‘s and John Travolta‘s $220 million divorce is starting to turn ugly, with John and Kelly facing a bitter custody battle. I love how the Enquirer’s pretending as though Kelly and John have already started getting divorced, and now they’re dealing with custody issues. […]

John Travolta Is Expected To Promote Scientology

Scientology leaders may seem to want to give the appearance of being unfazed by Leah Remini’s recent departure from the group but they are clearly launching a media attack to try and deflect any damage that her negativity that she may hand to the press. Aside from the typical comments in the press they are […]

Kelly Preston Collapses Over Drug Use (Photo)

Is Kelly Preston abusing some kind of drugs in the face of her divorce scandal with John Travolta? According to the latest copy of the National Enquirer, Kelly has a shocking cocaine and pot addiction. In addition, the magazine claims that she is worried that John will destroy her if she leaves him. The duo […]

John Travolta Banned From The Set of Wife Kelly Preston’s New Show

Kelly Preston hasn’t worked in years. First she was  mourning the loss of her son, with husband John Travolta. Then the couple decided to have another baby and Kelly spent awhile at home with the kids while John worked. She played everybody’s care taker while John appeared to play with every masseuse in the country. […]

John Travolta Loses In Court, Gay Lawsuit Is On!

John Travolta took a hit in court yesterday.  A judge ruled that although John, his lawyer and Scientology wanted the lawsuit brought forth by Chilean-born Fabian Zanzi thrown out, they were not getting their way.  Fabian is suing Travolta ,58, for assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress and the judge says it’s on. John […]

John Travolta On The Prowl, Tries To Pick Up Another Man

John Travolta’s love of men has to be one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood. Not because everyone around him spills the beans, but because he himself doesn’t try to hide it. How many times in the last year have we heard reports of John’s very blatant advances toward younger men? How many lawsuits […]

Report: John Travolta To Quit Scientology To Marry Gay Lover

John Travolta’s PR team has been working overtime for years, denying the accusations of various former employees who claim to have had gay relationships with Travolta. The actor is largely believed to be secretly gay, and many hope that he’ll cast off the charade and come out soon. But until then, his camp adamantly denies […]